She walked through the streets, head high and back straight. Goku walked next to her with a proud smile on his face. The two had been gone for five years and Chichi was at her wits end. Years had passed since the black star dragon balls accident and Goku had decided to train to his fullest extent, but not alone. Someone had offered to go with him, someone who trained so hard that her powers surpassed his.

"We're almost there," Goku announced, glancing at the girl. She smiled up at him and nodded. The wind blew past them, sending the girls golden locks fluttering back as her blue topaz eyes dazzled in the sunlight.

"I can't wait to see everyone again, I mean, just writing back and force was getting old." The girl admitted with a sly smile. Goku laughed and nodded in agreement. Many of the men that they walked passed had turned their heads to gawk at the girl beside Goku. Roomers spread like wildfire. Seriously, they had spread so fast that they reached Chichi before Goku did. His darling wife was beyond furious, thinking her loving husband was probably cheating on her. Of course, she was far from the truth. The gorgeous girl standing beside Goku wasn't his lover, no, it was Pan, his granddaughter.

"Trunks!" Yajirobe screamed as he ran through the halls of the Capsule Corporation. Trunks looked up from his packs of work and arched an eyebrow as the samurai entered the room, breathing hard and eyes wide.

"What is it?" Trunks asked, truly curious to what could be so important that Yajirobe would actually run for something that doesn't depend on his own existence.

"He's back! Goku is back!" The man screamed and Trunks immediately stood up. Goku was one of Trunks's best friends and he hadn't seen the man since their journey to find the black star dragon balls that had scattered across the galaxy. The boy smiled at the memories they had and the fight they won. Baby was one of his favorites. Ha! How could he ever forget that ugly little thing that freaked Pan out. Pan. Yes, the girl that Trunks refused. Pan had told Trunks that she felt she had a crush on him after everything had calmed down and Earth was safe, but the boy rejected her offer and said that she was too young to know anything about love. Pan hadn't talked to him since and it bothered him because he felt like he was at fault.

"Where is he?" Trunk asked.

"On his way home now. You going?" Yajirobe asked and Trunks smirked.

"You know it!" He screamed and flew out the window at full speed toward Goku's house.

Back at Goku's place, the two travelers had finally arrived. Gohan and Videl hugged their daughter so tight she almost passed out from the loss of air. Still, their hugs paled in comparison to Chichi's, who really did make the poor girl pass out.

"So, Pan, grandpa made you stay in Super Saiyan form, huh?" Gohan asked. Pan looked up at hr father and nodded with a smile. "Ha-ha. Yea, he made me stay like that, too, once upon a time. Pan, I'm still surprised by your appearance! You've really grown up. You look nothing like either your mom nor me." Her father admitted and Pan blushed a light shade of red.

"Yes, grandpa made me work out a lot, so my body was always in the best shape, even after the huge meals he made me eat with him." She said with a laugh. Goku chuckled as the other laughed along. Abruptly, the door was pushed open and a man ran in and slammed the door behind him. Pan sweat dropped and rolled her eyes. "You haven't changed at all, Uncle Goten." Goten froze as he slowly looked up and spotted Pan. With a huge grin, the man ran over and embraced the girl in a warm hug.

"Oh, Pan! It's been too long!" Goten screamed as he spun the girl off their feet. Everyone grew silent and Goten dropped Pan as the door was shoved open for a second time. Standing by the door with a grin was none other than Trunks, Bulma, and Vegeta. With a gasp, Pan took the opportunity and crawled away without anyone spotting her.

"Goku!" Trunks called as he ran over and hugged the older man. Vegeta scoffed and waved two fingers at the man while his wife ran over and hugged him like Trunks did. "Five years hasn't changed you at all. You still like your in awesome shape and ready to take on any bad guy that comes your way. Anyway, did you learn any new techniques you want to show me?" Trunks joked and Goku chuckled.

"Tons, but I'm tired. Pan could teach you if you want," Goku said and looked around. "Hmm, I swore she was here a minute ago." He mumbled to himself as Trunks glanced around the room. It was then that he was the ends of blonde hair escaping through the back door. Oh, no, she wasn't running out on him. No, not after all this time. Trunks went around, hoping to intercept her, but no luck. She was gone.

"Pan!" Trunks called, wishing she would reply. Not noticing, Pan was on the roof, looking down at him with a frown.

"You haven't changed, Trunks. You still have that stupid pink hair and huge ego of yours." Pan stated and the boy spun around and stared up at her. Never in his life would he have imagined such a troublesome kid to become the most beautiful girl he had ever seen in his entire life. Pan's hair feel loosely around her, practically glowing like a halo; her blue eyes were serious, yet enchanting; and she wore a tank top that was tight around her, exposing her perfect curves; and her shorts were extremely short, showing off her muscular and tanned legs.

"I know, so aren't you going to come give me a hug?" Trunks asked, opening his arms to her. Pan looked away and then looked back. It had been years since he rejected her, harshly might I add, and she knew that she couldn't stay mad at him forever. Caving to her desire, she flew down and embraced him. "Its good to see you," Trunks whispered into her ear. With that, Pan pulled away and gazed at the boy with total seriousness. Her eyes had lost all life and were hard as stone.

"Yea, well, I'm here to visit family, not my rivals." She stated and Trunks cocked his head in confusion.

"Rival?" He asked,

"Didn't Goku tell you? I'm competing in this years Martial Arts Tournament. Well, I have to get back. I hope I see you in the ring, because your one of the ones I want to fight most. May the best man win," Pan said and walked off. Trunks stood there, frozen in place. Not only did Pan look beautiful, but her voice had changed, too. She went from having a voice of a small immature child to having the voice of a seductive cold-hearted woman.

"Pan," Trunks whispered, his heart beating an unfamiliar tuneā€¦