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Chapter 12:

March 31st, 2143: 8:57 AM—
"Damn you Verloren," Lazarus angrily thought. He had been shocked to find out that Verloren's reincarnation was in fact Ayanami, but Lady Eve had taken it rather badly. After Lazarus managed to push Ayanami out of her mind, Lady Eve had collapsed to the ground and was sobbing.

Lazarus stood there, holding his hands against his ears. Much as he detested people crying, he was unable to handle the grief his lady was experiencing right now. Her dreamscape was changing vividly; instead of the lush forest and meadow, everything seemed to be dying. Even the sky darkened gloomily.

"My lady, please," implored Lazarus, "You're in serious danger right now!" Instead, she cried harder, and Lazarus groaned. It didn't help that the wars was already taking a serious toll on him.

Fisting his hands, he angrily said, "If you don't stop, then I'm going to let the wars consume you!" Lady Eve couldn't let her emotions consume her! It was getting too dangerous, especially with the wars. Lazarus gritted his teeth, and focused his holy magic against the wars that grew in turn with Eve's emotions.

"My lady, please control yourself," Lazarus pleaded, "The wars is getting stronger!"

"I don't care!" she angrily said, "Let it consume me!" Lazarus cried out as a sliver of the wars touched his fingers. He quickly sent the holy magic to control the wars; looking down, he noticed black scars appearing on his fingers.

"What should I do?" Lazarus thought, desperate, "she's gone crazy in her grief! If she doesn't control herself soon, then the wars is going to consume her completely!" He was also worried that Ayanami was now going to go after them; they had to move quickly.

"My lady, please listen to me," Lazarus said, "All is not lost. There is still hope."

He tried to ignore her sobs as he continued, "Don't forget your mission! Your wish to the Chief of Heaven is that you want all the people you care about to be safe and happy, right? You can help Verloren along the way too! When your powers awaken, you can purify his heart too!"

He realized that she had fallen silent. "At least she's not crying anymore," Lazarus thought, relieved.

"My lady, don't give up," Lazaurs coaxed gently, "Love is a powerful tool; never forget that you love him, and he loves you. You can change him, and for the better. He has been powerfully affected by the accusations, and he hasn't seen you from 1000 years. It is no wonder that he is like that now."

There was a long moment of silence. Lazarus could detect her grief dissolving away into confusion.

"Ayanami is not Verloren," Lazarus firmly said, "He is the human reincarnation of Verloren. Also, he works for the military. I am not sure, but I believe that the scythe could have possibly corrupted him."

"I'm scared..." she thought, "What if...what if it's too late?"

"Don't worry," Lazarus promptly replied, "You can do this. I'm here, and together we will change the world for good." He was more relieved when her thoughts were starting to drift from grief to hope.

"Thank goodness," thought Lazarus. Out loud, he said, "We still have 6 cursed tickets to find. Don't give up now."

March 31st, 2143: ? AM/PM-
"Teito, are you not lonely?" Father asked, looking down at him. Teito always loved that smile he had on his face. No matter how cold it was, he always felt warm looking at it. "Shall we sing a song together as we go home?" Father suggested.

"Even if mom isn't here, I'm not lonely," Teito replied, "Because you're here Father." Father's smile grew wider, making Teito smile too.

"You're my treasure Teito," Father said. Teito grasped his gloved hand, and they continued to walk amongst the snow.

Teito let out a small sigh, and slowly opened his eye-lids. He saw a blurry figure in front of his face and dimly recognized the face was Hakuren; it appeared that Hakuren was also sleeping next to him.

"Wait...Hakuren?" thought Teito.

Suddenly, Teito sat up in bed, along with Hakuren. Teito wildly looked around, realizing that they were in someone else's room, and he was sharing a bed with Hakuren. He also noticed a large black coffin near the bed, and dimly wondered whether people had mistaken him and Hakuren to be dead.

