"Welcome to this year's annual Martial Arts Tournament!" The speaker said, the crowd erupting into cheers, some already making bets on who was going to win or lose. As the announcer continued to try and keep the audience pumped and ready, Pan was getting dress in the backroom. She wore a dark purple Chinese-style dress with her hair tied up into a bun, keeping it from getting in her way.

Uub, Goku, and Trunks were also getting ready; but an odd air was still looming over the three. Goku felt uncomfortable, standing in the middle of two of his friend, both who were glaring at each other and saying bad comments here and there.

"Okay, yea, I'm going on ahead!" Goku said, running out of the changing room and straight down the hall, where he ran smack into someone. The force of the collision had caused them both to skid back across the floor on their butts.

"Hey, watch where your go-! Oh, hi, grandpa." Pan said, looking up and realizing it was Goku who had ran into her. Scratching the back of his head with a guilty laugh, Goku gave her a meek wave. "This is funny, I was just thinking about you." Pan admitted, smiling.

"You know, you look amazing like that, just like Chichi when I first fought her here and we got engaged." Goku said and Pan froze, silence hovering over them. Grandpa, you proposed here, in the Martial Arts arena? Pan mentally questioned, clenching her fists and staring at the floor.

"How ironic," was all that escaped the girl's lips as her eyes shined, covered by a glass coding of tears. "For me, this is where it all fell apart with Trunks." She whispered, then forced on a smiled as she looked up at her grandfather, his eyes sad as he gazed down at her.

"Do you really want to do this? Fight with Trunks? Love Uub? Be torn apart again?" He asked and the blue eyes Saiyan's eyes widened as tears ran down her cheeks. "I'm sorry, but maybe it's time you really do listen to your heart, no matter how stubborn your mind is." He continued. "It's like jumping off a bridge; your mind is tell you its wrong, but your heart is telling you that you can fly." With that, the man walked passed his granddaughter, a glistening sincerity alight in his eyes.

"I can fly," Pan whispered, her heart aching in her chest. She understood just what Goku meant. It was the fact that she could fly that she should listen to her heart. She didn't have wings, so her love wouldn't sore, but it would never fall either. "I can't do this!" Pan screamed, darting forward, but smacking right into some, in turn, falling on top of them.

"Pan?" A familiar voice questioned. Looking up, Pan found herself looking upon Trunks, his hair now scattered from the fall. Trunks was shocked, worried out of his mind as he watched the love of his life cry right in front of him. "Pan, what's wro-?" He asked.

"Pan!" Uub screamed, cutting Trunks off. Immediately, Pan snapped her head in Uub's direction, worry clear on his face. "Pan, love, what's the matter? Here, let me help you up." Uub suggested reaching toward her. Horror struck, she slapped his hands away, but as soon as she realized what she had done, she took flight and flew off.

"Something is terribly wrong. That isn't my Pan, not the strong Saiyan who makes us all look like pathetic weaklings who she could crush with one hand." Trunks said. Uub looked at him in shock at the "my Pan" part. He knew that he still loved Pan, but he never expected him to know her so well.

"If there is something wrong, then I'm definitely going after her." Uub said, but Trunks raised his arm in front of him and shook his head, his eyes hard with a seriousness that Uub had never witnessed in his eyes before. "What's wrong?" Uub asked.

"I don't think it's you she wants to see, I have a feeling that it's me." Trunks admitted and Uub tensed, anger flashing in his eyes. "I'll only be away for a couple of minutes. Don't worry, Uub, she doesn't love me." Was all the sad Saiyan had to say as he flew off after Pan.

As much as Uub wanted to deny what Trunks had said, he knew he was right. The look in Pan's eyes were pure rejection towards him and that stung more than anything, and just when they had finally gotten together, too. What a shame. Gritting his teeth, Uub spun around and stormed off, anger burning deep.

Marron smiled as she walked over to Bulla, extending her hand towards her as a peace offering. Bulla was unsure, staring at the blonde's hand in questioning. Marron was her friend, one of the two closest friends she had, and it hurt her to think that they were fighting. The pain she felt was just like that time five years ago, the time that Pan had announced she was leaving.

Flashback Drenched in water, Pan wandered through the streets as the rain poured down on her. Her ebony locks a tangles mess and her eyes red and puffy from crying. She was sad, depressed from being rejected by Trunks just moments before. Sighing, the young Saiyan made it home in time to notice everyone gathered in the living room, each a serious face.

"Pan, where have you been?" Videl asked, looking over her wet daughter as Chichi quickly ran off to retrieve a towel. It didn't take long for the young girl to realize that something was amiss, the air in the room heavy. "Pan, what's wrong" Videl asked and Pan blinked, cocking her head slightly as her eyes watered.

