Summary: Abandoned by his parents in Knockturn when he was five and believed dead, Harry grew up into more than anybody could have possibly imagined. Now head of the Ancient and Noble House of Uchiha, Harry Itachi Uchiha is ready to send shockwaves out into the magical world – his first upset: Hogwarts. Follow Harry as he scares the bejesus out of control-mongers, amazes the magical world, and falls in love with the last person he thought he would.

Categories: Godlike powers, twincest, Sharingan!Harry, Wrong Twin-Who-Lived
Genres: Adult, Adventure, AU, Crossover, Romance
Pairings: Harry/OC
Warnings: Adult Themes, Incest

PLEASE READ! This story contains INCEST between twins! If you're not into that kind of thing then stop reading now – you have been warned.

'Harry No-Name' looked out of his apartment's window with a small sigh as the dreary London weather wisped past and drizzle distorted his view of outside. As he leaned back into his recliner he placed his hand over his mouth in his usual thinking pose, averting his attention away from the Master's Level Defence Against the Dark Arts tome resting in his lap. The only sounds that came from around him were the slight patter of rain and the low hum of the refrigerator in his kitchen, but it didn't bother him. He'd become well acquainted with solitude in the first five years of his life, and independence for the six years after that.


A second later a house elf popped into existence and Harry sent her a small smile, getting one in return. "How may I serve you Master Uchiha?"

He rolled his eyes and sent her a small mock scowl. "Well firstly you can call me Harry, and secondly, would you be so kind as to fetch my trunks from my room and bring them here?"

"Of course… Master Uchiha," she burst out before smirking with triumph as she popped away. Harry simply gave a small chuckle and shook his head before closing he book on his lap. As he stood he stretched, and gave a small grunt when several vertebrae popped back into place. He brushed the feathery locks of black hair out of his face and vaguely waved his hand. He felt his hair pull taught against his scalp as if formed itself into a ponytail with only a couple of strands framing his face, and yawned before looking to his pack of cigarettes with narrowed eyes. After a moment he picked them up and threw them into the bin across the room, and when Nipsy reappeared with his luggage informed her, "And please destroy any cigarettes that I have lying around – it was merely an exercise, and I find myself rather… disgusted by the things."

Nipsy looked positively ecstatic and nodded furiously, beaming widely up at him. "As you wish Ha – Master Uchiha."

He glowered at her, but his lips were twitching as she popped away after blowing him a raspberry. "She'll be the death of me." He kicked aside the plain red case and instead knelt down by the obsidian black trunk before murmuring in a low hiss whereupon it clicked open and revealed its contents to him. A small representation of an apartment, like an architectural model, met his eyes, and he hummed for a moment before tapping it three times whereupon it was emptied completely, walls and all. He gazed critically at the empty space before speedily creating a new layout; a luxurious bedroom and bathroom, a workout room; and mixed kitchen and living area quickly making an appearance. He murmured once again, his words incomprehensible, and all the walls changed to reflect a predefined colour scheme that matched his wants. He smiled before flicking to the next compartment, and scrolled rapidly through his library, potions store, wardrobe, training grounds, and vault to make sure everything was in order.

He found everything to his satisfaction and smiled to himself before closing the lid and slicing his finger slightly on a protruding sharp patch, once again hissing lowly after he had done so. The meter-by-half-meter trunk shrunk within seconds to half the size of a matchbox, and he wandlessly conjured a chain before clipping it securely around his neck. "I have a goodbye present for you Mas- Harry."

The young, emerald-eyed wizard turned around with a look of surprise on his face, but it softened into a warm smile when he saw Nipsy holding out a small satchel for him. He took it and peered inside, and he gave a small chuckle when he saw the shrunken lunch – obviously under a warming charm as the red glow and runes floating around it signalled. "Thank you Nipsy, though I'll see you at Hogwarts all the same. I'll make sure to drop by the kitchens to say hello once in a while, and once I'm settled in I'll show you my room and you can visit whenever you feel the need."

