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Summary - In the third sequel, Alex has been looking for Stefan the whole summer but as she looking for him, a new character comes into play. Marina, one of the Originals, and she's looking for blood and lots of it. Things get heated up this time when we take a step closer into Alex's curse and take a look into Marina's dark past. While Alex, Damon and the group look for a way to kill Klaus, they also learn about Vlad and more about his past with Marina as well, things get heated up in Stefan and Alex's relationship and Damon has a big part of it.

Chapter 1


He turned around and looked at me with wide eyes. "Alex?"

He walked up to me as stepped over broken twigs making a crunching sound. He held my face in his hand and rubbed my cheeks with his thumb, softly. "I've missed you so much" He said as the tears formed in his eyes.

They started forming in mine as well. "I've missed you too," I said. I pulled his hand off my face and held it in my hands. "Come home. Please, Stefan. Come home. I miss you so much"

"I want to," he said. "I really do" We stared at each other, relishing the moment.

"Well isn't this a lovely sight," I heard the familiar voice behind me. Stefan looked up and the emotion disappeared from his face as he pulled away his hand. I turned around and saw Klaus standing a couple feet away from us with that evil grin painted on his face. Klaus lifted his head up to look at Stefan. "Are you going to kill her or should I?" The smile reappeared.

I turned around and looked at Stefan who couldn't keep his eyes on me. "You won't do this" I said. Stefan shook his head and took a couple steps back. I turned back to Klaus and saw the fangs appear and his eyes turn amber. He ran up to me and I could feel the scream escaping from my mouth and


My eyes opened and I remembered where I was before I entered the dream. In the lair…right. I came to the lair to…go into Stefan's dream…right. I used the dream helmet so I could go into Stefan's dreams, again, to try and get him to come home. Except, every time I went into his dream it would always end with Klaus killing me or Stefan, mostly me. The stupid helmet must be broken or something because I'm supposed to control the dream but every time I try, I always die…hey, that rhymes.

I took the dream helmet off my head and placed it on the coffee table in front of me and walked out the lair and walked into the back of the Sub Station and closed the door behind me. I walked into the dining area and saw Mom and Dad sitting at one of the tables, talking. I walked up to their table.

"Hey" I said.

Mom and Dad turned their heads and jumped up right away and stood side by side. "Hey Miha," Mom always called me. She walked up to me and put both hands on my shoulders. "Any luck"

"No," I moved my hand to look at Dad standing behind her. "There must be something wrong with the dream helmet because every time I got into Stefan's dreams, it never goes out the way I want them to go"

"That's because," Dad said as he took a couple of steps towards me. "You're using the helmet on a supernatural being. It only works on humans and wizards. If you use it on 'demons' it doesn't function properly"

I groaned as I fell into the chair next to me and burred my face into my hands as my elbows laid on the table. "I haven't gotten anywhere," I mumbled into my hands. "I'm never going to find him"

"Don't say that," Mom leaned down and started rubbing my shoulder. "You will find him. You just have to give it a little time," She was a small pause. "So, do you know what today is?"


"Yes but what's the date?"

"June 22"

"And what's that?" I shrugged my shoulders. "Come on, you know. It's Elena's birthday today"

"So," I pulled out of my chair and stood up. "Why would I care?" I said as I crossed my arms over my chest.

"Alex, I know you're mad at her but can't you two just make up? What did she do to you that was so bad?"

I didn't respond. I just looked away. "I'm not talking about this" I said as I turned around and went for the spiral staircase. "Alexandra Margarita Russo!" I stopped in my tracks, turned my heels and looked at Mom. "I can't take this anymore," she said as she walked pass me and stopped and the spiral staircase. "Justin! Max! Please come down here" she then walked back and stood beside Dad.

A couple seconds later, Justin and Max came walking down. "Yeah Mom?" Justin asked.

"Come on, lets go to the lair and have the family talk we discussed about earlier"

Both Justin and Max gave her a nod, turned and walked to the cooler and opened the door and we all walked inside and we all took a seat. Mom, Dad and Max took a seat on the couch, Justin sat in the chair next to the couch and I sat in the big comfy chair next to Justin. Mom and Dad gave one last glanced to each other before turning their attention to me.

"You father, brothers and I have been talking," Mom said. "And we think you should go back to Mystic Falls"

"What?" I asked as I looked at them in shock. "Why? Don't you want me here?"

