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Chapter I—

December 14, 2133: 9:34 AM—

It was snowing.

The soft, tiny flakes were gently floating down, landing on Alexandra. She crouched on the step, holding out her pale hands, a feeble attempt at catching the fragile pieces of ice. Ignoring the frigid cold, her eyebrows were knitted in intense concentration, and she waved her open palms around. She stretched her small fingers wide, determined to catch a snowflake on her hand. Despite that, the snowflakes continued to evade her touch.

There was a peculiar noise beside her—footsteps. Turning sideways, Alexandra watched with wide eyes a dark figure stumble through the white haze. Suddenly, the figure tumbled onto the ground with a large thud.

Curiosity won over her fear, as Alexandra ran towards the figure buried amongst the snow. She had completely forgotten about her game of catching the snowflake, as this was something new.

"Hey Mister!" Alexandra called, as she approached the figure. She noticed the snow around him was turning red, but didn't know why. Perhaps he spilled some red liquid?

"Are you ok?" Alexandra asked, standing close to the still person. The still person let out a faint groan, and rolled over. Alexandra looked curiously at the pale face, the dark hair matted with the wet icy snow. What struck Alexandra the most was his eyes—they were a deep, intense brown.

"Please," the person gasped. His face was twisted in a peculiar mask—was he in pain?

"Would you like some water?" Alexandra asked. Usually travellers always came by the orphanage, seeking some food or shelter. She remembered how Madam would usually give them a glass of water and then send them off.

"Please," the person repeated again. He raised his left hand slowly, his left index finger twitching. Alexandra watched, fearful. Who...who was this person?

"Who are you?" Alexandra asked out loud. The person's face changed into surprise, but he gave a small smile and softly replied,

"A ghost."

Alexandra giggled and said, "No! I can see you!" He smiled, but his face changed into a grimace again.

The person slowly brought his trembling fingers to his side, and pulled out an emerald orb. Alexandra stared at it, awed by the colour. The orb glistened in the light, its brilliant lustre alluring.

"Take it," the person whispered, "Please." He held it out in front of Alexandra, but she stood still. He brought his hand closer, and repeated his plea again. Caught by the brilliant colour, Alexandra brought out her hand, and the person dropped the orb into her outstretched hand.

"Keep it safe," he said. Alexandra looked at him and asked, "Why?"

The person's deep brown eyes were clouded with pain. "He betrayed me," he whispered, "He betrayed us all."

"Who?" Alexandra wondered. The person didn't answer, and instead closed his eyes.

"Hello? Mister?" Alexandra asked. His eyes remained closed, and suddenly Alexandra heard a piercing shriek. She whipped up her head and watched Madam stomp towards her.

"What did I tell you about staying outside?" Madam angrily asked, "You have chores to deal—" She didn't finish her sentence, and instead screamed again.

"This person needs a bed...he's sleeping in the snow," Alexandra began, but Madam silenced her with a swift slap to the face.

"What have you done?" Madam asked, her voice a frightened whisper. Alexandra stared at her, uncomprehendingly.

"You killed this man!" Madame shrieked, "You killed him!" Alexandra's eyes widened as the truth settled in—the man wasn't sleeping...he was dead.

Dec 16, 2133: 7:12 AM—

"We are getting a lot of new people nowadays," Klaus commented.

Madeline nodded and replied, "The Raggs-Barsburg war is creating a lot of orphans." Madeline was one of the older orphans, and was always aware of what was happening. Alexandra looked up to her almost like an older sister rather than a friend.

"Will Madam be able to keep all of us here?" Klaus asked nervously. Alexandra looked at him, remembering the events that had happened two days ago. Since then, she kept the emerald orb with her all the time. She often stared at it when nobody was looking, and remembered with a chill about the man's death in front of her. Madam had slapped Alexandra again, and sent her into her room with no food that day. She was only let out of her room this morning.

Madeline's face had grown grave. "We might have to leave," she slowly answered. Alexandra's eyes narrowed as she realized that Madeline was hiding something.

Madeline continued, "Someone is coming today to look for some new students for the military academy. Also, Madam is going to invite the sklave-masters here soon."