"Where is this?" Hakuren quietly asked. Teito remembered about last night's events, and realized that Hakuren had been knocked out.

"What if Hakuren got hurt?" Teito wondered; he immediately started to hold Hakuren's collar, trying to check for any bruises or strange marks.

"What are you doing?" Hakuren demanded, pushing Teito into the bed.

"Aren't you hurt?" Teito asked, trying to get out of Hakuren's grip.

"That's my line!" Hakuren angrily replied as he wrestled Teito in the bed.

"You shouldn't stay near me anymore!" Teito yelled, "That guy last night was definitely aiming for me! Because you protected me, you almost died!" He couldn't risk for Hakuren to get hurt...not Hakuren...

"Ah, a conditioned reflex," Hakuren suddenly remarked.

Teito blinked, and said, "Don't be like that! If Frau hadn't rescued you, you'd be in a coffin right now!" Hakuren turned away, making Teito more confused and angry. "Why isn't he listening to me?" Teito angrily thought. He ignored his mind whispering about Alex and Mikage.

"I don't know what your reasons are," Hakuren remarked, still facing the other way, "But always rescuing people from darkness no matter what is a bishop's mission." Teito looked at him curiously; Hakuren faced him and continued,

"That's why I won't run away...all the more so if the darkness is aiming for you."

"Wha? What's that meaning?" Teito stuttered.

Hakuren gave an impatient sigh and explained, "When you risked your life, the first thing you did was grab my hand. Fighting alongside someone is enough reason, right? Comrade."

Hakuren reached out his hand towards Teito, and smiled. In return, Teito looked at him, shocked. His shock gave away to worry, as an image of Mikage and Alex sprung into his mind.

"If I lose someone again," Teito thought, "If I can't protect this hand..."

"Sorry," Teito apologized, "Just for now. You too." He shoved Hakuren's hand towards him.

All of a sudden, Teito jumped, startled when the coffin opened. Teito was flabbergasted when a very familiar face appeared, and fell to the ground.

"Tired," groaned Frau as an alarm clock went off.

"Wh...where were you sleeping?" Teito demanded, as he and Hakuren clambered off the bed and went to Frau.

"Bishop Frau, thank you for last night!" Hakuren said.

"This time, tell me your room number," Frau mumbled, "Hey you guys, hurry up and get to work." Teito looked at him, confused.

Teito held the alarm clock (good lord, was that a skimpy lady leaning against the frame?) and asked, "What's with this alarm clock?" Looking at the time, Teito remarked, "It's already this late!"

Hakuren started to walk towards the door. Teito followed him; before he left, he turned around and said, "Thank you Frau." Frau continued to lounge in the coffin, seemingly unaware of Teito's response.

They must have been attacked by the wars around midnight. "I wonder why he is so tired?" wondered Teito.

March 31st, 2143: 9:13 AM-
Ayanami looked around the city, his eyes narrowed. Ria was certainly a large city; it would be fairly difficult for him to find Alexandra Night and Lazarus. Luckily, the wars was still inside her, and since he was considerably closer, the wars would influence Alexandra Night to come towards him.

"Hopefully I will return before the higher ups start to question my absence," thought Ayanami, satisfied. This time, he decided to bring Alexandra Night and Lazarus back to Hohburg with him personally.

Walking through the cobbled streets, he ignored the stares of the people and tried to sense for Alexandra Night's presence.

"You can't hide forever Lazarus, Alexandra Night," thought Ayanami as he looked up into the cloudless morning sky.

March 31st, 2143: 9:03 AM-
After hearing Lazarus's words, Alex started to slowly calm down. "There's a chance," thought Alex, "I can help Verloren." She shivered, remembering Castor's words-Mikage was dead, and it was most likely from Ayanami.

"Can I forgive him?" wondered Alex. Verloren's reincarnation had killed one of her best friends. She felt a bitter taste in her mouth, thinking about it. Verloren would never do that, Verloren told her about life and death, he was Father-san's perfect creation...

