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Chapter four - Bloodbath:

Standing equidistant to the Cornucopia, Katniss could hear Haymitch's words echoing in her head. ' Run, don't no matter what you do go to cornucopia, just run as far and as fast as you can.' But times stops as the countdown begins, the numbers blur into the background and everything moves in slow motion. The resounding shot signifying the start of the Hunger Games rang through her body and jolted her back to reality. She could not seek solace in her mind any longer, or her body would die and her mind would cease to exist simultaneously.

The bloodbath had begun, the blood splattered and tainted the earth with its colour; as if the earth was crying. Mourning the innocent young lives sacrificed for the pleasure of others. Although blood was sprinkled from every direction, it was localized specifically to one area, an area in which Cato occupied.

Cato was bathed in blood; bloodbath should have been named in his honour. Like the water that runs from taps, the blood ran from those near him. His eyes appeared lifeless and his body moved in such precise strikes it almost seemed mechanical. Every swift contraction of his body was engineered to kill, he was no longer Cato Hunter for those few minutes.

Although she had no time to stare; that was exactly what she did as she watched Cato slaughter the limbs of children off, one by one. For those few that did escape, the wrath of Cato awaited them.

He watched her on the floor, hands splayed behind her as she was knocked down by Clove. And yet she appeared fierce in the face of death. She was a warrior; a perfect match for him. He could save her, but a sick part of him wanted to see how she would fair. If she could escape the clasps of death and spit in its face as she runs away with her life. He was solely focused on her, that the boy's head within his hands were forgotten and all he could see was her.

Clove had her straddled in between her legs, Katniss was struggling to get free and just when the dagger was descending her elbow ascended into the death's face; and Clove fell. Katniss frantically scrambled to her feet and in the midst of her scuffle, she grabbed a bag of supplies, turned around only to face Cato a mere 25 metres away.

As she stood up to run, he blew her a sarcastic kiss.

As the blood dripped from his eyelashes and fell to the earth, he smiled at the carnage that was his making. He was definitely going to win, and as he promised she would be coming with him one way or another.

She hadn't noticed but when she came to a stop she realised the pounding was coming from her head, and the loud breathing was her. With her hand to her heart, she tried to calm down from her near death experience. Remembered that her so called 'saviour' watched as she struggled in the face of adversity; saw the pleasure in his eyes as he looked upon her form with pride. Stowed away in the deep forest of the Hunger Game arena she looked through her supply bag. Nothing could have prepared her for the things to come.

She slept peacefully on the high branches of the tree, fell asleep to the song of birds and dreamt of home. Her lips parted as she tasted the fresh scent of pine tree only to wake in the blistering heat of a wildfire. She untied herself with much effort and only just jumped before the tree itself fell down. Through her escape all she could hear was Cato's words; his promise of freedom and all she could think was that yet another empty promise was made and yet again she fell for it. In the depths of her mind she could feel the abyss encompass her slowly wrapping its fingers around her and pulling her towards the darkness. But before she was completely gone a fireball mere centimetres from her face shot pass and she was reminded of Cato's faith in their freedom; she was his 'fireball'. And she'd be damned if she died now; Cato would follow her into the depths of hell as surely she would for liking such a monster.

The Capitol rarely aired the 'mature' scenes in the Hunger Games, after all it was a family show. But most importantly they felt that it was too intimate to show; to show children seeking solace in the human flesh when their nation threw them into the lion's den.

And that was all Glimmer was to Cato, some body heat and a good fuck. He remembered the first night of the Hunger Games, as he slept with her in his arms. He remembered the trail of her fingers down his bicep to his nipples and she other hand worked his zipper. As she lowered herself onto his shaft and reduced herself into a quivering minx, pushing against his chest and riveting in his orgasmic powers as her allowed her to release and scream in pleasure. And when she fell upon his chest and lay there was with exhaustion of a marathon, and his disgust that her hair was not brown and eyes not chocolate; and her name was not Katniss.

He shoved her to the side, not that she cared much; she was too fatigued to notice the revulsion radiating from him as he walked to the river. As he approached the river he could see his reflection and the dried blood that coated his body. He walked waist deep into the river and slowly washed himself. The water grazed his skin, traced every contour of his body, and slithered down the lines of his abdominal muscles as they graced the length of his member. The wind blew past him and he shivered in the cool air, and thought of Katniss' location and whether she would do what he was about to do.

He encapsulated it within his hands and slowly moved it to the rhythm of his fantasies. Up and down, up and down till he crouched over in pleasure and screamed with agony, as the euphoric release shot through him and his seed spilt into the water and floated away.

Katniss woke up to a scream, heard the pain and pleasure that it resonated through the forest. She saw the sunrise, in blissful hues of yellow and orange and wished he was here with her. Because it reminded her so painfully of the confidence he exuded and the promise he made to her.