The Pirate's Treasure

Chapter Twenty One: His Royal Joy

Lovino floats around in the water as he and his brothers watch the humans drink wine with their blood in it. He's trying not to show his disgust, but seriously, how do you not when men and even a woman are doing such a gross thing? Will Joan's child also want immortality? And of course if they fall in love with someone they will want it as well…

"Do you think the humans will go overboard with this?" Marcello asks, coming up beside his brother.

The eldest prince laughs a little. "I was just thinking about that…I would imagine Joan's children might…"

"I am beginning to see why father kept it from us. If it gets out we will be hunted and possibly even killed. Or kept and bled. Both of which are far more dangerous than the jewels created from our tears." Marcello mumbles.

"The kings chose wisely on what they would and would not tell." Lovino says, looking to Feliciano in Ludwig's arms. "Feliciano did as well."

Marcello smiles. "Yes! Feliciano has brains with that cute face of his!"

Lovino laughs a little. "Thank god."

Marcello nods before looking out into the ocean where Peter is waiting. "We should go. I am planning on introducing him to father and then keeping good on our word to Michelle."

Lovino nods, patting his youngest brother on the head. "Be careful out there, Marcello."

Marcello smiles and pulls his brother into a tight hug. "I will come see you all again when Peter is better. Perhaps I shall bring father as-!"

"NO." Lovino says quickly and Marcello laughs.

"Immortality means that he will have to meet him someday. I know you do not intend to never see father again." Marcello points out and Lovino sighs.

"I was thinking in the second millennia." Lovino mumbles.

"Good luck with that brother." Marcello teases before giving him a quick kiss on the cheek. "I will see you again."

Lovino smiles sadly. "Yes, until then don't be stupid." He says and Marcello smiles sweetly at him before disappearing underwater.

"Lovi!" Antonio calls and Lovino doesn't respond. Sighing, Antonio takes off his boots and walks from the sand bar to the edge where the man is floating in the deeper waters. "You plan on sleeping out here?" He asks as his hand falls on the merman's head.

Lovino blushes a little. "I-I am coming to land…I just didn't want to be around a group of humans drinking me and my brothers blood."

Antonio laughs. "Don't you mean you wanted to spend as much time as you could with your brother before he left?" He asks, cupping the man's face.

"Well…" Lovino mumbles, moving closer to Antonio. "Should you sit so close to the edge?" He asks, changing the subject. "What if you fell off?"

"I can swim, Lovi…and even if I couldn't, you're right here to save me." Antonio teases before a pair of hands shoot up and grab his shirt collar, pulling him down into a kiss and off the reef. He lets out a small noise of surprise at the sudden act, but quickly wraps his arms around Lovino's waist and allows the merman to keep them afloat.

Once Lovino decides to end the kiss he lets go of Antonio's shirt and wraps his arms around his waist. "If you wrap your arms around my shoulders I can keep you up better." He suggests and Antonio laughs a little, doing as he says.

"Are you glad you are not human?" Antonio asks and Lovino nods.

"So very glad. I wouldn't easily be able to see my family were it not for being what I am." Lovino says before pouting a little. "And the effort it takes to swim with legs is awful. It's only useful for those who wish to exorcism."

Antonio stares down at Lovino confused for a second before laughing. "Exercise, Lovi, its exercise."

Lovino blushes. "Sh-shut up! They sound the same and I'm getting better!"

Antonio grins, running his fingers through Lovino's hair. "Better is fine, but if you stopped altogether it would be a shame. Nothing is cuter then when you mess up words." He teases, kissing the stray curl on Lovino's head.

"Ahh!" Lovino gasps, involuntarily pulling Antonio closer. "D-don't touch that…out here…"

Antonio stares at the curl confused. Does his curl really feel that good? More importantly, had Antonio been missing out on a goldmine this whole time? "Um…Lovi…" He begins before realizing something; why ask when he could simply find out? "Why don't I take your mind off of Marcello?" The pirate whispers in Lovino's ear. "The ship is empty right now; you could make as much noise as you want."

Lovino goes bright red, his fingers twitching over the small of Antonio's back. "A-ah…well…I guess…if you're going to twist my leg."

Antonio lets the small blunder slide and his smirk grows. "I plan to do a lot with your legs." He teases, making Lovino gasp and push him back up onto the higher part of the reef.

"G-give me your shirt so I can leave the water with clothes on." Lovino commands, crawling onto the reef beside him.

"But of course, can't have others seeing what's beneath this…" Antonio says, running a hand up his tail before it changes to legs. Standing up, Antonio quickly rids himself of his shirt and hands it to Lovino. "There you go, my coat is on land if you would like it when we get there."