She realized that Lazarus was right. "It's his human incarnation," thought Alex, "It's different."' She felt a little better, but she realized something else.

"If Lazarus's theory is correct," mused Alex, "does that mean that perverted bishop will also get corrupted from that scythe?" She decided to not think about it; after all, it was just a theory...just a theory.

With a start, she still realized that the two boys were staring at her. "Right," Alex thought, "I have to get into Ria undetected..."

"My lady, you should ask one of the boys for their hats," suggested Lazarus.

Alex looked at the boys and asked, "Can I have your cap?" The boy reached for his black cap, and looked at her defensively.

"What will you give me?" the boy asked warily.

"Uhm..." Alex began, racking her brain for an idea, "I'll show you some magic tricks!" She summoned the thin threads from her manipulation zaiphon and started to juggle some pebbles in mid-air. To the boys, it looked as if she was simply controlling it with her mind. They stared at her, open-mouthed.

"Do another one!" one of them demanded.

"Only if I get your cap," Alex immediately said. The boys looked at each other, and agreed. Alex used her manipulation zaiphon again, and levitated one of the boys into the air. The boy looked down, shocked, while the other one laughed.

After a few minutes, Alex stopped, and one of the boys handed her the black cap. "Thank you!" Alex said, grateful. Pulling up her hair, she carefully tucked her hair under the cap. The cap fit her snugly around her ears; Alex grinned.

"You look like a boy now!" one of the boys remarked, and Alex winked.

"It's our secret, okay?" Alex asked. The boys grinned, and they started to lead her back to Ria.

"I'm hungry," thought Alex, "I should probably find some food before I can consider leaving again."

"Good idea about going with the boys," Lazarus said, "you'll be less conspicuous."

"I wonder whether Felsen is still here?" wondered Alex, "Maybe I could meet him again?"

"I don't think that's a good idea," Lazarus replied, "He's most likely gone back with the military."

Alex nodded, and asked the boys, "Do you live around here?"

"Yes," they replied, "You'll see soon!" Alex smiled, and the three went off.

March 31st, 2143: 9:34 AM-
Ayanami gave an impatient sigh as he glanced at the large clock at the town square. He still couldn't find Lazarus and Alexandra Night.

"If Alexandra Night changed her appearance, then it's still not a problem," thought Ayanami, "Lazarus has grown too weak to hide the wars." Suddenly, he sensed the wars. Yes...yes! It was faint, but he sensed it.

"Nice try Lazarus," Ayanami mentally sneered, walking towards the direction he was sensing the wars. He was mildly surprised; he never imagined that Lazarus was actually that weak. He was fairly confident at first that Lazarus would be able to completely remove the wars but...did something happen to Lazarus?

March 31st, 2143: 9:34 AM-
"Reiko! Seiji!" a voice called. Alex looked up, and saw a young woman beckoning towards the two boys. The boys ran up to her.

"Mama!" one of the boys yelled, "Look who we found!" He pointed at Alex, who looked uncomfortably at the woman. "I hope she doesn't recognize me as a girl," Alex thought.

The woman smiled at her and greeted, "Good morning, who might you be?"

"I'm Alex," Alex replied, "I'm just passing through the area."

The woman smiled, and said, "You look hungry. Would you like something to eat?"

"Yes please!" Alex happily said. She followed the woman and the two boys as they entered a small apartment.

Alex marvelled at their place; "So this is what it's like to live in a normal place," thought Alex, looking around. The orphanage and military academy were closely related in terms of their dormitory style areas, while the church reminded Alex of a hospital.

"Sit down!" one of the boys said, and Alex smiled. She was happy with the new friends she had made, but she often wondered about Teito. "Don't," Alex thought fiercely, "You have a quest to complete. He's alive, and safe at the church."

"Please don't be sad my lady," Lazarus softly said, "Always look forward. There will be happier times ahead, and you'll be reunited with Teito Klein again soon."

