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It happened at just past three in the morning, when most people were sleeping soundly in the deepest stage of rest. This, however, did not apply to two fifteen year old married twins, or to one other student, a certain headmaster, and several other adults. Harry braced himself when he saw the warning in parseltongue flare up on the ceiling and a moment later he felt the wards around his bed crash down. Within milliseconds the curtains had been flung back and several very dark curses flew at the pair, and Harry's Sharingan flared to life as he carefully looked the spells over before allowing them to splash over his and May's exposed bodies. To the attackers the pair slumped as they were supposed to; completely unconscious.

"Severus," came a whisper, "administer the draught."

Harry's eyes narrowed and he was secretly very glad that he and his beautiful sister had gone through the agony of the runic rituals whilst in the time chamber. Oh they were very, very illegal and would have them sentenced to whatever country they were in's highest security prison for life should they be discovered, but it gave them immunity to almost all potions should they will it. Harry ordered the runic array that was carved into the wall of his body cavity to activate and smiled as he felt the Draught of the Living Death that trickled down his throat get eliminated.

"Mobilicorpus," came the hissed whisper a moment later, and Harry recognized the voice easily as Lily Potter's. "Disgusting," he heard her mutter a moment later, he assumed in reference to the fact that him and his sister were sleeping nearly naked together, and a moment later he felt an invisibility cloak slip over his body, and he assumed his sister's as she'd been pulled from his arms by James' levitating spell.

"Miss Granger, would you please get the door?"

Harry's jaw clenched imperceptibly at the knowledge that the jealous little girl was helping but he hid it well – not that there was really any need now that his hovering body was invisible. He could feel himself moving, and knew that they were in the corridors of Hogwarts when the footsteps around him bounced off the walls and echoed. "Must May go as well Albus? She's the Girl-Who-Lived; I thought we needed her to defeat Voldemort!"

That was James again, Harry noted idly, and the tired voice of Dumbledore replied a moment later with a deep sigh. "She must be broken of her disobedience I'm afraid, James. In fact she must be broken full-stop, especially with her marriage to Harry." The young wizard rolled his eyes to himself, and had to force himself to not correct the git and get him to address him properly. "It is clear that both Harry and May broke free of the compulsions and memory alterations we placed on them, and if they can get past that then a more… permanent approach needs to be put in place, which is what we're doing."

"But Azkaban, Albus?" Harry heard James ask uneasily, and another sigh echoed in the empty stone halls.

"Yes, James, Azkaban. May will be put in a lower security wing to lessen the exposure to dementors, as I'm sure that it was Harry that broke the memory charms and such, but she still needs to be broken so that we can control her better. If she loses all hope then she will be malleable."

"Headmaster, isn't this illegal?"

Harry almost groaned, and he could sense his sister's identical reaction; the mousy-haired bint was supposed to be vaguely intelligent. "Sometimes, Miss Granger, things like this must be done for the Greater Good. If Miss Potter doesn't do what she's told then Voldemort will take over Britain."

'Ah,' Harry thought, 'and there's the fabled Greater Good. Nice line you old goat shagger, but will Hermione fall for it?'

"Of course Headmaster, sometimes sacrifices must be made."

'Hook, line, and sinker,' he thought dryly, not overly surprised at the blind acceptance of authority, 'because sentencing innocents to hell on Earth is just what an ethically competent person would do. Merlin, their moral compasses are so fucked up I'm surprised they can even find their way to the wardline!'

"I really wish we didn't have to do this to May, Albus. Harry deserves to be stuck in the high-security wing, but May? She's always been our little girl."

'Aw, Lily's pleading. How nice.'

"May has been corrupted by Harry, Lily, I'm so very sorry. If there was another feasible course of action then I would take it, but May has been tarnished by Harry's darkness. Azkaban is the only way to break her without the outside world knowing about it."

"And what about Harry?"