Klaus opened his mouth to answer, but Madam's shrill voice blocked his reply. Sighing, Klaus trampled off, leaving Madeline and Alexandra. Madeline looked around, and then grabbed Alexandra's wrist and pulled her into the cellar.

"What are you doing?" Alexandra asked, curious and a little scared.

"Shh!" Madeline whispered. She closed the cellar door behind her, and knelt beside Alexandra. "Do you trust me?"

Alexandra looked at her, confused. "Of course, you're like my older sister," Alexandra replied, "Why? What's happening?"

Madeline looked away and softly said, "You can't be Alexandra anymore..."

Alexandra looked at her, confused. "What do you mean?"

"You don't understand! You can't be a sklave!" Madeline said loudly, and looked around abruptly. She began rummaging in her pockets, and brought out...a pair of scissors?

"What are you doing?" Alexandra asked, taking a small step backwards.

"You have to be a boy," Madeline explained, "I don't want you to ruin your life being a sklave. You deserve freedom, and a chance to live. Instead you should enrol in the Military Academy today."

Alexandra's eyes widened in disbelief as she let Madeline snip her dark locks off. She was going to be a boy? Her thoughts were like bees now, buzzing all over her mind, making her head throb. The more she tried to think, the more confused she became.

"What about you?" Alexandra whispered, "Will you be a sklave?"

"I will be fine," Madeline replied firmly.

Madeline finally stepped back, looking satisfied. "Here, I have some clothes," Madeline said, bringing out a small bundle. Alexandra changed into the flannel pants and placed the bulky jacket on.

"Your name is Alex, which is short for Alexander Night," Madeline asked, "You must never reveal your true gender after this, understand?" Alexandra—Alexander nodded, and Madeline led her out of the cellar.

Little did Alex know that her life was going to change forever after that...

March 20th, 2143: 10:45 AM—

"ALEX-KUN!" Mikage joyfully shouted, waving madly. Alex turned around, and gave a small smile at Mikage's enthusiastic greeting.

"Hello Mikage," Alex greeted, "Hello Teito." Teito nodded to Alex, and Alex mentally smiled. Teito was the complete opposite of Mikage—serious, and thoughtful. It was still a mystery to Alex how both of them became close friends, but she was glad of their friendship. The three of them had been outcasts when they first entered the academy, and now they were inseparable.

Ten years had passed after her acceptance into the military academy. Keeping Madeline's promise, she rose as Alexander Night, one of the students of this year's graduating class. She also kept the strange emerald orb, never revealing it to anyone else. It was her secret—and guilt, in a way.

Speaking of graduation...

"I'm so excited about graduation!" Mikage remarked, "I can't wait to find out who I'm going to be a begleiter to!"

"I bet nobody is going to want Teito Klein," a snarky voice loudly interjected. Alex looked around and mentally groaned. Standing there in his full glory was the brilliant (idiot of the Barsburg Empire) Shuuri Oak and his brood.

One of the boys snickered and loudly remarked, "Shuuri is going to be Ayanami-sama's begleiter, right?"

Shuuri gave a (poor) expression of looking modest. "Oh please," Shuuri said, while staring at Alex, Mikage, and Teito, "I'm not the only student here." His eyes clearly said something else.

"Actually, you are the only idiot in this academy," Alex lightly remarked. She smirked as Shuuri's expression grew ugly.

"How dare you," Shuuri growled, "A pathetic sklave, a dumb orphan, and a dumb servant are trying to stand up to me?"

The other boys laughed, but their laughter quickly subsided when Alex and Teito both summoned their crystal blue zaiphon.

"Come on guys, class is starting," Mikage said, as he dragged Alex and Teito away before a fight could break out.

March 20th, 2143: 11:45 AM—

"Remember, the Begleiter Exam is tomorrow," Sensei loudly said, "I recommend you all sleep early tonight, and have a small breakfast tomorrow. Be calm and remember what you've learnt."

The bell rang, signalling class was over. Alex gratefully slipped out of her seat, glad the boring lecture was over.