"When?" Alex thought, sitting down.

"Do another magic trick!" one of the boys said; Alex smiled, as the boys looked at her, intently. Using her manipulation zaiphon, she started to make their bowls dance on the table. The boys laughed, and clapped.

"Breakfast is ready!" the lady announced, and set a pot on the table. A delicious scent wafted around the room, and Alex felt famished. The lady poured some porridge for her, and Alex happily started to eat.

"Thank you for the meal," Alex gratefully said in between mouthfuls, "It's delicious."

"A kind stranger like you is always welcome here," the lady happily said. At that moment, a burly dark-haired man walked into the room.

"Papa!" the boys shrieked, "We have a magician with us!" The man looked at Alex, who gave a small wave.

"Hello young man," the man said. Alex noticed that this eyebrows were creased with worry. The lady seemed to notice that too; her smile disappeared, and she asked worriedly, "What's wrong?"

"There's a man from the military," the man remarked, sitting down.

"So?" the lady questioned, "They're always here, almost everyday."

"This is different," the man said, lowering his voice, "This man seems to be of a higher status."

Alex's stomach lurched, and her eyes widened. A military man...of a higher status? The blackhawks weren't at Ria again, were they?

"What did he look like?" Alex asked, trying to keep the worry out of her voice. The man glanced at her, and replied,

"Well...he has white, almost silver hair, and purple eyes. He was also wearing a peaked cap."

Alex gasped, as she gripped the table. Ayanami...he was here?

"What?" Lazarus asked, shocked, "How could he be here?"

"The wars!" Alex realized. Lazarus started to utter a string of curses.

Alex stood up, surprising the family. "I must go," Alex replied, "Thank you very much for the breakfast and hospitality."

"Why?" one of the boys asked.

"My own parents will be looking for me," lied Alex, "I have to find them otherwise I'll get in trouble." The family seemed to accept her excuse, and the lady wished her luck.

As soon as Alex walked out of their apartment, she began to run down the street.

"I have to get as far away from that family as possible!" thought Alex, alarmed, "I can't have Ayanami kill them too." Her heart was thumping painfully, and she wondered for the umpteenth time how Verloren could have possibly changed into this cold hearted monster.

"It's a mistake," Lazarus said, sounding bitter, "It's my own fault."

"No it isn't!" thought Alex, "You're a good person Lazarus!" As Alex reached an empty street, she clutched her forehead, as a wave of pain overtook her mind.

"What?" Alex dimly thought, "What the heck?"

"My lady!" Lazarus cried out, but his voice became muffled. Alex tried to steady herself against a wall, and ended up sliding to her knees. She groaned as a massive headache appeared.

"Come on, get up!" she thought to herself, but the pain was simply too much. She dimly heard footsteps approaching her.

She slowly looked up and gasped when she saw him again.

March 31st, 2143: 9:47 AM-
Teito and Hakuren were seated at one of the library tables, poring through one of the Barsburg Scriptures. Tetio lightly ran his hand over the words, amazed again at his strange memory. "I know this too!" Teito thought. He was feeling fairly confident about the written exam; he would have no doubt that he would pass it.

Hakuren stood up, and started to browse through one of the shelves. Teito watched him carefully. Hakuren reached out, trying to select a book, but Teito was quicker. Leaping up, he snatched the book and ran a few steps, secretly relishing Hakuren's slightly confused (yet smug, damn that Oak...) expression. He paused when he saw Castor and another bishop in front of him.

Castor had laid his hand on the bishop's shoulder and had asked, "Excuse me, was there something you're looking for?" Teito couldn't help but notice the slightly cold expression he had on his face.

"Is he mad at me for doing that to Hakuren?" Teito thought, worried. Hakuren came and stood near Teito, curious at the incident happening.

"Yes," the other bishop meanwhile replied, "I was asked to give this to Teito Klein from that bishop." There was a jingling sound, and Teito's noticed a rectangular shaped metal object in the bishop's gloved hand.