"I would." Lovino says simply, standing in the luckily oversized shirt.

Antonio leads the way until he notices Lovino stumbling, his legs shaking beneath him. "Ah, right, it's difficult to walk after you first change, right?"

"O-only because I haven't done it much…" Lovino pouts, frustrated with his own imbalance.

"I'm sure after a few more times you will be a pro. Until then, however, allow me to indulge you my prince." Antonio says, scooping Lovino up in his arms and carrying him to land.

"Wha-! D-don't do such embarrassing things!" Lovino whines, wrapping his arms around Antonio's neck.

"You carried me in the water, why can't I on land?" Antonio counters, stopping to let Lovino put on his coat before picking him up again and smiling at the others as he heads to the ship.

"Well, someone's getting lucky!" Gilbert teases and Matthew laughs a little.

"Getting lucky is only natural when celebrating." The blonde points out, making Gilbert smirk.

"Is it now?" The Prussian asks, amused at the blush spreading across Matthew's cheeks.

Antonio ignores them, and from Lovino's lack of freaking out he assumes that he didn't hear them. They soon make it to the bedroom, where Antonio lets Lovino down so he can stand. He quickly leans down, before Lovino even gets balanced, and begins kissing him. Lovino lets out a small noise of surprise at the sudden act but closes his eyes and sinks into it, returning the affection with ease. Antonio brings his hands up to Lovino's shoulders, sliding his coat off the man and letting it drop at their feet. He takes a moment to look at the dripping Lovino over for a moment before he moves in again, licking at his chest through the wet fabric.

"Mnn…" Lovino moans, closing his eyes and bringing a hand up to rest in Antonio's hair.

Enjoying the sounds coming from above him, Antonio sucks on the skin through the fabric before he slides it off. "Yes, you look much better like this." Antonio teases, removing his own clothing as he pushes them towards the bed. They fall with an unceremonious thud onto the mattress and Antonio climbs on top of Lovino. "Much, much better." He whispers, watching Lovino go bright red.

"That foolish mouth of yours should be put to better use than spouting nonsense." Lovino says, pulling him into a kiss. A small smile forms against Lovino's lips as Antonio takes over, grinding their hips together. He lets Lovino continue his assault on the Spaniard's mouth until he's finally out of breath, leaving the pirate to test his curiosity.

Moving swiftly so Lovino doesn't catch on and stop him, Antonio grabs the stray curl on his forehead and licks it. Immediately upon contact Lovino squirms beneath him, his hand tightly clasped over his mouth to hold back a moan. That's not the reaction Antonio wants, though. Gently taking Lovino's hands into his, Antonio pins him to the bed and begins an assault of the strange curl of hair.

Lovino gasps, his back arching up towards Antonio as the man sucks on his curl. He trembles, moaning when Antonio begins to grind up against him as well. Before long, Antonio has reduced Lovino to a flushed and breathless mess. Smirking triumphantly, the pirate brings a bottle of lubrication out and coats his fingers.

"Lovino, there is something I would love to try with you." Antonio whispers in his ear before licking the curl again. "Would you please listen to it?"

Lovino stares up at him with a dazed look on his face. "You wish to try the last manner of sex we have not done, correct?" He asks and Antonio nods. "If…if it doesn't feel good you will stop, right?"

"I will stop at any point you want me to, Lovino." Antonio says in earnest. He wants this like crazy, of course, but there's no joy in making Lovino do something he doesn't enjoy himself.

Lovino gives him the final okay and closes his eyes. Francis explained it to him and it was terrifying. However, everything else they have done has felt good, so he will place his trust in Antonio to do this right. "Please be gentle." He mumbles and Antonio smiles sweetly at him.

"I would never dream of being anything but." Antonio mumbles, bringing his coated fingers to Lovino's entrance as he takes the boy's curl back into his mouth. He waits until Lovino relaxes some before he slides the first finger in. Continuing with this method, Antonio manages to get all three fingers in without hurting Lovino too much. Placing a kiss on the man's forehead, Antonio begins to move his fingers, searching for the bundle of nerves Francis told him about; Lovino was not the only one to be taught by the Frenchman after all.

Lovino bites his lower lip, keeping his eyes closed. It doesn't hurt anymore as much as it just feels strange, so there is no real reason to tell Antonio to stop. He's admittedly disappointed though, there's nothing pleasurable in this form of sex. Or so he thinks, until Antonio's fingers rub against nerves he didn't know he had. "Ahhh!" He moans, finding himself bucking his hips up towards the Spaniard.