"Of coarse we do, Miha. We'd love it if you'd stay the whole summer but…ever since you came back a few months ago…you've changed. It's like Mason all over again," I cringed at the name. "We think you should go back. Stay for the whole summer and stay there until next year when you graduate"

"But Mom-"

"No! You need this. I need this. I can't take anymore of Damon's calls. Every minute the phone is always ringing and it's always Damon. It's always, 'How is she Mrs. Russo'," Mom said as she turned her hand into a phone. "'Did she get any luck?' 'Is she going to come back?'. The same questions over and over again. I can't take it anymore! You need to go back and have a life. Go see your friends. They miss you. Elena and Jeremy miss you. Their worried about you and you should go back today since its Elena's birthday"

"I kind of need to pack" I said.

"No worries," Justin stood up and took out his want and out of nowhere, a bunch of luggage appeared in the lair. "We already did it for you"

"I don't know" I said.

"Alex," Mom said. "You missed your birthday because you were looking for Stefan. Go back home and celebrate yours and Elena's birthdays"

I nodded and got out of my seat. "You sure you'll be ok without me?" I asked.

Mom got out of her seat and walked up to me. "We promise" she said with a smile. I gave her a small smile back and then gave her a hug and she did back. I said good bye to Dad, Max and Justin before going threw the portal with my luggage and transported to the lair in Mystic Falls.

I stood there for a moment taking in the moment before taking my wand out and sending my stuff to my room. I tucked my wand back into my back pocket and walked out of the lair and continued up the stairs. I heard voices coming behind the door and it sounded a lot like Elena and Alaric. No way was I going to get pass them. I took in a deep breath and opened the door wide open.

"Happy Birthday," Alaric said as I walked threw. Alaric was standing by the couch with a blanket in his hands and Elena's back was facing me but she was standing by the counter, a couple feet away from me. Alaric turned his attention to me and a smile appeared on his face. "Alex" he said.

Elena whirled around quickly and a great big grin appeared on her face. "Alex!" she ran up and came to give me a hug but I put up my hands and stopped her.

"Don't," I said. "Just because I'm back, doesn't mean we're friends again"

The smile disappeared from Elena's face. "Alex…I'm-"

"Save it," I interrupted her. "I don't want to hear it"

I looked at Alaric and gave him a smile. "Alaric. How's it been?"

"Um…pretty good so far," he said. "Where's Justin? Is he coming back?"

"Well…since he graduated he decided that he's going to stay home and help with the family business until he decids on what he wants to do" Alaric nodded.

"Alex," Elena said innocently. She sounded like a child that just got in trouble for stealing a cookie from the cookie jar.

I rolled my eyes and glared at her. "What?"

"I was…just…going to go to the boarding house. Caroline's mom found some 'cases' that could be linked to Stefan. We've been trying to help you find Stefan"

"And why do you need to go to the boarding house?"

"To show Damon. If you want, we could go see Caroline and get that address and then go to the boarding house"

"I'm 17…or…18 years old. I'm perfectly capable of getting it myself. After all, I was dumped in this deserted town, I should know my way around by now" I walked over to the key hook and grabbed the keys where I last left them two months ago. I walked towards the front door.

"Alex" I rolled my eyes and turned around and saw Elena standing in the middle of the kitchen door. "I never got to say Happy Birthday to you on the 14th so…Happy Birthday"

I nodded. "Well…thanks and I guess I should say…Happy Birthday since your birthday is today"

Elena smiled. "Thanks" I nodded and walked out the door.


"Alex," Caroline said as she wrapped her arms around me. I found her at the Grill with Tyler having lunch. When I walked up to her, she immediately jumped out of her seat and wrapped her arms around my neck. "I've missed you so much"

I patted Caroline's back. "I've missed you too," I said. "Um…Caroline. I…can't…really…breath"

"Oh," she pulled her arms back right away. "Sorry," she said looking at me worried. "Come sit"

I took the chair beside Tyler and Caroline and pulled in. I then turned my attention to Tyler. "Hey Tyler," I said with a smile. "How are you?"

"Doing pretty great," he said. "so far"

"Hey guys," we turned around and saw Jeremy coming up to us with some water. "how's everything-" He stopped when he laid eyes on me. "Alex?"

I smiled. "Yeah Jer," I got up from my seat and started hugging him. "It's me"

He set the water down and hugged me back. "I've missed you," He said. We then pulled apart. "How was New York?"


"That sucks…glad your back though. Sorry, I gotta go back to work" He turned around and started serving other tabled.

I took my seat back at the table. "So," Caroline said. "Are you only here for a bit?"