"Teito?" wondered Hakuren, curious. Teito stared at the bishop, confused. Who was this bishop?

"Wait...was he the guy from last night?" thought Teito.

"Somehow, please remember me," the bishop said, staring at Teito. The metal object jingled in front of Teito's eyes.

"My name is Fia Kreuz," the bishop finished. As soon as Teito heard that name, he felt a jolt go through him.

"Fia Kreuz..." Teito thought.

There was a strong gust of wind, and Teito saw that Castor had used his manipulation zaiphon; the bishop was pinned to one of the library's pillars. His head and arms were twisted at a weird angle.

"To that foolish bishop," the bishop continued, "Please tell him that the church is not your ally." Teito slowly picked up the fallen object from the ground and held the cold piece of metal in his hands. A memory flashed in his mind:

"I love you Teito," Father said, smiling. His hand was warm, and he happily looked back at his beloved Father...they were happy together...

Teito blinked, and the memory was gone. His mouth felt dry.

"I have to go," muttered Teito, and started to leave the library. He ignored Hakuren's shouts, and hurried to the doors. He didn't want to see anyone right now. He just wanted to be alone with his thoughts.

March 31st, 2143: 9:47 AM-
"We meet again Alexandra Night, Lazarus," Ayanami greeted. He smirked, staring down at the pitiful girl who clutched her head in pain. He silently ordered his wars to continue overwhelming her mind, driving her into another wave of agonizing pain.

"Did you miss me?" Ayanami asked, staring down at her.

Kneeling down, he gripped Alexandra Night's chin tightly, forcing her to look at him. "Oh, so you tried to hide your appearance," noted Ayanami, as he pulled off the cap from Alexandra Night's head. Her brown hair cascaded down, and he immediately dismissed the strange pang in his mind (no she doesn't look like that, stop thinking about her and focus!).

His smirk deepened when he saw the pure fear in her eyes. He focused his power, trying to enter her mind but realized that Lazarus had created a powerful illusion in her eyes, preventing him from direct access.

"Lazarus," Ayanami said out loud, "Remove this illusion. I command it." His eyes narrowed further when he sensed that the illusion was still there. Alexandra Night had shut her eyes, refusing to stare at him.

"If you don't want me to harm the girl, then remove it," Ayanami coldly stated, "You have one minute."

March 31st, 2143: 9:48 AM-
Lazarus felt another wave of pain, and gritted his teeth, trying his best not to scream. His forehead was beaded with sweat, and more black scars were appearing all over his body. The wars was slowly corrupting him, and the pain was excruciating.

"Lazarus," Ayanami said, "Remove this illusion. I command it." Lazarus silently shook his head, refusing. He couldn't reveal Lady Eve's appearance to him, no matter what. No. Never.

"If you don't want me to harm the girl, then remove it. You have one minute," Ayanami suddenly said. Lazarus's eyes widened.

"Oh no," Lazarus thought. He couldn't harm her!

"Hang on my lady," Lazarus slowly said, "Don't try to fight him!"

March 31st, 2143: 9:50 AM-
Alex gave a small scream when the pain in her head increased. She shut her eyes tightly, refusing to look into V-Ayanami's eyes. She couldn't bear to stare into that amethyst...it reminded her too much of him...

"Hang on my lady," Lazarus slowly said, "Don't try to fight him!"

"But he just threatened to kill us!" Alex thought.

Without another thought, she summoned her zaiphon, and threw it at Ayanami. Ayanami wasn't expecting her attack, and was momentarily pushed back. By magic, the pain in her head momentarily receded, and Alex immediately stood up, and began to run.

"Don't turn around, don't turn around," Alex mentally chanted over and over. Her lungs felt as if they were on fire, her vision was turning funny, why was her head hurting again-

She screamed when she felt something wrap around her chest. She flailed her limbs, but was roughly pushed to the cold stone before she could hit a blow. Her limbs felt as if they were on fire, and her vision slowly faded to black.

