Naruto x Artemis


Author's Note


Another story by yours truly. I think a pairing of Naruto and Artemis shall now be dubbed Acceptance shipping. If you don't know why then you're two slow. If someone can come up with a better name I i'll use that. Until then I'm using it.0

Story Start


Naruto roared with laughter, running and dodging every one of Artemi's strike as her hair ribbon was tightly gripped in his right hand. That morning Artemis was training,doing a series of rather graceful dips, spins and flips with the ease of a gymnast. It made sense for the archer in the line of duty of being a vigilante to be remarkably fit and agile; how else would she be able to dodge or keep up with criminals?

''Get back here!'' Artemis barked out, resisting the urge to smile (wasn't too hard considering he was annoying her) as Naruto merely laughed and kept flirting with her. It was different from Wally's flirtations, as he didn't flirt with every pretty face he saw. While Naruto seemed quite popular with a hand full of girls he never accepted their advances, he seemed more intent on focusing on her.

''You'll have to catch me.'' he said, as he did a series of back flips. Soon it devolved from Artemis trying to throttle Naruto and more of a dance where he was leading, setting the pace. Every once in a while he was twirl it around her as his face glided under and by her arms and legs. He would leap, grabbing her shoulders and flying over or she would sweep kick him off his feet to which he would quickly recover from. Sometime during this little dance Naruto had dropped the ribbon and Artemis seemed more intent on catching the blond. Eventually she tired out, his unnatural stamina having decided the winner long before this little dance began. Naruto scooped her up in his arms and began walking towards her room.

''Jerk...pervert...annoying.'' were part of a long stream of words of Artemis' ranting. She was sweaty, her hair disheveled and she couldn't help but feel embarrassed. Never before had she ever been so self conscious about how she looked to a guy. This continued on, once a week he would steal her hair ribbon, returning it after the end of their session and he would carry her back to her room. So after some time she decided to finally do something a little different.

''Artemis? Hey, Art-chan where are you?'' Naruto asked as he wondered into the gym.

''Over here Naruto...'' a sensuous voice said. Naruto looked up and there was Artemis, wearing a black mini skirt with orange stripes on the side and an orange tank top. Her normally pony tailed hair was flowing freely. She was posed against the wall, her breasts pushed forward slightly and her rear end sticking out. ''I was thinking we expand our energy doing something else today. Don't you think so, Na-ru-to.'' his name rolled off his tongue.

''I...aah.'' Naruto stammered, his face going red as Artemis moved from the wall and began walking with him with a very sexy sway in her hips. The seductive and sexy side of Artemis was not something he was prepared to deal with. He backed up into a wall as she pressed her body dangerously close.

''You know what I want?'' she asked as Naruto opened his mouth to say something and nothing came out. She reached out and grabbed his hands, putting it on her rather spacious and tight ass cheeks. ''Do you?'' Naruto couldn't help but groaned as his cock began to stir.

''I want...'' she moved her mouth up to his ears, breathing hotly. ''to say...'' her hands groped his chest as Naruto gasped and closed his eyes, letting his defenses down. ''Payback's a bitch.'' The next thing Naruto knew he was on his back. He looked up, dazed and confused as he looked up at a rather triumph and smirking Artemis. ''Not what you expected huh Na-ru-to?'' she teased.

Naruto scowled for a moment before a grin formed on his face. ''Don't be too smug Artemis-chan as I have only one word for you. Payback.''


Chapter End


I'll try to get the Naruto x Zantanna and Naruto x Donna ones up later.