"No, my mom is making me stay the whole summer"

"And you're staying in Mystic Falls High, right?"

I smiled. "Yes, I'm staying"

I squeal came out of Caroline. "Great. So, about tonight"

"What's going on tonight?"

"Well…don't get mad but your Mom and I talked and we wanted to plan a double party for you and Elena since you were gone for your birthday"

"Why am I not surprised?" I said as I fell in my chair. "Where is it at?"

"The boarding house?"

"What?" I said as I sat up from my seat. "Why?"

"Damon wanted to do it since he knew you were coming back"

"I really don't want to see Damon. I can't even stand staying in the same house with Elena"

There was a small pause.

"You know," Caroline said. "Elena is really upset about you being mad at her"

"Whatever. I can't deal with this drama right now. My main focus is finding Stefan and bringing him home"

"And what about the sacrifice, hm? Have you thought about Vlad at all?" It suddenly popped in my head. I've been so focus on Stefan that I haven't really thought about the sacrifice. "Vlads still out there and who knows. Maybe Klaus told him already and he's looking for you"

"I know, I know. You're right"

"That's why we have to have this party tonight. So you can have some human moments and forget about what's happening out there in the real world. Were going to go to that boarding house tonight, get drunk and have a blast. You'll thank me later" she said with a smile.

I laughed. "I think I would go crazy if you weren't her to smack me back into reality. Anyway," I stood up, grabbed my purse and wrapped the strap on my shoulder. "Elena said your mom found some stuff"

"Oh yeah," she turned and dug out some paper from her purse and passed them to me.

"What are these?"

"Animal attack in Memphis. Third one this week in Tennessee"

"Great," I said. "This could be a lead"

"You better take those to Damon?"

"Why?" I said as I groaned.

"Because Damon and Elena have been playing Sherlock Holmes for you for the past two months finding leads for you here and there and if Damon doesn't know about this, then you might miss you chance"

I let out a sigh. "Your right" I said.

Caroline smiled. "I always am" I laughed.

"See you later" I walked off and went to my car.


I pulled into the boarding house and walked straight in. I walked into the living room and placed my purse on the table grabbing the papers Caroline gave me.

"Good Morning" I heard the familiar voice.

I rolled my eyes. "Listen Damon," I said and started turning around to face him. "I just came here to-" My mouth dropped at what I witnessed. Damon stood there, at the stop of the stairs, with the big grin of his, naked. Damon was naked. I couldn't believe what I was witnessing. "Damon!" I screamed as I turned around right away and shook my head. "You…son of a bitch! You heard me!"

"You should learn to knock," he said. "What if I was…indecent?" He hissed at the end.

I saw a red towel sitting on the chair in front of me and grabbed it. I covered my eyes and threw the towel at him and heard him grab it. I kept my eyes covered as I waited for him to put it on. "Are you done yet?"

"It's all clear" he said.

I peaked to make sure and then brought my hand down. I turned around and grabbed the papers on top of my purse and turned back to show it. "Caroline gave these to me"

"When did you get back into town?" he said with a smile.

"Just about an hour ago"

"Already on mission Stefan, eh?"

"I've been on mission Stefan for months now. Believe me, I've done more work then you have"

"Wanna bet," he walked up to me and stood a couple inches away from me. "You look different"

"So do you. Decided to go all JB on your hair due?"

"Hey, my hair looks a lot better then that 10 year old that raps on stage"


"And what about you. You're not little Miss Potter anymore. Did you go tanning? You're hairs darker too. Let me guess, you signed up for Jersey Shore"

I rolled my eyes and shoved the papers into his chest. "I don't have time for this" I nudged my shoulder with his and made my way to the front door.

"Wait" in a second he stood right in front of me.

"Are we doing this again?"

"We have to talk"

"About what?"

"About the…kiss"

I rolled my eyes. "Seriously I don't want to talk about it" I went to walk around him but he stood in my way again.

"Look, I know you're mad at me and I know you're mad at Elena. I don't care what happened to Elena and I that night what I care about is what happened between us that night"

"Nothing happened"

"Don't tell me that kiss didn't mean something," I didn't say anything. "Do you see what I mean"

I tears started filling up in my eyes. "Damon…all I'm worried about is finding Stefan. I really don't want to talk about this right now," I walked pass him and opened the front door. "See you tonight" I closed the door behind me and walked to my car.


I was left alone at the house for a little bit while Elena, Caroline and Tyler prepared for the party. I decided to bring my favourite blue summer dress for the party. I went upstairs to Stefan's room and got dress there and did my hair and make up there as well. I examined myself in the mirror and started thinking about Stefan. What would he think if he was here?