The last thing Alex heard was the faint clicking sound of handcuffs.

March 31st, 2143: 9:52 AM-
Ayanami stared down at the unconscious girl sprawled on the ground. He was temporarily stunned when Alexandra Night suddenly threw a powerful gust of manipulation zaiphon at him (how did she summon such a powerful wave so quickly, and that too with the wars affecting her?).

"At least she has finally been captured," thought Ayanami, "I can analyze her more thoroughly now."

Kneeling down beside her, he snapped the zaiphon-proof handcuffs on her wrists, and lifted the unconscious girl into his arms. Summoning his wars again, he disappeared with a swirl of darkness.

March 31st, 2143: 11:43 AM-
"Oi oi, you guys have gotten heavy," grumbled Frau.

"Hey hey mister Frau, do the 'getting bigger!'" one of the boys gripping his shoulders squealed.

"Haha, guess I have no choice," Frau replied, lifting himself slowly into the air. The boys laughed; suddenly, Frau jerked up, standing straight. The boys screamed, oblivious to his serious expression as Frau gazed into the direction of one of the towers.

"You guys will have to wait until tomorrow for that," Frau said, patting one of the boy's head.

"But why?" they whined. Frau smiled, but thought, "This sense...It's close!" He jerked his head towards that direction again, his eyes narrowed. Yes...it was definitely there! He could catch it!

Frau rushed into the towers, letting his predatory instincts take over. He found himself climbing the stairs, he reached a door, and-

That pink haired child was seated at the alter. Blood was strewn everywhere, and Frau's eyes widened when he saw dead bodies were littered all over the room. Even more disturbing was that the stranger was still grasping one of the dead people by their collar. He looked up, and Frau stared, wide-eyed at his (calm?) expression.

"We finally get to meet alone Zehel," the boy serenely said.

"He knows me," Frau realized with a start. He also noticed that the dead people were criminals that had fled the church. Rage filled him; this boy...!

"YOU!" bellowed Frau, "What have you done!" He...he brutally murdered these people! That too, in a church! One of the people began to shriek from pain, and the boy idly asked, "What are you howling?"

"He's still alive!" Frau realized, rushing over. He held the body close to him, and felt their slow heart-beat. He had a chance to at least save this person!

Looking up, he realized that the boy had summoned a dark mass, similar to what he had done with Teito and Hakuren last night.

"You're also an unsightly monster," the boy gleefully said, a sadistic smile on his face. He hurled the mass towards Frau, screaming, "Drown in darkness!"

Frau leapt up, summoning his scythe. Using his scythe, he cut the mass neatly, pressing the unconscious body close to him. He placed the unconscious man against the wall, and summoned his scythe. He began to duel against the boy (This boy was a warsfeil? So he's from the military...). After a few more dodges, Frau leapt to the ground and remarked,

"You're the warsfeil that's after Teito? Don't lay a single finger on him."

"The same for you! Don't touch that scythe!" the boy angrily said, "That scythe is an important...an important-!"

He didn't finish his sentence as Frau thrust the scythe towards him. The boy flinched, and Frau's eyes narrowed as he saw another bishop-that blue haired stranger that also attacked Teito-held the boy, shielding him from his attack. Frau looked down and was momentarily distracted when he realized that there was a knife in the floor.

"The blade he used to draw the warsfeil's barrier," Frau thought holding the knife in his hands, "It's a very basic weapon for him. But for that brat's level of skill...it's especially not suited for use."

Suddenly, he looked up. The church guards were holding their weapons towards him. "Bishop Frau! How can you hold that evil weapon unsealed?" one of the guards demanded, "Discard your weapons and put both hands behind your head!" Frau looked around, and realized that the bishop and warsfeil had disappeared.

"He got me," Frau thought, "For someone like me to fall into such a cheap trick..." He slowly raised his arms, allowing the guards to place handcuffs on his wrists.