"He will stay locked away in the High Security wing until he dies," Albus revealed in his tired voice designed specifically to make it seem like he didn't like what he was doing, "it is for the best. He is too dark to allow free, and we will tell May that Harry is dead once she is nearly broken – that should make her completely obedient." Harry clenched his jaw as he listened to the senile old fool talk about his wonderful sister like a piece of meat; a mere weapon, and had to force himself not to move or show any flicker of awareness. "Miss Granger, you should return to your common room – Azkaban is not a place I would wish you to experience. Severus, if you would lead our newest member back to Gryffindor it would be much appreciated. Oh, and Miss Granger, come and see me tomorrow about those books you wanted to look at."

Harry could hear the excitement in the, "Yes Headmaster!" that was returned, and rolled his eyes for the second time since awakening. There was silence for a moment, and he felt them clear the wards whereupon Dumbledore ordered James and Lilly to grab hold. A twisting, sickening sensation later and Harry could hear the waves crashing on rocks far below, and he had no doubts about just where they were. He could feel the cold, rank magic surrounding them and quietly reinforced his Occlumency barriers until he could no longer detect the darkness.

"Moony, Sirius," greeted James, and Harry raised an eyebrow at the pair's presence.

"James, Lilly, Dumbledore," came the low voice of Remus Lupin, "the watchman's been relieved by Shacklebolt, and Tonks, Moody, and Vance have taken up guard duties on the minimum and maximum wings."

"Excellent work, both of you. Shall we continue?" He felt the invisibility cloak get pulled off of him as they moved into Azkaban, and he could feel the ancient, immensely powerful wards rush over him. He stifled a humoured smirk when the huge fortress searched him for a mind, and upon finding none, as it was hidden behind his impenetrable magical wall, granted him Dementor privileges. It wasn't part of the plan, but it sure as hell made things far, far easier. "This is where May will be staying," Dumbledore finally announced when they came to a stop, and Harry took note of the measly soul-sucking pressure around him.

"It's… it's a cell," Lily managed to choke out, and Sirius snapped at her almost immediately.

"What else did you expect Lily, a freaking chateau? We're in Azkaban!"

He could almost sense Dumbledore placing his hand on the conflicted woman's shoulder when he next spoke. "Lily, this must be done. In one year you'll have her back."

Harry heard a suspicious sniff, and then a quiet, almost inaudible, "Okay," from the crying woman. He was disgusted. Not only had they destroyed his life by throwing him in Knockturn, but now they were planning on ruining May's simply because of an old man's suggestions – again. He heard the shuffling as his sister was placed into her cell, as well as some quiet farewells from her 'loving' parents. He heard the metal gate clang shut with a daunting finality that didn't bother him at all, and James and Lily quickly bade Dumbledore goodbye before leaving Harry to his fate. They began moving again, and Harry picked up three sets of footsteps which meant that Sirius and Remus were still there. As the magic around them darkened as they ventured deeper into the bowels of Azkaban there were some muttered greetings to whom Harry assumed were Tonks and Shacklebolt.

Finally, after what seemed like an age, they stopped once more as a wooden clinking approached. A gruff voice soon echoed around them. "Albus, Black, Lupin. This boy's well trained by the looks of it." Harry suppressed a shiver at being gawked at by a seventy-something year old man while he was just in silk boxers, hell, the imposter creeped him out enough normally. "Hope you know what you're doing Albus, the wizarding world'll be in an uproar if they ever catch wind of this. Harry Uchiha here, as well as May Uchiha, have complete immunity from the law."

"Which is why, old friend, we are erecting powerful wards over both of their cells so that the aurors who guard the floors won't notice them."

A grunt was the reply, and then the wooden clonking started up again as they moved. Harry wondered just what the imposter had planned, if anything at all. Finally, where the dark presence was the worst, they stopped. "Z-wing, Maximum Security," announced Moody with a slight waver in his voice as the Dementor presence got to him.

"Ah, very good Alastor! Help me put him inside, would you?" Harry felt himself be maneuvered through a thin entrance before being dropped rather unceremoniously onto the cold, hard, stone floor, and stifled a wince at the slight pain that jolted into him.

