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The Pirate's Treasure

Chapter One: His royal merman

Mermaids are beautiful creatures, no matter the gender. They, like most living things, have a sort of hierarchy. It consists of royalty, high class, middle class, all those that are in human societies. The main difference between them and humans, aside from the water and tails, are their royalty. Unlike human royalty, mermaid royalty have earned their crown.

In their blood lies special abilities; their tears create the most valuable jewels on land and water, and they are able to go on land by sprouting legs. For many years a common misconception was their inability to come on land, then they thought all of them were capable of it. It was only a few years ago, when a merman from the waters of northern Italy came on land for a man he loved.

He informed the world it is only their royalty with these abilities, and others that he could not tell them of. The only thing they all had in common that would be useful to humans was their ability to pick up any language as soon as they hear it, although it is not of much use to those who can't come on land. This informative merman is actually a prince, whose name is Feliciano.

The day he met a pirate named Ludwig he immediately became enthralled by him. From then on he would frequently visit him until one day when they finally admitted their feelings for one another. Upon his realization of their mutual affections, Feliciano decided to remain on land with the man he loves, creating jewels every day for their captain, Ludwig's elder brother, Gilbert.

Antonio Fernandez Carriedo, a world class pirate, envies his friend's good fortune. Now whenever they meet, Gilbert rubs in the success he has had since gaining their own merman. Of course Antonio is not hurting, even with the merman Gilbert isn't as good of a pirate as him, but it's the idea someone as great as him doesn't have something as prestigious as someone else.

This would be his reason for dropping a net in the waters or southern Italy. For the last week he has been fishing, in a sense, for his own mermaid. He has no preference of gender, looks, attitude, or anything but their social status. All he wants is a royal jewel maker.

So here they are, his men dragging nets in the water while others set up a tall container of water in Antonio's large bedroom. They have been trying for too long for his taste, and right when he is about to call it off one of his men runs to him in his office.

"Captain, we've caught one! He looks a lot like captain Gilbert's merman, so we're sure he's royalty!" The man says and Antonio's eyes light up. "He has not taken the form of a human yet, so we placed him in the container in your bedroom."

Antonio smiles, patting the man on the back. "Good job, young man!" He says before heading to his room. Once inside he stares in awe at the sight in front of him. There in the water is a strangely beautiful boy, far better looking than Gilbert's own merman in Antonio's opinion.

"What am I doing here?" The boy asks and Antonio walks closer.

"Are you related to Feliciano?" Antonio asks, reaching the container and placing a hand on it.

"I am related to that traitor, what does it matter?" The boy asks gruffly, crossing his arms in annoyance, but Antonio sees the concern on his face.

"Do not worry, he is fine." Antonio reassures him. "I simply wanted to make sure you are royalty. I am captain Antonio Carriedo, and you are?"

"Lovino." He answers quickly. "At least in your language that's what it is."

"Lovino, hm? Such a nice name…" Antonio says, smiling at him. "And what is it in your language?"

"Like hell I am going to tell you that." Lovino huffs. "You know I can easily leave, right?"

"You could…but you won't." Antonio says, his friendly smile turning to a playful smirk. "You miss Feliciano, I can tell. I happen to be best friends with the captain of the ship he is on. If you make me jewels every day for a month, I will bring you to him. Granting you also make jewels for me during the trip to his location as well."

Lovino stares at Antonio surprised. "Are you…blackmailing me?" He asks and Antonio shrugs.

"I believe this would fall more under the category of bribery…but yes."

"I won't do your bidding. I do not cry." Lovino says and Antonio whistles.

"Ohh~! How strong of you! Worry not, it doesn't need to be from sadness or joy, correct? I will simply have you chop onions every day."

"…I really don't like you. I'm not entirely sure Feliciano is worth it." Lovino groans.

"Well, if you do not do it willingly…I can always chain you to something. My bed is pretty sturdy." Antonio says and Lovino fumes, going under the water to bring his face closer to the pirate's.

"I will not be a prisoner. There are many things you do not know about mermaids, specifically the royalty. I would get out." Lovino points out in a slightly garbled voice from talking under the water.

"Ah…so much stubbornness, it's cute." Antonio teases, leaning forward and pressing a kiss to the glass in front of Lovino's lips.

"Wha-?" Lovino gasps, backing away in the tank. "I will not be coming out now! You cannot kiss me! Ever! Understand?"

"I will try to contain myself." Antonio says dully, only having done it to rile him up in the first place. "Now if you would be a good boy and come out…"

"Fine! But keep all chains, lips, and onions to yourself!" Lovino commands and Antonio nods.

"I suppose I should get used to your commanding attitude, since you are a prince, hm? It's been so long since someone has so boldly ordered me around…" Antonio says, before smirking at Lovino. "I kind of like it."

"Well good for you." Lovino says, popping his head back out from under water. "Because my commands will be heard, and they will be met. I'm aware of how valuable our tears are on land, and if I am going to do something so great for you than you will do things for me." He orders and Antonio nods, his eyes now fixed on Lovino's tail as a strange whirlpool forms around it. In this the tail splits down the middle, slowly turning to pale white skin and the fins turning to feet.

"You are a very impressive creature." Antonio says and Lovino rolls his eyes, lifting himself out of the tank and onto the floor completely naked.

"Of course I am, Antonio, I am royalty."

