Anastasia lied in bed unconsious twisting having a nightmare about rasputin this time she dreampt Rasputin had thrown her beneath the ice. She felt Her body freezing cold as she looked around for the last time, The words came from Rasputins mouth "Finally Anastasia I've got you dead don't worry old grandmama won't love you anymore nor will she remember". What had happened she asked herself how did he get her? She started to loose all the air left in her lungs the last thing she thought was "Grandmama don't let go of my hand". Suddenly Anastasia awoke to someone shaking her lightly, She noticed she was screaming and crying in terror out into the dark room. The lights clicked on her grandmama was right there next to her holding her hand with a concerned look stricken on the dowagers face.

She was hysterical crying curled up into a ball before she knew what was going on Anastasia was crying into the dowager who was holding onto Anastasia tightly. "Rasputin" was all she could utter , her arms moved as she hugged her grandmama even tighter her body shaking with fear. "My dear what in the world happened?" the dowager asked her, once again Anastasia tried to speak " I drempt I died trapped under the ice.. couldn't breath". The dowager tried to calm her granddaughter down " Your fine now Anastasia I'm here it was only a nightmare". Anastasia tried to conrol her breathing "Rasputin he-he said that he'd killed me and that you wouldn't love me anymore that you wouldn't even remeber me" she was crying even more. "I am afraid grandmama he took us away from eachother once before whats to say he won't carry it out to the end this time?" Now she was shaking more than before but breating more regualarly. She tilted her chin up to see the loving look on her grandmama's face "Yes he did seperate us before but it won't happen again I'm not going anywhere nor will I let anything happen to you my darling Anastasia I love you so much it means everything to me that you are alive safe back in my arms loved where you belong". She eased her sobs " Oh grandmama I love you too more than anything" with that the two of them lied back down next to eachother and drifted back off to sleep.