I looked at my dress and straighten it out and then looked back at the mirror and I could see Damon leaning against the front door in the reflection. There was a smirk on his face. "Nice dress" he said.

A small smile appeared on my face. "Thanks," I turned my head and looked at him. "You know that was the only thing I missed about being away from here. Your…funny remarks every so often," I looked at myself in the mirror again. "Every time something bad happened in our lives, your remarks would always be there to put us back into place," The smile disappeared off my face. "I'll be fine tonight," I looked back at him. "Really"

"It's your party you can cry if you want to," he said with a smirk and I smiled back at him. "Aw, Stefan," he said as he walked in and stopped right in front of the dress and picked up the picture of Stefan and I at our first foot ball game. That was the game where Mr. Tanner died. Damon put the picture frame down and looked at me. "I got you something" He said.

I sighed. "Damon you didn't have to. I don't want presents"

"I know," he walked up to me and dug a small box out of his back pocket. "Elena made me promise not to buy you anything. She knew you would say that"

"So…you stole it?"

"No! Found it" he held the little box right in front of my face and opened it. Inside was my locket. The locket Stefan gave to me. I lost it when Isabella switched places with me and I thought it was gone forever when I found out that she left town. I felt a big grin appear on my face. "Oh my gosh," tears started forming in my eyes. "You found it" I said as I took I it out from the box and looked at it in my hand, feeling the bumps and curves in my figures.

"Actually, Alaric found it in his loft, thought you'd be happy to have it back"

I looked up at him a smiled. "I'm more than happy…I'm grateful. Thank you"

"Your welcome," I lifted up the necklace and wrapped it around my neck and tried to put it on. "Here let me" Damon said. I nodded and passed him the necklace and turned around and pulled my hair out of the way as Damon wrapped the necklace around my and put it on. I turned around and smiled. "Shall we?" he asked as he held up his arm.

I took his arm and we walked out of the room and downstairs and the hallways was packed with people. "Happy Birthday, Alex!" I kept on hearing from random people I didn't know. We walked into the living room and you couldn't even see the floor. There were people all over the place dancing and partying. Caroline came up to us a couple minutes later with Elena beside her. I promised myself tonight that because it was Elena's birthday, I would be nice.

Caroline came up to us with a big smile. "You like?" She asked.


"Don't answer that" she said as she held up a finger.

"I know," Elena said. "I told her to keep it small"

I ignored Elena. "Where's Bonnie?" I asked Caroline.

"With her dad's family," Caroline said. "She wished you a happy belated birthday and wishes she could be here"

I nodded. "Well," I said as I walked down the steps and stood right in front of her. "Let's party" Caroline smiled and held up her arm. I smiled back and took it as we disappeared into the crowd.


After a hour and a half, I decided I needed to take a breather from everything and went to Damon's room. I walked in and right away someone called. "This room's off limits!"

I turned and saw Caroline and Elena in the bathroom. Caroline was leaning against the counter top holding a blood bag and Elena was standing right in front of her.

"Taking a breather too, huh?" Elena asked with a smile.

I ignored her and looked at Caroline. "What are you doing here?"

"I just," she said. "needed to take a beat," she put the blood bag down and started walking up to me. Elena followed behind her. "Are you both," she said looking between the both of us. "hiding from your party?"

"No," I said. "I'm just…trying to find Damon"

"Well, he better be here somewhere because we haven't even done the cake yet"

"Caroline…I…I don't think I'm in the whole 'Happy Birthday Song' slash cake thing"

"What? No, no way, no! It's you're birthday! Both of yours! You know it's the dawn of a new day and you can't get on with your life until you have made a wish and blown out the candles"

"What? Is that what all this is about," I said gesturing to the party. "Is this suppose to slap me in the face and tell me to move on with my life?"

"No…Maybe…I just don't think anyone wants to see you like this"

"If you're trying to tell me to stop finding Stefan, good luck with that because I won't stop until it kills me"

"Of course not and you shouldn't but…you have to admit that you kind of just letting your life pass you by and isn't Stefan the one who wanted to make sure that you lived it?"

"What, so you just want me to blow out the candles and wish everything away…You want a wish? Here's my wish? I don't wish for him back. I wish that I knew he's alive. I want to know that he's not dead in a ditch with a stake in his chest. There, happy? I'm done with this" I turned and started walking away.

"Alex!" Elena called.