Harry felt something being forced into his mouth and swallowed it with a roll of his eyes when he recognized it as the antidote for the Draught of the Living Death. "Mind if Remus and I have a… little word with the bastard that corrupted little May, Albus?"

A chuckle was the answer, and a moment later Harry heard Dumbledore and Moody move away talking lowly to each other. Two footsteps advanced into his cell and he prepared himself to the pain of being beaten. What he was in no way expecting was the feel of a cloak to fall over him, and a hand come to rest on his shoulder. "Merlin Harry," Sirius murmured as he looked down at his ex-godson in despair, "I… both of us, we're so sorry we can't do anything. I can't believe that Albus is actually doing this… and James and Lily!"

"They used to be good people, Harry," the youth himself heard Remus murmur, "but… they disgust me now. I can't see how they could do what they did to you, or do what they're doing to May. We tried to stop them from doing this Harry, we truly did. Both of us saw you two together at the Second Task, and my feelings about incest aside Harry, you two are perfect together; the picture perfect couple."

"What Remus is trying to say, Harry," Sirius interrupted with a sad whisper as he squeezed Harry's shoulder a little tighter, "is that we're so, so sorry. If we tried anything Albus'd put us in here too and then we wouldn't be able to do anything. Albus has us on rotating shifts, so we're scheduled to monitor you every Thursday and Sunday evening…" Harry heard a sigh, "Why we even doing this? The Draught antidote'll take an hour to bring him out of it anyways, and that's not even considering the other curses he'd been hit with. Hell, I can feel the dark magic on him!"

"No, really, please continue, this is all very informative," Harry mumbled quietly, and he heard a gasp and a curse before two thumps. "Aurors tripping over themselves?" Harry question wryly as he opened his eyes and raised an eyebrow, and he saw the pair staring at him with wide eyes.


"Well yeah… I'm pretty damn sure I'm me."

Sirius whipped his head out of the cell door to make sure that Dumbledore and Moody were still occupied before ducking back in and hissing with wide eyes, "How the fuck are you awake?!"

"Illegal stuff," Harry whispered back with a roll of his eyes, "but that's neither here nor there. Just tell me, can I trust you? I remember that you two were nice to me before the Potters went and abandoned me."

Both nodded their heads furiously, and Remus answered for the two of them. "You can trust us Harry – Merlin I can't believe you're awake!"

"Well I am," Harry grinned back as he pulled the Auror's robes that Sirius had placed over him tighter to his near-naked body. "Quickly, schedules now. Tell me who's where when."

Sirius quickly pulled a piece of parchment from his pocket before handing it to Harry, and with a flicker of his Sharingan he nodded and handed it back. "I'll be fine, and so will May. I love my wife with everything that I am, and I'll ask you to trust me." They both nodded, still stunned that their unofficial nephew was actually aware and seemingly fine with the current situation. "Now scram before Moody and the Old Goat get suspicious. I'll see you in two days when you've got the rounds – thank Merlin the stupid codger put you two together or else it'd be a bit harder than I had planned."

The pair both hurriedly stood and Harry threw Sirius' robes to him with a sly grin. "Wouldn't want to be seen to show affection now, would you?"

Both men stared at him for a moment before grinning dual smiles, and Sirius whispered to him cheekily, "Right you are Harry… we really need to induct you into the Marauders… and kick James out."

"Bring two doses of the potion next time you're here and we can see about me becoming a animagi, eh?"

Both men looked almost giddy as their fears were washed away by the confident, clearly-scheming teen in front of them. After several seconds they managed to marshal their faces into looks of hate before stepping out of the cell and slamming the gate shut. Remus scowled at the grinning teen who was out of view of Dumbledore and Alastor and said quite loudly, "Rot in Hell for what you did to May Potter."

Sirius hissed his agreement, but Harry could see the mischief in both their eyes as he lay down with a shake of his head and a grin to pretend to be asleep once more. Albus quickly returned and erected the not-notice-me wards for non-Order aurors and then strode quickly away; clearly glad to finally be rid of Harry.