Antonio smirks, his pace quickening as he hits the spot each time. Once Lovino begins to buck his hips with Antonio's pace, he decides to take his fingers out. "Are you ready, Lovi?" He asks, positioning himself at the man's entrance.

Lovino nods, his face more flushed than before. "Y-yes…hurry…" He mumbles weakly, shyly spreading his legs further apart.

"Gracias, my querido." Antonio whispers, slowly entering Lovino. Once the two wait for Lovino to adjust, Antonio begins to move his hips. It's slow and awkward at first until he finds the sensitive spot again.

"Mm! Faster, Antonio!" Lovino gasps, starting to move his hips with Antonio's. It's good, surprisingly good, and he almost feels bad for making Antonio wait so long to do it. Keyword, of course, being almost.

Antonio takes Lovino's hips into his hands and thrusts into him faster, moaning at the friction. Once their pace is set, Antonio brings a hand to Lovino's member and begins to stroke in time with their movements. Their breathing grows shallow, bodies trembling with pleasure until finally they both reach their release. Placing one last kiss on Lovino's lips, Antonio lies next to him, using his still damp shirt to wipe them both clean. "So…is it safe to say we can do that again?"

Lovino blushes and rolls onto his stomach, hiding his face in his pillow embarrassed. "Yes…" He mumbles, seeing the smile on Antonio's face from the corner of his eye. "You damned spoiled pirate."

"I have spoiled my treasure, and now it is my treasure's turn to spoil me." Antonio responds, pulling covers over them both.

"Don't think for a second you are done spoiling me." Lovino huffs.

"I wouldn't dream of stopping. Now or in a thousand years." Antonio says, smiling. "Which we have." He notices a hesitant look come over Lovino's face and strokes his hair. "Do not worry, I have ordered everyone to keep quiet about mermaid's blood. None of them want your kind hurt, either."

Lovino smiles a little. "Good. Then let's hope everyone lives a happy eternity."

Antonio pulls him into his arms. "I have no doubt they will."

For the next few hundred years the pirate crews continued with their lives as usual. When piracy was finally limited, and boats grew stronger, they all decided to retire from that life. Joan had a few children and as per their own wishes, allowed them to grow old with the people they fell in love with. Her and Francis lived in France, moving and changing their identities every twenty years or so until they finally decided to buy an island in Seychelles. They are now fairly close to Michelle and the mermaid from Monaco she fell in love with. Joan and Francis are now expecting a set of twins.

Matthew has become a historian, one of the best since he lived through most of it, and Gilbert changes his job every few decades, nothing keeping his interest any longer than that. Ludwig and Feliciano married as soon as it became legal, even adopting children every few centuries. Marcello and Peter are living well with the king of the sea, Romulus. Their father has met everyone, much to Lovino's initial protest, and hit it off quite well with Antonio.

The years have changed Antonio a lot. After leaving pirate life, Antonio grew softer in his ways and even took up gardening. He and Lovino own a small island off of Spain, and island Michelle made them for the price of receiving fresh vegetables from Antonio's gardens once a month. The deal was made a little less than a month ago, and in preparation the two have been searching for a boat.

Sadly, Antonio is very picky.

"God DAMNIT Antonio!" Lovino groans as they go through their fourth boat lot that day. "You cannot have a pirate ship, get with the times and buy a fast boat!"

Antonio looks over to him slightly annoyed. "Look here, Lovi, just because you have some strange speeding obsession doesn't mean I do. I want a big boat."

"You want a pirate ship. If you don't pick out a boat here I will buy one and you will have to shut your damn mouth and accept it."

"Are you aware of how unbelievably uncute you are being?" The Spaniard asks, being ignored by Lovino.

"Ah! That one!" Lovino exclaims, running to a large boat. "It looks fast, a lot better than the stupid fishing boat we have right now to get to the island."

Antonio stares at the ship and notices something; on the side, in large font, is the name Kirkland. An amused smile comes to his lips. "So eyebrows is doing well, too. How nice."

Lovino looks at him confused before Antonio wraps an arm around his shoulders. "Hm?"

"Alright, Lovi, let's get that one." Antonio says, smiling at Lovino. "And I know just what to call it!"

A few weeks later Antonio and Lovino drive the boat to Michelle's island where the rest of their old friends are waiting for them. Once they dock Lovino gets out, blushing brightly as Antonio comes down with a big grin. Across the side of the boat, in large letters reads 'The Pirate's Treasure'.

"You're so damn, cheesy…I miss the hardened criminal." Lovino grumbles and Antonio laughs.

"I would have named it that then, too. Just to piss you off." Antonio says, playfully pinching his cheeks. "Mi querido~!"

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