"I don't want to talk to you" I said as I kept on walking.

"Look at me!" she screamed. I stopped and turned my heal and looked at her. "I don't know what I did to make you hate me? You haven't spoken to me in two months? What did I do?"

I shook my head. "I'm not talking about it" I turned around.

"Is it because I kissed Damon?" I turned back and glared at her. "Is that why? Because I kissed him? Your brother's boyfriend the guy you secretly like?"

"What did you just say?" I walked up to her and stood a couple feet away from her, glaring.

"You heard me. Isn't it obvious? You like Damon"

"I'm not like your bitch ancestor and I'll never be and the next time you say that, we're done. Forever," I turned around to walk out but stopped when I saw the closet door open and a bunch of papers on the door. "What is that?" I asked.

"What?" Caroline asked. I walked up to the door and saw a map and all over the door where news paper articles of people disappearing and the papers I gave Damon earlier today. "What is all that?" Caroline asked.

"Klaus," I said. "You guys have been doing all of this and haven't said a word to me about it?" I glared at Elena.

"We tried," Elena said. "But every time I brought something to Damon he always acted like it was pointless"

I turned and looked back at the map.

"Why wouldn't he just tell you?" Caroline asked.

"You tell me"


An hour later, Damon's door open and he walked in and leaned against the door right away. He looked up and saw me as I stood there with the police reports and news articles in my hand.

"What?" He asked. "What are you doing her?"

"Did you really think I wasn't going to find out?" I asked. "Why did you keep it a secret?"

"Can we not do this right now? I'm having a really bad night"

I walked up to him. "Do you know how much work I did the past two months? You could have told me something? I had so much hope-"

"You were an idiot," the words shot me in the heart. "We both were" he said as he pushed himself off the wall and started walking towards the bathroom.

I stood in front of him and stopped him. "I'm not letting you get away that easily. What did you find out?"

"I know you need to get back to your party, Alex" he walked around me towards the bed.

"I thought you would tell me this," I said as I turned around and looked at him. "Why didn't you tell me the second I walked threw that front door," I said pointing downstairs. "That you had information and have been tracking Klaus' victims all this time?"

"Because they're not Klaus' victims, Alex, they're Stefan's!"

"Ex…Excuse me?"

"He left a trail of body parts up and down the eastern seaboard"

"I can't believe that" I said as I shook my head.

"I've seen it happen before," he said as he walked up to me. "He's flipped the switched," he grabbed the papers from my hands. "Full blown ripper!"

"Don't! Stop it!"

"No, Alex! You stop it! Stop looking for him! Stop waiting for him to come home! Just stop! Stefan is gone and he's not coming back! Not in your lifetime"

The tears started forming in my eyes. "You heartless bastard" I whispered.

A bit of sorrow appeared in his eyes. He then walked pass me and I heard the door open and close. I wondered, in a way, was he right?


I went home after and changed into my pyjamas. I walked into the bathroom to fix myself up before bed until I heard my cell phone ring. I walked up to my dresser where my phone laid and answered it.

"Hello?" I said. No one answered. "Hello?" no one answered again.

I rolled my eyes. I was about to press the 'End' button but then thought about it for a minute. What if it was…Stefan.

I brought the phone back up to my ear and took a deep breath. "Stefan?" There was no answer. "I don't know if this is you or not but…if it is…I need you to know I love you and I'll wait for you…forever. Don't ever doubt for a second"


I walked into the bar and saw Klaus and Stefan standing by the bar. I took in a deep breath before walking up to them and standing in between them, leaning on the bar. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Klaus look up at Stefan and smile.

"Well," he said. "Isn't this a sight?" he leaned down on the bar beside me. "Looks like your girl never stopped looking for"

"Alex?" I heard Stefan whisper.

"Quite Stefan," Klaus' face was a couple inches from my face. "You remind me a lot of Marina you know," I kept staring straight. "Reckless and stupid. If you don't start changing your going to end up dead"

A smile appeared on my face as I turned to look at him. "Whatever you say," I said. "Niklaus" I said the last part in my normal voice.

Klaus' smiled disappeared and looked at me scared. "What did you just call me?"

In a flash, I grabbed Klaus' shirt and pushed him threw the bar table, breaking it in half and pinned him into the cabinet. Stefan came to stop me but I grabbed him with my other hand and threw him across the room and out the window.

I then looked back at Klaus. Klaus looked scared. "Marina" he said.

I smiled. "Hello, brother," I felt my eyes turning red. "Miss me?"

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