The young man waited for several minutes before standing up and stretching and looked around at the dismal cell with something akin to minor interest. He peered up at the ceiling and cocked his head to the side. "Anti-magic runes, strengthening runes, anti-Occlumency runes… quite the collection Albus, well done." His Occlumency barriers, however, were left completely unaffected by the runes, as was his magic. Azkaban, of course, thought him a Dementor, though that wouldn't last for much longer. He walked over to the nearest wall and thought for a moment before pressing some of his magic into the stone. Immediately Azkaban reacted to the perceived mistake, and the runes above his head started lighting up to deliver punishment, but everything stopped mid-readiness.

The stone under his hand pulsed purple after a moment before starting to glow steadily, and Harry shook his head with a smile. "But not good enough Albus."

In 481 C.E Julius Azka, a ninja from the Western Continent, had built the fortress as a safehold for the Hidden Village of Steel; the most advanced group of people at the time of its creation. Eventually he realized that the mammoth fortress was suited towards a different purpose, which was to house prisoners. It was isolated by violent seas, surrounded by an almost impenetrable mist to keep it hidden, and the jutsus used to create the huge building had some very interesting side-effects that caused insanity to anybody within its walls. Of course by the time he realized the implications he himself had gone crazy and had succumbed to his own achievement. The island had lain abandoned for hundreds of years, until in 654 C.E Merlin had discovered the island. Of course Merlin, along with the founding Four; Itachi Uchiha, Morgana La Fey, and Mustrum Ridcully shared everything with one another, and so all of them worked on the place to make it habitable again – though still as a prison. They made it so that the mental torture would only occur within the cells and not the halls where the guards would patrol.

They kept the name.

"I, Harry Itachi Uchiha, hereby take control of all Azkaban wards and Dementors."

He felt a veritable flood of connections snap onto his magic, and awareness of everything about the prison zip into his mind. He could sense the locations of everything; Dementors, specific prisoners, items, guards, everything. He could tell that Dumbledore had just made it down to May once more to erect the not-notice-me wards, and lazily altered the permissions of the huge 'undefeatable' fortress so that both he and his sister would not be harmed within its walls, and have complete access. He sensed Dumbledore finally walking away with Moody, and soon after that the rest of the Order guards who were replaced with the next shift. With a bored yawn Harry stepped out of his cell, the door swinging open for him, and the magic around him quickly created clothes on his near-naked body.

He walked past one of the new aurors without a glance, and the woman didn't even see him thanks to Azkaban shielding his presence. If they looked into his cell they'd just see what Dumbledore's ward wanted them to see. He trotted down the stairwell, his leather shoes clapping quietly against the hard stone, and smiled when he saw May walking upwards towards him, dressed in smart, all-black clothing much the same as he was. Her suit was clearly tailored for a woman, but that was the only difference, and she beamed up at him before walking by his side as they made their way back up to his cell. "You were completely right," she grinned at him, "everything." Her smile faded into a scowl, and it didn't take a genius to figure out why. "I can't believe those bastards though, how can they even be classified as human beings? They're disgusting!"

She was, of course, referring to the quick abandonment to torture that her parents had agreed to, and Harry wasn't about to dissuade her from her thinking. "Yes, they are the worst kind of creatures, however I happen to have met two people that are on our side." She looked up at him, surprised, and he winked. "Sirius and Remus."

Her jaw slackened slightly, but her eyes lit up a moment later when she got over the shock. A broad grin spread over her face and she looked relieved. "Thank Merlin! They were always my favourite adults… I was worried when I heard that they were on Dumbledore's side… how do you know?"

He filled her in on what had happened, and she smiled as she intertwined their fingers. When she spoke she was clearly ecstatic. "I'm glad we have more people to trust. They were my best friends before I met you; the only two people that I trusted."

Harry smiled and nodded, thinking back to the stories she'd told him about her own childhood when they were in the time chamber. "I'm glad too."