"Hmm…I don't believe I have ever seen such a beautiful physique on a man."

Lovino smirks. "Of course you have not! Now take me for food, I am hungry!"

Antonio looks at him surprised. "Um…don't you want clothes…?"

"Clothes…?" Lovino asks. "You mean the fabric you wrap around your bodies? Why do you do that anyways?"

The Spaniard laughs a little and pats Lovino on the head, much to the boy's annoyance. "My, you have so little understanding of humans! I suppose I cannot leave you to your own devices. Lovino, mi Tesoro, humans do not walk around with their lower extremities hanging out. Your mermaids cover their breasts, correct?" Antonio asks and Lovino nods. "Well, men cover that lower appendage you have for the same reason mermaids cover their breasts." He explains watching as realization, and horror, comes to Lovino's face.

"Dear god! What is wrong with your bodies?" Lovino asks appalled. "They are so disgusting!" He hisses. "Hurry and give me clothing, than! A prince should not be in such compromising dress!"

"Of course, mi tesoro." Antonio says, walking over to his closet and pulling out old clothing of his. "These will be loose, but they will work for now. Later we will find a member of my crew who is around your size to give you clothes."

Lovino nods, laying the clothing out on the bed and staring at it. "…How does it attach to my person?" He asks and Antonio sighs.

"Are you going to speak like this the entire time? You will stick out like a sore thumb among pirates with such sophisticated language…" Antonio points out as he comes over and holds up the shirt. "Now, I suppose I will dress you until you catch on and can do it yourself."

Lovino looks at Antonio a little surprised, watching the man as he carefully dresses him. "Perhaps you are not as wretched as I initially thought…"

"How kind of you to say." Antonio says, amused at all of this. He wanted a mermaid to just sit there and do his bidding, yet it has already turned the other way around. It's a wonder that he is alright with this, even he doesn't know why though.

"So, what exactly is a pirate?" Lovino asks, taking Antonio's captain hat off of his head. He inspects it for a moment as Antonio helps him into pants. After deciding it is clean he places it on his head own experimentally and lets out a surprised gasp when the hat quickly falls over his eyes, only coming to a stop at his nose. "Wh-what is this thing?" He exclaims in shock and Antonio laughs a little, lifting it off his head.

"That is my captain's hat, Lovino." Antonio explains, setting it back on his own head. "It is far too big for you, and is not for you to wear in the first place. Since it is a captain's hat, anyone who would dare to take it would usually be killed." He says, noticing a small flash of fear come to Lovino's face. "You are too important to kill though, so I will let it slide. Don't try to touch it in public though, because it is seen as an offense to your captain and my men would not take kindly to you offending me."

"Your men sound like a bunch of maids." Lovino says annoyed and Antonio looks at him confused for a second.

"What-? Oh…do you mean slaves?" Antonio asks and Lovino gets a little annoyed.

"What's the difference?"

The Spaniard let's out an exasperated sigh. "You are already exhausting. I expect many jewels from you for my troubles."

"I will give you all the tears you need, and if you give me one more thing…I will stay with you for more than the time it takes to see my brother." Lovino says.

"Ohh? And what does mi tesoro want?" Antonio asks, knowing he is going to say yes to whatever Lovino asks for. For the jewels he will create, Antonio would do just about anything.

"I want to see the human world." Lovino answers, surprising Antonio a little.

"It's called 'land'…or above water, I suppose. Setting that aside though, why do you want to see it?" Antonio asks and Lovino looks away embarrassed.

"I am a prince, Antonio. The only places I have been are the palace and the nearby towns. Of course that is in my world…or…underwater…? And that place really all looks the same, but I have heard that the above water is much more diverse and unique. So while I am here, I wish to see it." Lovino answers and Antonio smiles.

"So I will be your escort around the world and to your brother…for the jewels you will produce. You will need to produce a lot of jewels, Lovino."

"I will produce you a thousand a night." Lovino says and Antonio stops breathing for a second.

"A-a thousand? Dios mio, Lovino, you are amazing!" Antonio exclaims and Lovino rolls his eyes.

"Of course I am, idiot."

"But…how will you make so many a night? Feliciano doesn't even make that many in a month."

Lovino smirks. "I know more about these things than Feliciano, of course I can make jewels faster and at larger quantities. When I produce the tears for these jewels, however, I require a solitary room."

"Understandable. So, is that all you need? When will you start?" Antonio asks and Lovino sighs, turning away for a moment before looking back at the man holding a jewel.

"Here's the first of many. Consider this one a bonus, for assisting me in getting dressed." Lovino says, handing the jewel to Antonio.

"Lovino, I do believe this is the start of a very good partnership."

"Huh? Like a couple? I'm pretty damn sure that's the thing I told you I wouldn't be." The prince says annoyed and Antonio sighs.

"We really have to get a better grasp on your language abilities…"

"My language is perfect you Visigoth!" Lovino fumes and Antonio twitches.

"What the hell? How is that in your vocabulary but the correct form of partnership isn't?"

"Shut up you bastion!"

Antonio groans. "You mean bastard!"

Lovino crosses his arms and huffs. "That's what I said, bastard!"

"…A thousand jewels a night…a thousand jewels a night…a thousand jewels a night…" Antonio chants to himself and Lovino looks at him confused.

"What are you doing?"

"Creating a personal mantra to keep me from killing you."

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