"Take this man ahead for treatment," one of the guards ordered, "And search for the child warsfeil. We will listen to your story at length later."

Frau was escorted out of the room by the guards. "Four eyes is going to have my head for this," Frau sourly thought. He could already imagine the long lecture he was going to receive from Castor.

"Bishop Frau!" a familiar voice yelled. Turning around, Frau smiled when he saw Bastien.

"The arch-bishop's blood pressure is high, so please stay near him so he doesn't break down," Frau remarked as he was led away.

"Damn it, stop watching me Bastien!" Frau thought, chagrined.

"Please wait!" Bastien called, "He's not the sort of person who would do this!" The other guards were restraining him; Frau looked back.

"There's no human without darkness in his soul Bastien-sama," one of the guards explained. Frau looked away, no expression on his face.

March 31st, 2143: 12: 15 PM-
Katsuragi opened the prison doors, and Hyuuga placed the unconscious girl on the floor. "Lock it," Ayanami ordered, watching silently. He decided to place Alexandra Night in the special prison for the seven ghosts, due to Lazarus's elusive powers. He also decided to keep the wars in her mind for now; it would save him more time dealing with her when he would question her.

"Remain here with her," ordered Ayanami to Katsuragi, "Inform me immediately if Alexandra Night wakes up." Katsuragi saluted, and Ayanami, Hyuuga, and Konatsu began to walk back.

"Now what Aya-tan?" Hyuuga asked.

"There's a meeting I must attend regarding Antwort," Ayanami replied. Mentally, he was listening to Kuroyuri's outbursts towards Zehel. His eyes narrowed, listening to his subordinate. Ayanami and the others arrived at the meeting place, and Ayanami sat down.

As the generals began to argue violently over battle strategies, Ayanami silently said, "Kuroyuri...have you forgotten our objective?" The other blackhawks stood behind him, listening to his silent conversation with Kuroyuri.

"My apologies," Kuroyuri replied, "Zehel lost control...just as predicted." Ayanami detected grief in his soul, as Kuroyuri continued, "I can't stand it! That...someone like that...to think of him defiling Ayanami-sama's precious scythe!" The other blackhawks shifted behind him, and Ayanami's heart softened at his words.

"In that case, why doesn't the empire's finest strategist Ayanami-sama see to it personally?" General Nibaki remarked.

General Ogi sneered, "2000 soldiers would get in Ayanami-kun's way, so half is enough?"

"I will undertake the task," Ayanami coldly replied, "500 soldiers will be sufficient." "Insolent fools," he thought as the generals looked at him, taken aback.

"Don't cry,"Ayanami silently said, "Your feelings certainly have reached this heart." This was why he preferred the company of the blackhawks...unlike these imbeciles, they were always steadfast and loyal towards him.

Meanwhile, the generals had recovered. "Hooh, you'll be able to do it with only 500 soldiers?" General Shiroki remarked.

"As you say," Ayanami murmured. Mentally, he ordered, "As of right now, bear with it. Don't let it cloud your judgement. Alexandra Night is already with us, but we must absolutely capture him."

"Understood," Kuroyuri promptly replied.

March 30th, 2143: 12:02 PM-
Teito closed his eyes, pressing the cold metal badge against his forehead.

"How long will it take for all of my memories to return?" Teito thought sadly, "Every time I try to follow my memories, it suddenly gets cut off, and there's just pure white. The outlines of the world I exist in are still blurred."

Teito wondered how that mysterious bishop got Father's pass. "I think he was there when that strange boy was trying to attack Frau," thought Teito, but he wasn't too sure. "Just how many secrets are there that I must uncover to find the truth?" wondered Teito.

He also thought about Alex...Castor had mentioned that she was travelling to another place. Teito wondered whether Alex was also uncovering mysterious secrets like him. "I wish I could see Alex soon," Teito thought, "I miss talking to her."