"Let's get lunch!" Mikage cheerfully replied. Alex looked at Teito and asked, "Teito? Is something bothering you?"

Teito snapped out of his reverie, staring at Alex and Mikage. "Huh? Oh no," Teito lightly said, waving his hand, "It's nothing."

Alex's eyes narrowed and replied, "We're your friends Teito...is it that dream again?"

Teito averted his eyes, and muttered something inaudible under his breath. "What?" Alex pushed.

"It was that memory again," Teito stated. His eyes took on a faraway expression as he continued, "I saw that man again. His hand was outstretched to me, and he was telling me something. There was snow all around us."

A shiver grew on Alex's spine as she recalled her own terrible memory of that man dying in front of her. Subconsciously, she drew her hand into her pocket, and clutched her fingers tightly around the emerald orb.

"Well, maybe it's a memory," suggested Mikage. They arrived at the cafeteria, and busied themselves getting food. When Alex had first arrived here, she was surprised by the amount of food available, but managed to calm herself over time.

As they sat down, Teito continued, "I don't understand. I wish my memories weren't so messed up."

Mikage patted Teito's back and said, "It's ok, we still love you." Alex gave a small giggle as she watched Teito's sour expression at Mikage's comment.

"Hey!" Mikage answered.

"Want to practice for the exam?" Alex quickly asked. She was feeling quite nervous about it, especially since her manipulation zaiphon wasn't exactly...accurate.

"I hope I get put into a good group," Alex continued, "Otherwise I'm going to be in deep trouble." Mikage laughed and patted her comfortingly.

"Don't worry Alex. I'm sure you'll be fine once you practice with Teito and I!" Mikage said. Alex shook her head ruefully, remembering the practical lesson an hour ago...instead of manipulating a rock, she managed to uproot a tree and nearly killed Sensei in the process.

"What if I don't graduate?" Alex moaned, and Teito gave a small smile.

"Let's go practice right now!" Teito replied.

March 20th, 2143: 9:34 PM—

Alex collapsed to the ground, panting. "I surrender," she gasped, "Can we please go in now?"

Teito and Mikage stopped summoning their zaiphon, and it dissolved. "You're going to be fine Alex," Mikage said, "You've improved quite a bit!"

"At least now you can manipulate the proper object," Teito said, "And your aim is getting better."

Alex nodded, closing her eyes. "You guys are just being nice," she complained, "Did you forget that I was about to throw my shoe at Mikage instead of that boulder?"

"Well, it's late," Mikage reasoned, "Maybe you should sleep. It's been a long day, and you'll do fine tomorrow once you've rested! Have faith in yourself!"

"Yeah right," grumbled Alex, "More like pray-hard-that-I-will-survive."

"You'll be fine," Teito said, holding out a hand to Alex. Alex grasped it, and the three began to walk to the dormitories.

"Hey," Mikage suddenly said, "There's something I want to say." Alex and Teito looked at him curiously.

"I'm proud to be both of your friends," Mikage softly said, a small smile on his face, "And I hope that we will remain friends forever. I want to make a pact that we will never abandon each other, no matter what."

Alex and Teito looked at him. "Mikage?" Alex asked, "Why are you talking like this?"

Mikage didn't answer. He stretched out his hand, and solemnly asked, "Teito Klein and Alexander Night, will you swear this oath of friendship with me?"

Alex and Teito placed their hands over Mikage's. "I swear," Alex and Teito repeated. Mikage smiled, and Alex remarked, "Are you crying?"

"Of course silly!" Mikage responded, and suddenly pulled Alex and Teito into a tight hug.

"You're killing me!" Teito squeaked, and Alex squirmed, uncomfortable.

Mikage finally let go, giving a wide grin. "I hope we all get good superiors," Mikage said. They all crawled into their bunks, and Mikage called out, "Good night!"

Alex replied, and looked at the ceiling. She pulled out the emerald orb, and was surprised. Usually the orb remained cool whenever she held it, but now it was warm.

"Perhaps it is just my imagination," Alex thought, yawning. She felt her eyes drooping, and soon she fell asleep.