"Of course Master Uchiha." Her cheeky grin followed his laughter out of the apartment, and after a quick glamour cast wandlessly over himself he pulled his 'trunk' after him. He travelled down the elevator alone besides the bellboy, and bade the young man goodbye before striding out and into the luxurious lobby. He was greeted by name and with smiles by most of the staff, and he nodded back with warm greetings as well before walking out into the chilly London air. As he neared his destination his age slowly decreased until he was once more an eleven year old, and the moment he walked into King's Cross station he felt the glamour wink fully out of existence. He smirked to himself.

As if he'd made the trip hundreds of times before he walked through the barrier to Platform 9¾ like it was second nature, and emerged onto the other side fully aware of what he would find. People bustled around as parents tried to get their last goodbyes into their children despite the obvious embarrassment factor, and Harry found his smirk twisting into a small scowl as he navigated the crowds. People made way for him when he got close enough, and moved quickly out of his way with wide eyes when they saw the tell-tale signs. Black hair, a lightning-bolt scar on his forehead, and piercing emerald eyes that seemed to glow from within. Of course the magical power he was exuding also added to the 'get out of my way' factor.

Just as he was about to move onto the train he heard a series of voices behind him and his scowl deepened until he forced himself to restrain his magic. His eyes flashed red for a moment before being repressed, and he took in a deep breath when the words, "May, stop mucking around and come and say goodbye before the train leaves!" reached his ears. As he strode into the train he caught sight of three people he had hoped never to see again for as long as he lived, even though he knew it would have been almost impossible to achieve such a feat. James Potter looked just as he had six years ago; hair mussed and untameable, brown eyes glinting with mischief behind his glasses, and his stance confident. Lilly looked just the same as she had six years ago as well; as beautiful as ever with her crimson hair cascading over her shoulders and emerald eyes gleaming with love.

As she looked down at her daughter May Potter.

May had changed. She had grown a lot since Harry had last lain eyes on her, and her hair, an almost black crimson, now came down to just above her shoulder blades – though it was pulled back into a ponytail. Her nose clearly came from her mother, just as Harry's had, and her high cheekbones reflected her father's – saves more delicate. Her eyes, almost identical to Harry's own, glinted with excitement, though lying beneath that – deep down – he could see repressed anger and sadness. That sight alone eased his glare and scowl, and he found himself intrigued. Before the three could turn and catch him looking he moved into the bowels of the carriages, and quickly located a free compartment. He pulled a black wand from within the folds of his robes and waved it in several complex patterns before murmuring, "Harry Uchiha resides in Compartment 92, Hogwarts Express."

He felt the magic take hold within him and let out a small smile before sitting down and then yelping when he felt something rather spiky stab him in the posterior. He stared down at the small hedgehog with something akin to disbelief, and then picked it up before hiffing it onto the opposite seat in the compartment. "For Merlin's sake Cicero, why the hell did you do that?"

The hedgehog rippled, and after a moment Harry found himself staring into the eyes of a young basilisk; it's lethal yellow eyes boring into his emerald. §You ignored me this morning, § the snake shot back, its stare not affecting Harry in the least, §so that was my revenge. You didn't even check to see if you had me! §

§Cicero, § Harry murmured as he shook his head and pulled a notebook from his inside pocket, §I knew you were with me – I saw you aura in my upper right hand pocket… so I suspect you were lounging around in your lizard form. §

If a basilisk could blush, Harry was sure his Shifter was managing it right at that moment. The pair sat in silence for the five hour trip; Harry busily scratching away in his notebook with a muggle pen and Cicero curled up enjoying the wandless warming charm Harry had placed on the cushions beneath him. Harry got changed when he heard the five-minute whistle blow, and stepped out of his compartment as he dropped the Fidelius the moment it stopped; Cicero back in his breast pocket as a lizard. He navigated the throngs of people around him with agile ease, and found himself sitting in a boat with two people he knew to be Susan Bones and Blaize Zabini. They knew him as well, if the shocked looks on their faces were anything to go by, and he sent them both a small glower. "You would do well to stop gawping, and to keep your mouths shut about my presence until the Sorting is over."

