Defying the Odds

(This is my first Looney Tunes fanfic. This is focused on a duo that hasn't been touched upon much, so I figured I'd be the first person.)

Summary: Sylvester thought that being friends with a bird was unlikely at first, but when a young female canary joins the gang, he soon starts to fall hard for her. But he knows how different they are, and is worried about how it will work. Will he make the right choice, or will he give in to what he was meant to do?

Pairings: Sylvester/Tweety, Father/Son Sylvester/Junior, Friendship Wiley/Roadie, and others.

Chapter 1: Is It Even Possible?

"What? Are you really telling me this, son?" A familiar voice asked from a room nearby. That voice belonged to Sylvester the Cat, who was recognisable by his bright red nose and the lisp in his voice. With him in the room was his small son, Sylvester Junior who was in every way a miniscule version of Sylvester; that included his nose and his lisp, even though Junior's wasn't as recognisable.

"I'm being serious, Father. You need to stop this ridiculous habit of trying to eat birds. Don't you understand that you could actually be friends with one if you just gave it a chance?" Junior asked. Sylvester could not believe what he was hearing: his own son was suggesting that he should try to be friends with his worst enemy? He never heard of such a thing like this; he didn't ever want to think about it.

"But, don't you understand how implausible that is? Even if I did try it, I don't think I would last very long. Do you understand what I'm trying to say?" Sylvester asked in response. Junior crossed his arms, unable to stand the reluctance his father was showing.

"Well, look at me. I'm supposed to do the things you tell me about, yet I have Spike as a friend." Junior responded. Some time ago, Junior met a bluebird and named him Spike, impossibly becoming friends with him much to Sylvester's horror. Sylvester looked away, thinking about what Junior was telling him.

"Why do I even bother sometimes? I never get through to you, no matter what I say. I might not be able to convince you, but I think you could understand if you actually experience it yourself." Junior explained, and headed out of the room leaving Sylvester by himself. Sylvester turned around and sighed; he knew Junior was right, but he just couldn't convince himself of that.

"As crazy as it seems, I feel like Junior's right. I might like it if I actually give it a chance. But is it even possible? How could I ever be friends with the one I despise the most?" Sylvester asked himself, and sat down sadly to think. Little did he know that his answer would come sooner than he expected.