He idly sat at the pews, caught up in his own thoughts. He didn't may much attention to the He jumped violently when he heard a voice behind him. Turning around, he saw Bishops Castor and Labrador.

"Castor-san? Labrador-san?" Teito asked, wondering why they were here.

"Is the owner of that pass someone you know?" Castor questioned.

Teito gave a small smile and nodded. "Fia Kreuz is my father," Teito explained, fingering the pass in his hands, "The father was a bishop of this church..." Looking up, he continued, "I'll believe in this church, because this was the place where Father had raised me."

"Please tell me, what does it mean that the church isn't my ally?" asked Teito.

"Bishop Fia Kreuz was excommunicated from this church," Castor stated. Labrador gave a start and looked at Castor, while Teito exclaimed, "Excommunicated? Why did that happen to Father?"

"Castor, that story..." Labrador hesitantly said, but Castor firmly interjected, "I don't mind telling it to this child. He committed an unforgivable sin. He stole pandora's box in which Verloren's body has slept for over 1000 years and fled."

March 30th, 2143: ? AM/PM-

Everything around her was dead. The trees. The grass. Even the sky looked dead.

"Hello?" she whispered, slowly looking around. The wind whistled around her; she shivered, and rubbed her hands on her arms, trying to stop the goosebumps scattered on her skin. "Verloren?" she called. She took a tentative step forward, and a loud crunch echoed around. Looking down, she gave a small scream when she realized that she had just crushed something that looked akin to bones.

She brought her hands up, trying to summon some zaiphon, but nothing came. Looking around fearfully, she started to walk again. Where on earth was she? More importantly, where was Verloren? Why couldn't she remember anything? She couldn't remember what happened to her...

"Verloren!" she yelled. She continued to walk, looking around. The landscape didn't change, and the sky seemed to grow more ominous by the minute.

"It looks like it's going to rain soon," she murmured. She should get to shelter quickly. Her footsteps quickened, and she narrowed her eyes, straining to look for a place where she could-

A dense, dark cloud seemed to devour her suddenly, and she screamed, terrified. She continued to scream until her throat was raw, clawing against the mist around her. The wisps that made the cloud were opaque, and she couldn't see anything beyond the cloud. She was terrified she was going to die oh god this was the end she was going to die-

After a few moments of flailing out uselessly, she suddenly realized that the wisps were soft, as if she was stroking a silk-like fabric. A shock of understanding tore through her body when something else occurred to her.

They were singing.

"I am Abel, I died of pneumonia when I was still in a cradle-"

"I'm Moyo, someone I didn't know killed me-"

"Help me-"

"I'm hungry-"


"What a beautiful soul-"

"Lovely, divine being...truly a goddess-"

With another start, she realized that these were scraps of souls that had been devoured. She felt a ghostly touch stroke her cheek as a feminine voice sang, "Beautiful-"

"I am Trinity, and I died in my 78th winter-"

"Beautiful goddess-"

"Help us, guide us-"

"I'm Rin, and I want to play in the grass and feel the sunshine again..."

She grew sad, thinking of these lost souls. "What happened to you?" she murmured, curious. She stretched out her hands, and felt the souls glide along her palms.

"Vereloren's scythe has devoured us-"

"We await reincarnation-"

"Help us-"

"What?" she asked, "You've been devoured?" She took a step back, fearful. So...she..."I'm dead?" she whispered, her eyes wide. The souls silently flew around her, murmuring, but she paid no attention.

She frowned, and realized that she couldn't remember how she died. "What happened to me?" she asked out loud.

"You too have been devoured-"


"Goddess?" she echoed, "Why do you all call me that? My name is-" She stopped, and frowned.

"My name is," she tried again, but she couldn't finish her sentence. Why couldn't she remember who she was? She blinked, and concentrated. She...she really couldn't remember!

The voices seemed to be blending, and her vision was turning hazy. She was very tired. Part of her mind was screaming that there was someone important waiting for her, but she was too exhausted to care. She wanted to sleep...