He got two hurried nods in return, and sent them both sub-zero looks that made them look away and become very interested in the water flowing past them as the boats sliced their way through the lake. When Hogwarts came into view Harry heard gasps of awe and wonder from around him, and looked around with a look of disbelief. It wasn't that magnificent; nowhere near as beautiful as the Hidden City in Cairo at night, or as wondrous as the Chika Temple in Japan where he had studied for a time. He shrugged after a moment and gave a small nod of appreciation, he supposed that it was a little cool – but that was as highly as he was willing to rate it.

They finally ducked under an alcove and came into an enclosed area where the boats docked, and Harry made sure to hide himself skilfully behind his sister when she walked past – he didn't want her to see him just yet. He pulled out a couple more strands of hair from his ponytail so that his scar was obscured enough that a fleeting glance wouldn't identify him, and moved with the rest of his year mates, though most certainly not equals, up into Hogwarts. He ignored McGonagall's speech about the Sorting, and about tidying themselves up. He was already impeccably dressed, and didn't even flinch when the ghosts made an appearance.

He'd seen far, far more shocking things in his life.

Like his own parents abandoning him at five years old in the middle of Knockturn.

Power threatened to radiate from him, but he pushed it ruthlessly down – he was going to keep his abilities under wraps for as long as humanly possible, and only the basic safety skills would he reveal. And enough to be the very top of his year, of course. They were finally led into the Great Hall, and Harry slunk into the very centre of the first-year group to evade the stares of all the students around him. It seemed that several others had the same idea, but he ruthlessly established his dominance over the craved domain by glowering coldly at anybody that came close to pushing him out. Eventually all the excitement calmed down, and McGonagall clearly begun reading out the names of all the new students.

Harry glazed over, but paid close attention when, "Potter, May!" erupted from the woman's mouth. Whispers immediately broke out as the red-haired girl walked forwards looking nervous, and Harry's eyes were fixated with immense interest at the expressions playing across her face. He had been expecting arrogance and an air of superiority, but once again could only see nervousness… underlain by the same emotions that he had seen at the train station. The Sorting had seemed to take a very long time with her, and not once did Harry's eyes waver from his once-sister. What happened next shocked almost everybody.


Harry saw Dumbledore spit out some of his pumpkin juice in shock, and watched as all of the Gryffindors' jaws slackened – a few outright gaping. Then the cheers started from the House of the Badger, and Harry watched as May quickly scurried to the table where she sat down with red cheeks. For a moment the thought that she was cute popped into his head, but he ruthlessly squashed it with a frown. When his name begun coming close he gave a sigh and placed the strand of hair back into its rightful position; revealing his scar. "Uchiha, Harry?" The usually-composed Scotswoman's tone took an upward infliction of confusion at the name, and many people were looking around to get a glance at the person who had caused the transfiguration professor to become so flummoxed, and indeed, when they looked, their Headmaster to become so stiff and alert.

And when Harry walked out of the crowd of first years and made himself known, only dead silence met his footsteps. If people had been surprised at May being put in Hufflepuff, seeing him there had their jaws hitting the floor. Harry wasn't paying attention to any other than a few key people however, the first being Dumbledore. He saw confusion, panic, and hurried thinking blasting through the pale blue eyes, and calmly rebuffed a mental probe that came pounding at him. Shock quickly entered the maelstrom of emotions, and Harry stifled a smirk before moving on to look at the other staff members. The man he knew to be Severus Snape was glowering at him, and he knew that he would have to keep the grease-ball on a tight leash. He felt another probe attack him when he met the eyes of a turbaned professor, and narrowed his eyes a fraction when he felt the darkness residing within the package of magic.

