Naruto x Artemis
Story Start
His body couldn't help but sweat as tingles went down his spine. Her voice, seductive, smooth like honey plagued his dreams. His breaths became labored and his temperature went up. ''Naruto...'' that voice was so sensous, something that was so unusual from what he knew. She was both beauty and brawn, with a bit of wit wrapped into one little package. His thoughts, his sinful thoughts were filled with a vision of a woman. Long, golden blond hair with wide hips, nice ass, and breasts that complemented her slender frame.

He jolted awake, his cerulean blond eyes darted around the room as it took him the better part of several minutes to calm his heart. He cursed the dark gray eye girl. This was the third time this week he dreamt about her. Why did she have to do that little performance in the gym? She was suppose to be aggressive and opinionated tomboy, someone that he simply enjoyed working with on the same team and a good friend. His body though thought otherwise and was betraying him.

He needed to burn off some of this excess energy. So throwing on new pair of boxer and shorts he went to the gym. To his surprise Artemis was there, wearing a violet crop top and black shorts that clung to her like a second skin. 'Stupid hormones,' Naruto thought with a furious blush. ''Its kind of late, why is she up?'' he wondered a loud, startling the blonde and as a result the sandbag that was sent moving in the other direction from one of her punches came swinging back and knocked Artemis back.

Naruto ran over to the blonde and helped her up. ''The hell Naruto?''

''Sorry,'' he remarked. ''I didn't mean to distract you.''

''Why are you up at this time of night?'' she asked, lightly panting from the work out. She was covered in a thin, gleaming layer of sweat and her breasts fell and rose inbetween breaths.

''I could ask the same of you.'' he countered.

Artemis sighed. "I couldn't sleep I was just, thinking.''

''About what?''

"Stuff." she cryptically answered. ''And don't think I'm not noticing you check me out pervert!'' she accused him, causing Naruto to flush.

''Y-Yeah right,'' he exclaimed, his voice going higher by an octave. ''You're way too much of a tomboy for my taste. I like older women, far more mature women. Women who are actually feminine.'' he replied quite haugtily causing the archer to growl.

''And what the hell is that suppose to mean?'' she challenged.

''You're more of a guy then a girl,'' he answered her. ''I bet you've never been on a date, let alone know how to kiss.'' he knew he was going overboard but he was trying to cover his own flustered state.

''Oh and you're one to talk!" she once again challenged his accusations. ''Mister I'm too chickcenshit to make the first move.''

''What! You take that back!'' he demanded with a threatening growl, but seeing as Artemis was just as stubborn she stood her ground.

''Prove me wrong!'' she replied with a triumph grin. And he did.

He pinned her to the ground and kissed her. For a moment Artemis was alarmed before she melted into the kiss. She wrapped her arms around Naruto's neck and deepened the kiss. She could feel his tongue probe her lips, begging for entrance and she relented. His tongue rolling over hers. She moaned as she felt Naruto's package post against the crotch area of her shorts, growing larger as their bodies pressed against each other.

Naruto's lips trailed down to her neck, while one of his hands cupped her breast through the top, massaging and squeezing her breasts, her nipples growing hard under his touch."Ohh Naruto!" Artemis gasped and moaned as Naruto slipped the hand that was cupping her breast through the top under the material, brushing a finger against her nipple.

Being a girl of action Artemis wasn't contend with just laying there. Instead she snaked her hand into his boxer shorts, causing him to moan as softly massaged his shaft. They captured their lips against each other for another tender kiss before Artemis rolled them around so she was on top. In this new position she was able to free his member from his confine, her long, slender fingers trailing along the shaft. ''Any problems with this tomboy taking charge?'' she asked and Naruto shook his head. He threw his head back and began moaning as she began jacking him off. His breathing becoming later Naruto moved up, giving her more access as his palm began rubbing against her crotch. Artemis was about to say something when Naruto used one hand to grasp the back of her head for a kiss while using the other to slip into her shorts.

He slid two fingers into her wettening snatch. He began fingering her, the fleshy walls began enclosing around his fingers as he continued to move around while using another finger to brush against her clit. The two continued to fondling each other into the better part of the morning until the gym smelled of sweat and sex. Wanting to avoid being walked in on by the others the two relocated to Naruto's room, laying in Naruto's bed as they cuddled together.

''Took you long enough. I was beginning to think I was being too subtle.'' Artemis remarked with a yawn as Naruto looked down at her with a raised eyebrow.

''What are you talking about?''

''The fact that I've only cooked for you under the pretenses I wanted to try and learned to cook. The fact I chose Japanese as my language elective making you being the most convienent person to help me. The fact I wore an orange skirt for the Movie Night that only you and I showed up for.''

''Oh yeah,'' he thought about it for a moment. ''I thought you said you borrowed that skirt from Megan because all your clothes were dirty? And you never displayed an interest for dating before. How was I suppose to pick up on that?'' he asked as Artemis groaned and face palmed.

''You're so clueless, just because I don't act all love and romance happy like Megan doesn't mean I'm still not a teenager girl.'' she snuggled against his chest. ''Now be quiet, need my beauty sleep.'' she added with a yawn.

''You do realize I'm still going to get you back for that stunt the other day right?'' he asked with a smirk.

''Bring it, I'm ready any time and day.'' Artemis replied with a smirk of her own as they both drifted off to sleep.