They finally reached Harry's cell, the auror still looking tensely around, more from the Dementor presence than suspicion, and she smiled as he held the magically-reinforced metal gate open for her. "Such a gentleman," she quipped with a smirk as she stepped inside, and he rolled his eyes with a smile.

"I do try and woo my ladies with expectations of mouldy cells," he shot back before locking the gate and looking around. He walked over to the purple stone once more and commanded the magic imbued into the very walls around them, and he smiled as the room started expanding until it was about the size of the Ravenclaw Common Room. Polished wood suddenly sprouted beneath their feet, and May watched with a wide smile and awe as their new room slowly took form. The ceiling curved until it looked almost like a half-cylinder, and then turned suddenly transparent to show the sky above the prison. Furniture popped up our of seemingly nowhere; a beautiful king-size bed, polished and stained wood once more, at the back of the cell; two adjoining work desks with leather chairs just forward from the bed; a loveseat and two recliners surrounding an open fireplace beside the gate, and right at the very back, past the bed, a beautiful obsidian door with wrought gold designs curling over its surface. Finally Harry withdrew his hand and smiled across at his sister.

"You like?"

She beamed at him and laughed happily before walking over and hugging him, and he wrapped his arms around her back as they both looked at the room in full. "What's through the door?"

She looked up and saw her brother's eyes glimmering with delight, and took his offered hand as he led her to it. He motioned encouragingly to her, and she took a breath filled with anticipation before pushing. When it swung open she looked at the room, if it could even be called that, beyond with awe and a slack jaw as the perfect heat smacked her in the face. Beyond the door was a wooden-bridged path that curved through a few meters of jungle before opening out into a beautiful oasis. Sun beamed downwards from above, in harsh contrast to the night-time sky of their room, as it was just past four in the morning, and warmed the air to a perfect temperature. The open space was surrounded by lush bush and sounds of nature, and birds and other wildlife, created a relaxing symphony around them.

The ground of the open space was filled almost completely by a steaming pool of water, and around the edges of the clearing the wood path continued; a couple of deck chairs to relax on laid out, as well as towels and toiletries within easy reach of the water. And the water looked a pure green; the kind of green one only sees in books, and May stared at it speechlessly for several moments before pointing at the surfaces underneath the water. "Emerald," Harry informed her with a humoured smile, "pure emerald."

"Harry," she breathed as she looked around, "this place is beautiful."

Harry had to admit that he was awed himself, and nodded as he pulled her into his side before smiling down at her. "Would you care for a bath?"

She smiled up at him before nodding after a moment and he smiled warmly down at her before pointing to one of the chairs where a swimsuit was waiting for her. She walked over to it, just as he walked over to his, and then turned around before holding up the sea-green bikini with a raised eyebrow. "You want me to wear this?"

He smiled as he held his board-shorts in his hand and smiled cheekily at her. "Am I not allowed to appreciate my wife's beautiful body?"

Her expression softened when he mentioned the 'w' word, and she sent him a shy smile before nodding and twirling her finger, telling him to turn around. Both got undressed and into their bathing suits with their backs to one another. "Are you done?" Harry heard his sister ask nervously, and he nodded with a nervous smile of his own.

"Yeah…" He turned around at the same time she did, and blushed when he saw his sister's lithe body bared almost completely to him; only two small pieces of fabric protecting her modesty. May likewise blushed at the muscled torso that faced her, and both met each others' gaze at the same time before giving dual smiles of acceptance and anticipation. Harry stepped into the crystal-clear water, sighing as his aching muscles from the day before were surrounded by the heat, and then held his hand out to his beautiful sister with a reassuring smile.

She beamed down at him before accepting his help into the pool, and she too sighed when the warmth enveloped her. Contrary to the nervousness both felt, as it was the second time they had been so bare around each other, and the first time in daylight, May sunk into Harry's lap and sighed with a small smile as she leaned back into his firm chest. She felt his hands clasp over her toned stomach and rested her own fingers on top of his own. "I love you."