And then he turned to his sister – though subtly. What he found made him stumble, actually stumble! He hadn't misplaced a movement in years, and yet what he saw shocked him sufficiently enough to make him falter. She had her hands over her mouth, and her green eyes, almost a perfect match to his, were wide with shock. And complete and utter joy. He snapped his slowly slackening jaw closed, and forced himself to regain his composure. He strode confidently to the sorting chair before placing the hat on his own head; McGonagall too shocked to offer any resistance, even token, and he breathed out a sigh of relief when he blackness covered his vision and allowed him to hurriedly analyse the thoughts running rampant in his mind.

He didn't have much time to wonder however, because mere seconds after putting the hat over his head he felt something walk right through his occlumency barriers and then slam unexpectedly into his secondary defence comprised of pure magic. 'My my Lord Uchiha, how very, very interesting.'

"I'd get out of my head right now if you knew what was good for you," he murmured lowly so that only the hat could hear, and a chuckle echoed in his mind. 'Ah, but then how will I know where to put you?'

'By listening to what I want,' Harry reasoned in his head, and the hat gave yet another chuckle.

'It does not quite work like that, my Lord. You see, I look at your life experiences and put you where they dictate you would thrive the most.'

'My memories are not for anybody but myself to see,' Harry fired venomously back.

'Your casting out, I assume? And the time following? Perhaps the isolation your parents treated you to when you were young?'

'My sister,' Harry automatically guessed with a small growl in his throat, 'she would not have been able to even sense your probe, let alone divert it. I assume you saw the way I was treated?'

'And the way she feels about you,' replied the hat conversationally, and Harry frowned.

'Can you elaborate any more on that, Hat?'

'Well most certainly not… unless you let me into that noggin of yours,' it finished slyly, and Harry contemplated the offer for a moment before nodding.

'So long as this information is kept completely secret – it is only for your consumption Hat. If I find it has been leaked… well, I will destroy you.'

He thought he heard a scoff as the hat agreed and he released his barriers, but a moment later smirked when he heard and felt the hat shift nervously on his head. Apparently he'd come across his ability to use Amaterasu, and understood that he did in fact have the ability to destroy him. After several minutes the Hat sighed in Harry's head, who was pointedly ignoring the murmurs of debate outside as people wondered what was taking so long. 'Lord Uchiha,' he Hat started, 'I never knew the full extent of your life. Your sister only knows a small fraction of what you suffered, and nothing about what happened after you were cast out by James and Lilly… if you wanted my opinion right now, the best house to put you is in no house – as they would all restrict you in some way. The Founder's house is an option, but would draw far more attention than you want – and you'll be getting enough already. Slytherin would be best for your academic progress, what little you could achieve here with what you know anyway, but… dare I suggest it Lord Uchiha, Hufflepuff would be your best option overall.'

Harry was more than a little shocked at the suggestion, but narrowed his eyes after a moment. 'What does my sister think of me?'

'She thinks of you as her silent protector, Lord Uchiha. She remembers clearly the several times you threw yourself in the firing line to keep her from trouble… and she loves you dearly, and feels immense guilt for being the cause of you finally getting disowned.'

Harry's eyebrows shot up. 'It wasn't her fault,' he argued, 'it would have happened sooner or later with her being the Girl-Who-Lived. I was simply a nuisance for Lilly and James,' he spat out the two names with immense disgust, 'and they would have cast me out anyway. Me taking the blame for her destroying the Potter Grimoire was simply the straw that broke the camel's back.'

'Be that as it may, Lord Uchiha, she still feels responsible, and hides a deep hatred for the two people you used to call parents. Interesting, is it not Harry?' It was indeed, but the Hat was not yet done. 'Moreover, my Lord, she used to call them her parents as well – and yes, I did use the past tense. You should understand, Lord Uchiha, that I retain a connection to those I sort for nearly an hour after being on their heads… and her dream is to get to know you and to live her life with you, though up until you made your appearance, only in a familial capacity.'

