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Chapter 1

The Crime of Being Alive

What a victory! It wasn't everyday that the world ended. Everyone and everything, dressed in their splendid gore and lifeless forms added to the sense of triumph.

Death smiled and laughed. Yet another dimension was utterly destroyed. All who existed were now dead. His had claimed all their lives, one by one. And now this world will now rot along with their bodies, it will fade away into nothingness.

The thing that was Death laughed again, strolling about the corpses and taking in their horrified faces. They had all killed each other in some petty war over the possession of godlike power. How stupid. How utterly pointless. All meaningless in the end. All their hopes, dreams, and ambitions were all lost to the wind. No one was left to remember them.

Yet there was one.

The yellow eyes of Death fixed upon a thin figure, struggling to make his way across the bloodied ground. Strange…a lone survivor…

Though injured in many places, blood marring half his face and staining most of his orange hair, Ichigo Kurosaki was still alive, the last person alive in the world. He was having trouble believing it though. That was to say that he was currently in denial. It was not unexpected when one is faced with such a horrible apocalyptic reality. But for now, one goal was fixed in his weakened state. Get to the body just across the floor. She couldn't be dead. Couldn't be gone. It was impossible. All who he was today had started with her.

"Rukia!" he shouted, coughing up blood in the effort of speaking. He was almost there, only feet away. That small limp body on the floor just ahead still had to be alive.

"You still won't die then, Ichigo Kurosaki?" a chilling voice froze him in his tracks. He turned to see the speaker and was appalled. A monstrous figure, hideous to behold was leering over the Substitute Soul Reaper with a rather angry expression on its face.

"Such a grave error of yours, one you have repeated so often in the past. But now that everyone has left you, this crime of yours cannot be overlooked."

"W—what are you saying?" the boy stammered. "What did I do?"

"I cannot claim your soul," stated Death, smiling widely. "You mock me by merely existing. But you will not go unpunished, no; I will make your life a living hell." The monster seized Ichigo by the throat and held him up so they were at eye level, yellow eyes staring into amber. "I cannot kill you. I can only claim the life that has been released. You are still alive at the end of all things. By all rights, this should never be. Yet here you are, quite living and breathing, caring none the less. You have broken a sacred rule long made in ages past. Your defiance of following the natural order of all things even surprises me. As such, I am going to make sure of your suffering for all eternity. This sin of yours will forever haunt you. I am granting you the curse of immortality." Ichigo's body shuttered and twitched under Death's boney hands. An 'X' appeared across his chest, tattooed on the skin. His wounds started to heal themselves.

"You are going to live to see all the worlds crumble into darkness. Your life shall be restless, doomed to wander and never linger as years drain away. Watch everyone around you die and rot till the end of the of all things. You were supposed to die today, but now you shall live. Live this life of hell I've given you. Suffer in the worst ways imaginable. And after countless years of pain and madness, I'll finally claim your soul."

Death released his hold on the boy's throat who in turn crumpled to the ground, panting and letting out something close to a whimper. Pain was radiating from the new X tattoo emblazoned across his chest that drained all his remaining strength. Death watched him for a few minutes, anger now gone and replaced with a sadistic attitude.

"Just because you're immortal, doesn't mean you're invincible." He smiled cruelly. "You can be beaten down till the last thread of your life remains."

Ichigo remained silent. His limbs were shaking and pupils dilating. He either didn't care or didn't have enough strength to protest when the monster called Death grabbed a handful of his hair and started dragging him towards an unknown destination—leaving behind the empty shells of past friends and enemies. The world around them was crumbling, that last bit of life leaving the earth forever as the World of the Living, Hueco Mundo, Soul Society, Hell, and even the King's Realm started to collapse in on themselves.

"Beautiful, isn't it?" Death commented, gesturing to the cracks and holes appearing in both sky and ground. "Remember this sight. You won't see it again for a long time."

The last of the Soul Reapers did not reply, he only groaned slightly as his orange locks were gripped even tighter as Death pulled him into a darkened room. It would seem that he would not remain conscious for long. His head was too muddled to take in much of his surroundings anymore. Too much had happened.

"Here we go, Ichigo Kurosaki," said Death. With his free hand, the monster slashed at the air in front of them both. It split and opened up to reveal a wooden door way, coated with a white marble like texture.

"Your new home and world await…"

The door creaked open, showing a deserted field of dried grass and a huge blue sky. Death strolled casually inside along with the boy in tow just as his world broke apart and crumbled into nothingness. The door slammed shut behind them. Ichigo's limp form was tossed a few feet in front of Death as the monster inhaled the sickeningly sweet stench of life.

"This is what's called an 'alternate reality'. A new world with new laws of nature, new people, new life," Death spat on the ground with dislike. The plant his spit landed on withered away into dust. This seemed to cheer him up a bit, if only slightly. "I expect you'll lie there for a few weeks. Immortality isn't adapted to overnight. Well, have fun in this world." Death's yellow eyes lingered on the boy for a moment before he slithered away into his own reality, laughing at the fun that was to come.

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