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Chapter two - Cupcakes:

The mink blanket encompassed her firm frame, cocooned her in warmth that she did not experience at home. At times when she was at home, she would think about the luxuries of the Capitol, but being here felt hollow; and she wished she was at home again. Warmed by Primrose and her mother, rather than the fabrication of lies the Capitol wrapped her in.

Katniss pulled herself onto the bed head, leaning against the headboard and contemplating the events of yesterday. How a certain caveman laid claim to her body and made it burn with desire. Desire that disgusted her, like eating cupcakes; you know they're bad for you and yet you eat them anyway.

'Fireball?' Her face contorted, she was angry and annoyed, in fact saying the name out loud added more contempt to her new nickname.

'Soon get acquainted with? The arrogant disgusting brute.' Who did he think he was? Dubbing nicknames and assuming situations to his liking. She beat the mattress with her limbs, like she'd like to beat Cato and his soon to be acquainted with 'parts'. Exhausted she fell asleep only to be awakened by the taste of hazelnut and chocolate that was lathered on her skin. She could feel his tongue working its way down, from her pulsating jugular to her erect nipples; slowly making a dessert out of her...

Cato was sitting at the edge of his bed, elbows on his knees resembling that of a man in deep thought. At times he battled with his morals and his sense of survival, was it right to kill in order for the selfish need to live? Was his life of more value to that of his victim? His thumbs massaged his temple in circular motions, relieving the tension. These cathartic sessions of philosophical contemplation always weighed down on him, created consistent pounding in his head, throbbing of the worst kind. But in end the thirst and desire for life outweighs the conscious mind.

He sighed and inhaled, leaned back and fell upon his bed; closed his eyes and hoped for a more welcoming dream. His mind was more generous in his unconscious state, it discarded pessimistic thoughts of his current status of 'career' and allowed him to indulge in delirium...

He hungrily licked the nutella from her body, feeling the goose bumps on her skin. Each creating texture and more curiosity. Intrigued he ventured lower, creeping towards the v of her pelvis and towards the treasure hidden from him. He blessed her with intervals of butterfly kisses along her inner thigh, delighted in the sounds originating from her.

His mouth found her nether regions and she found heaven. His hands found their way to her succulent mounds and fondled her breasts. Moving with the rhythm of her hips, following her silent directions to euphoria. As she ascended to her climax his lips moved faster and she cried out in pleasure, whilst he grunted in satisfaction. It would seem that two teenagers would be taking care of themselves tonight. The first time for one and the umpteenth time for the other, how tragic.

Camera's covered every surface of the training centre, penthouse and elevator. They were under surveillance; watched and scrutinized at every point. It frustrated Cato, being constantly surrounded by cameras craving for every minute of drama, he grew use to the insistent hovering. At times when things were quiet and 'boring' he could feel the excitement of the Capitol die and their interest wane. The cameras were like annoying mosquitos, thirsting for blood and consistently tracking you down until they got what they wanted. Maybe Cato should give them a preview of last night's dream? He entertained the thought but thought better of it, Katniss was for him alone and no one else.

Following Haymitch's instructions Katniss and Peeta did not participate in any training activities that may reveal their strengths. They were learning the mundane but important art of tying knots. She could feel a penetrating stare making a linear path towards her. At first she thought it was the nuisance of cameras following her, but she could feel the lust radiating and pulsating from a centralised point. She had an idea where it was coming from, but the chill traveling down her back stopped her from looking.

He; Cato wished Katniss would take those knot tying skills over to his bed and teach him a lesson, or he her. He didn't mind. He imagined numerous situations involving rope, one in particular stood out to him. Katniss tied up to the bed banister, her arms above her head and exposed to him. Vulnerable and needy, of his touch and the release he could grant her body. Although the idea of Cato tied to the bed posts naked and Katniss draped all over him, teasing him until he is forced to break the ties and straddle her to the mattress, rivaled that situation.

He wanted her all to himself, away from peering eyes. Although he did not want to defile her in front of Panem, but by gosh he wanted her. He would need to find a sanctuary for them and convince her to join him in his man made heaven; of orgasmic pleasure.

For Peeta a simple touch from her made him happy, but her mind was never with him, he may have given her the bread but that did not give him her heart nor her mind. Although it pained him, he fought through it and lived till he could see the day where she smiled just for him.

'District Two, Cato Hunter.'

The electric doors open to reveal the sponsors and game makers, indulging in their zealous banquet. Jovial and carefree, unaware of the impact of their scoring; or maybe they just didn't care. Cato walked in, his presence commanded attention and respect. Every stride exuded confidence, he was the definition of swagger. A simple movement flaunted his taunt muscles, revealing the savage beast behind angelic skin. It was his moment, if anything it was the time to display his dominance and power. Ensure that the Capitol knew who their winner was before the games even began.

Training allowed him to shut down his cognizant mind and tap into his primal instincts and be overtaken by the inherent urge for survival that came along with the human condition. He started in the centre of the room, silence suffocated the those present. His moved in perfect straight lines, massacred every dummy with the raw power of his sword. He was an immaculate dancer, the sight of his performance numbed viewers; such beauty did not exist in this world and yet he was an exception.

He was half man, half animal. He would be a survivor.

The fog lifted, the game makers and sponsors were chilled to the bone, amongst the muscles that had yet to see the contractions of exercise. Death radiated from this boy; man, from District Two and it traveled to the very core of their bodies. As Cato walked out the game makers and sponsors stepped out of their reverie and chattering broke the silence.

The Games were beginning, the end was drawing nigh. Her hands were shaking like an earthquake centered from her body. Her chest was constricting, airways tightening, she could not breath let alone think. The automatic doors opened and she turned around expecting to see Cinna, but instead she was met with the poster boy for Germany. Angelic blond hair and clear blue eyes of an angel; an oxymoron personified. She shivered, the last time she was with him in the same room he had her pinned to the floor and at his mercy. That boy, he dropped from heaven.

Her entire body was shaking, but not for reasons he'd like. He stared at her, drinking in all that she was and all that she offered. He strode towards her and anchored her to the floor with his arms, steadied her shaking and ran his hands along her forearms. Keeping her calm and allowing her to breathe, It was an unspoken moment. It may not have made sense, but it felt right.

'Fireball, I will win and you will be coming with me.'

He leaned forward, their lips met for a millisecond before the warmth of his lips disappeared and she was left longing for more. She nodded, the tone of his statement left no room for complaint nor debate. But most of all she could feel the truth in his words.

He left just as soon as he came. He power walked back to his room, turned and tilted his head against the wall and released his breath. The moment with Katniss terrified him, emotions he did not know existed and it made him tremble with the intensity. He was unaccustomed to 'emotions', he felt with his heart; he was not familiar to that organ. It was usually his lower regions or his brain, never his heart. It scared him...

Katniss held the mockingjay pendant close to her heart, it was ironic that a small piece of metal brought her closure and comfort when doom awaited her. It comforted her in way she did not understand. With her hand next to her heart she saluted Cinna with three fingers towards the sky. She would miss him.

Cato did not say goodbye to his mentor, because he would see them again. He was going to win, and he was going home to his family.

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