Harry couldn't stop from speaking aloud his shock, "You cannot possibly be suggesting-"


Harry felt the Hat get pulled off his head, and stared ahead for several seconds with wide eyes before standing slowly and suddenly being applauded by the house he had just been sorted into. He noticed with sharp clarity that his sister was by far the most expressive; her eyes alight with hope and happiness, and crimson staining her cheeks as she beamed towards him. He averted his eyes, suddenly very uncomfortable, and walked to his new house before sitting as far from May as he could; fingering the new badger on his robes as he sunk deep into thought.

Dinner passed uneventfully, saves for the legilimency probes pounding at his barriers from Dumbledore, Snape, and Quirrel combined. Harry didn't even break a sweat; simply eating as he thought as if nothing was wrong in the world.

In all actuality, nothing could be further from the truth.

He ignored his sister's blatant attempts to get his attention, as well as her hurt expressions when he didn't even glance once her way. Once dinner was over he slid around within the group of first years following their prefect to avoid May, who was searching fervently around for him within the gaggle of year mates, but eventually sighed to himself before subtly reaching underneath his shirt for several seconds and then removing a small, leather-bound notebook. He peered inside, and gave a nod of approval when he saw his elegant writing inside proclaiming: A guide to absolute mind defence – from nothing to everything, written by Harry Itachi Uchiha. It had taken him several months to write, but it seemed that it had been a good idea after all. He held it low so that it wouldn't attract any attention, and ignored the looks and murmurs of gossip around him.

His break from the Potter Family had been incredibly public, and very, very well supported by the right people to swing it the right way. Of course now that framework was, to excuse his language, fucking smashed to figurative smithereens, because it was quite clear that he wasn't a squib as his parents had claimed – but he understood though didn't like the attention he was getting. The only upside was the looks his ex-parents would be getting when it got out that he could perform magic with ease.

The group finally emerged into the common room, and it became all but impossible to hide himself without resorting to escape, which he could easily have done with complete stealth, but held himself back from actually executing. May found him immediately, and attempted to make her approach subtle and unhurried. The shallow breaths, moist eyes, and shaking legs, however, made her advance anything but.

"Harry," she finally whispered when she reached him, and he had to force himself to remain impassive as she stared up at him; her eyes filled with a whirlwind of emotion; her happiness and disbelief the most prominent two among the sadness, anger, and love. But slowly the last emotion took precedence over all the others, and Harry found himself suddenly engulfed by a sobbing red-head. The prefect, seeing the situation and Harry's wide eyes, quickly pulled all the other first years to a respectful distance where they wouldn't be able to overhear what was going on. Although thankful, Harry was far too occupied thinking about just what the hell he should do. He slowly, awkwardly, wrapped one arm around her back and patted softly; his movements almost mechanical. That only made May clutch tighter and cry harder, well aware of why he was so stilted in his movements.

He'd never really been hugged before.

Harry cleared his throat after a moment, and when that had no effect he pushed her back to get some space between them – his face showing confusion and slight panic, but the latter was squashed down into nothingness after several seconds. Contrarily May's eyes showed hurt, pain, but understanding – at least until Harry thrust the book out at her. She stared at it for several seconds before looking up at him, and he gave a sharp nod whereupon she took it from his fingers. They skin met for a split second, and Harry watched as a blush rocketed across his sister's face – though she skillfully tried to hide it by peering inside the book. When she saw the title and, above all else, the name of the author, the blush returned full force and she tried to hug him again.

He quickly held her back however, and before the hurt could reappear he spoke quietly but with confusion lacing his tone. "I need to think… and I will not interact with you until you can perform every exercise in that book."

He nodded stiffly once more, and turned away to head up to the dorms where the prefect had continued his tour to give them some privacy. He didn't miss the look of hope on May's face as she clutched the book protectively to her chest however, and the action of possessiveness and happiness made his lips twitch in a rare show of positive emotion.

"How very, very odd," he murmured to himself as he entered his dorm, "this is bound to be an interesting change of pace."