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Joseph - 16

Nina - 6

Emily - 13

Mason - 8

Riley - 10

Clara - 5

Natty - 9

Halie - 14

Marie - 8

Dan - 12

Ricky - 13

Lisa - 7

Carlo - 11

Mikey - 9

Cedric - 3

This story takes place one year after the ending of The Irregulars.

Sergeant Myers was excited about his transfer over to Scotland Yard, he'd only recently moved to London and was thankful to have some familiarity in his work. Of course Scotland Yard was a lot more complex and busy than the SBPD but that was ok, it was an adventure. He was assigned to work under Detective Inspector Lestrade, he seemed nice enough as did his other colleagues it was the infamous Holmes he was dying to meet however. Even over in America the detective was well known and now he was not only working with his police force, but under the DI that was his friend.

He was just coming back from break when he first caught a glimpse of the detective, the man was rambling off a long list of deductions to Lestrade. Myers was gobsmacked as he watched the man deduce the most intimate details of the people around him in frustration, with ease. He'd heard the man was made of ice, guess they weren't exaggerating, h seemed like a sociopath to him. Deciding it was best to wait until the man was in a better mood to meet him Myers continued down the hall to the break room.

"You're new" came a small voice he turned to see a girl with black hair looking up at him, she couldn't of been older than 8 or 9. She was wearing a thick blue scarf despite the fact that it was a warm day.

"Uh yeah" He replied, "Why are you in the police station?"

"American interesting, I'd say from somewhere coastal too judging by your tan" She continued, ignoring Myers's question.

"Santa Barbara, yeah" Myers continued, "Now why are you here, are you supposed to be in the holding cells?"

"I'm Halie and no, I'm working in the labs" She replied as if it were the most casual thing in the world, "Have you seen my Uncle Lestrade? I need to tell him some things"

Ah, that was it. This girl was obviously Lestrade's niece whom he had to look after for the day. The DI must of put her in one of the photo labs or something to keep herself entertained. After all, she couldn't possibly mean she was working in the crime labs.

"He's in there talking with Sherlock Holmes" Myers answered, "I'd wait until he is done, Holmes seems riled up"

"That wont bother me" Halie replied walking down the hall, Myers felt sorry for her, Holmes didn't seem like the kind of man who would stop his raging, even for a child. She was probably going to end up in tears.

Myers continued on his way until he turned the corner and stopped dead. A young woman around his age was standing int he hall looking bored, she had the brightest green eyes Myers had ever seen, Scotland Yard just got better and better.

"Hello," She greeted, "You're a new face"

"Name's Myers" He held out his hand which she shook.

"American, interesting" She smiled, he laughed.

"You're the second person to say that today" Hr chuckled

"Oh? Who was the first?" She asked

"Lestrade's niece" He sighed, "Bright kid"

"His niece?" She raised an eyebrow. Obviously she didn't know the DI had a niece.

"Yeah, little girl names Halie" He continued, "Now, I didn't get your name"

"It's Mira" She smiled, "I didn't know Halie was here, I hope one of her brothers or sisters is too, I don't like her being alone"

"Oh so you do know her then" Myers was making good progress with her, "I thought it was a little irresponsible, letting a child wander around here"

"Oh no need to worry, her father has trained her well" Mira waved her hand about, "She can look after herself. Oh, hello Sally"

Donovan and Anderson stepped out into the hall, Myers could feel the air fizzing with tension. Obviously who ever Mira was, she was not well liked by his colleagues. This theory was proved moments later when Mira very obviously excused herself to check a text she didn't get, Donovan huffed.

"What were you two talking about?" Anderson asked, "Nothing interesting I'll bet"

"Just about Lestrade's niece" Myers supplied, "What's the problem with her?"

"Lestrade doesn't have a niece" Donovan supplied looking confused.

"I met her earlier though..." Myers blinked, "Little girl, Halie?"

"Oh doesn't the Holmes bunch refer to Lestrade as Uncle?" Anderson cut it.

Holmes bunch? Holmes as in Sherlock Holmes?

"Is one of them named Halie?" Donovan asked Anderson, obviously not noticing Myers confusion, Anderson shrugged.

"You'd have to ask John" Anderson sighed, "Personally I think there are too many to count"

"What are you talking about?" Myers finally asked

"Sherlock Holmes" Anderson practically spat the name, "I'm pretty sure you met one his brats"

"His brats?" Myers gaped, they couldn't possibly mean-

"His kids, he's got fourteen of them" Anderson smirked, Myers Jaw dropped.

"But he's-"

"A sociopath?" Donovan supplied

"A freak?" Anderson added

"Well I wouldn't say-"

"Trust me you will" Anderson nodded knowingly, "That's his wife over there"

"Mira's his WIFE?" Myers choked, feeling the heat seek to his face, she hadn't been wearing a ring.

"Hey idiot, have you seen my father?"

The voice came from a small blonde girl with curly hair, wearing the same blue scarf as Halie.

"Another one of Holmes's?" Myers asked, Donovan nodded.

"He'll be here soon Natty" Mira supplied making Myers jump from shock. How did she sneak up on him like that?

"So uh...fourteen kids?" Could he of picked anything more stupid to say?

"Yes" She laughed, "Natty here is one of them"

"Ah there you are" Sherlock came strolling down the hall, Halie at his heels.

"Sherlock I wish you would supervise her in the labs" Mira sighed, Halie grinned.

"She can look after herself" The detective waved her off, "Come, John's just discovered my little experiment, I need to get back to Baker Street before he blows a gasket"

This is just an intro chapter, I'm taking requests :) PS. SBPD means Santa Barbara Police Department