"Shouldn't I be asking that? I can feel that the air is heavy and, also, everyone is here. Vegeta, Bulla, Bulma, Krillin, Marron, Android 18, Piccolo, and uncle Goten. Tell me, what's going on?" She asked and froze as she heard the door slowly open behind her. Shocked, she spun around and gazed at Trunks with wide eyes, his glare directed at her as he passed right by her.

"Your grandpa Goku has decided to leave Earth for a while, do some training on another planet." Chichi said as she walked in and wrapped the towel around the shocked Pan. The young girl stared at her grandfather in disbelief, not sure what to say to this shocking news.

"Will you come back?" Pan asked, her curiosity getting the better of her as she walked toward Goku. A sad smile spread across his face as he pulled his granddaughter onto his lap and stroked her hair. "I hope you don't say, "no," because Earth is as much your home as it is ours or even more so." She said and Goku chuckled.

"No, I will be back and that's a promise, but the training might take a couple of years to do." He assured her, the other looked away, all a little sad to know he will be gone for what would seem like an eternity. "I trust all of you with Earth while I'm gone, so I know it's in good hands." Goku said and Pan glanced at Trunks. The look in his eyes, the rejection she felt, all of it bottled up inside and made her suddenly crave to become stronger.

"No, you can't trust Earth to me, because I'm going with you." Pan stated and everyone looked at her in shock, their eyes wide in horror. "I refuse to be left behind. I want to train, I want to grow stronger and prove that I'm not some weakling who can be easily broken. I'm here and I'm not strong enough, yet. I need more power. I will surpass you at all costs, grandpa." She continued.

"Pan, that ab-!" Videl started, but Goku rose his hand and shook his head, cutting her off mid sentence. He could see the look in Pan's eyes was sincere, he knew that she would 't refuse without a fight. Like Chichi, she wouldn't stop once she set her mind on something.

"Alright, you can come." Goku said and Marron and Bulla froze, both completely taken aback by this. The person in front of them was their best friend and she was leaving? No, they wouldn't stand for it. Still, they new that they couldn't argue with Pan, even they could see the dead seriousness in her eyes. Both merely kept their lips sealed and fists clenched in anger and sorrow.

Flashback End

"Do you remember when Pan left?" Bulla asked, smiling at Marron. The girl looked at her in shock, then laughed and nodded, looking up at the sky and reminiscing the distant memory that both had regretted more than anything. They wished they had kept Pan from leaving, they wished they had begged her to stay.

"I wish we made her stay, but, even if we tried, she would have still gone through with the training. I had never seen her more determined, more eager to get into training and prove her worth. Now, five years later, she puts us all to shame with that power of hers." Marron said and Bulla nodded, laughing as she shook her head.

"Pan, she's a natural born warrior and she will be the one to take Goku's place when his time come to end in this world. She's the strongest person on Earth, and I'm sure her battle strategies have also improved drastically. Marron, I'm sorry for getting so worked up. I guess, because Pan was so strong, I didn't want to see her look defeated." Bulla said as she embraced her friend.

Pan sat on the ends of a railing, the wind blowing around her and sending her hair fluttering to the left. Sighing, the onyx haired angel tried to wipe away the streaks of dry tears on her face. She didn't have to turn to know someone was behind her, she could feel his presence.

"You didn't have to follow me, Trunks." She said, looking up and gazing at the sapphire sky. "I want to fly," she whispered, releasing her hold on the railing and letting herself fall back. Before she could set to the sky, Trunks caught her. "Hmm, you actually care. You so mysterious; one minute rejecting me, the next obsessing over wanting me." She admitted, clenching her fist on Trunks's shirt.

"Why don't we just lay on the grass and stare at the sky for a while?" Trunks suggested and Pan nodded, allowing him to hold her as he slowly drew closer to the ground. Gently, he set her down on her feet and frowned, her face practically emotionless.

"To be broken by love is to be defeated by fait, an unfortunate turn of events that I could not allow to happen. Instead of being broken, I trained and made myself stronger to keep from knowing the agony of rejection any longer, but you still lingered in my memory, which only proved that I am weak." Pan said, looking up at Trunks.

"You never were, still aren't, and never will be weak. Pan, you are one of the strong- scratch that, you are the strongest person I know. I will not just stand here and let you talk bad about yourself. Without realizing it, even during our search for the black-star dragon balls, I could feel myself falling for you. You were so determined and never quit, your power growing rapidly." He admitted and Pan smiled.

"Your so sweet, something I always saw when you worked with me. The way you always tried to protect me and kept me from danger had me falling for you, even if you were only doing it out of friendship. You were so trustworthy, such an amazing friend. I was able to hold back at that time, but now, I can't." Pan said as she leaned forward and captured Trunks's lips with her own…