He smiled down at the one and only woman he had ever loved and pressed a kiss to her scalp – his eyes closed just as hers were. "I love you too May." They sat like that for what felt like hours, until Harry reached behind him and grabbed the shampoo. May groaned as he massaged her head and leaned even further back into him as he continued his ministrations. Once he had carefully washed the suds from her head she opened her eyes and twisted around to smile at him, and took the bottle from the poolside before returning the favour. Each touch was like a new connection had been made between them, and with one hand still kneading his hair she reached behind her and untied her bikini top. She broke contact for a moment to lift it from her torso and throw it over her shoulder, and then gently washed the soap from him.

Just as she had, he opened his eyes, and she watched his face turn a brilliant shade of red when he realized his lover, his younger sister, was straddling his lap topless. She watched his eyes nervously for any signs of disappointment, but found only awe as his eyes drank in the pert mounds in front of him. She groaned and leaned into him when he reached up and cupped her breasts, and pressed against his hands when he slowly begun moulding them with his fingers. "You're perfect," she heard him whisper huskily by her ear, and she gasped when he shifted slightly and she felt a definite hardness press into her own groin. She was sure that had they out of the water and dry, her bikini bottoms would have quite a large damp patch on them – his arousal and assurance of want only pushing hers higher.

Taking a risk she slowly started grinding against her brother, and she gasped when he clenched tighter on her breasts and jerked beneath her to meet the movement. Both slowly moved against the other; their groins pressed hard together, and May crossed her legs behind Harry's back and her arms around his neck to get extra leverage in an almost delirious attempt to increase the pleasure she was feeling. Both were panting madly, and while Harry was grunting softly, May's mews of want drove him crazy. He could feel the pressure building inside of him; knew that he was desperately close, and pulled slightly back from her to stare down at her face. He found her looking back at him; her eyes clouded with desire and love, and they held each others' gaze as their movements got more frantic.

Harry suddenly felt the moment where he knew there was no turning back and May saw it in her eyes. A brilliant smile lit up her face as the water sloshed violently around them and their hips mashed together underwater, and she panted hard as her breasts bounced against her chest. Harry watched her eyes slowly start to widen and he couldn't hold on any longer. With a roar he jerked against her, mashing their pelvic bones together, and the sudden pressure on May's clit sent her toppling into orgasm with her brother. She screamed with ecstasy, and Harry could feel her nails tearing violently at his back as they tried to find purchase, but the pain just sent him higher. Neither knew how long they clutched at each other, their bodies arched and their cries of passion tearing free from their throats. May collapsed bonelessly against Harry, and the young man himself slouched against the emerald against his back as he panted, eyes closed, and clutched protectively at the woman in his arms.

"Oh Harry," he heard her breathe in awe, and he allowed himself a small smile.

"You were amazing, so… so amazing May."

They sat there for minutes, slowly coming down from their orgasmic highs, and holding onto each other with soft desperation. May was the first to move, and gently reached down to remove her bottoms. Harry smiled softly at her, all inhibitions gone, as he carefully stood and removed his trunks, and both stood in front of each other, naked, completely bared and vulnerable for the first time. Their eyes roamed over their lover's body, Harry's eyes sliding languidly over her hairless slit gleaming with her juices, and her stiff nipples dusted pink against her pale skin, while May's burning gaze caught on his slowly softening erection and toned torso. Once more their gazes met simultaneously, and May held her hand out to her older brother with a soft, infinitely loving smile. "Make love to me?"

Harry smiled softly at her before taking her hand and nodding, and the twins slowly got out of the pool before drying each other off and retreating to their bedroom; their hands never failing to be in contact with the skin of their sibling. As Harry gently lowered May to the silken sheets of their bed he couldn't help but stroke her cheek and smile; she was everything to him.

Over the next four hours Harry and May made love; slowly, lovingly, in complete awe of one another and what they had between them. May had cried when Harry had penetrated her for the first time, breaking through her hymen, though the tears were equal parts euphoric and pained. Although awkward at first as they discovered how to move together they found themselves gaining a new understanding of each other; their connection deepening as their physical bonds were strengthened. They came together more often than not, and at the very most within seconds of each other, and May delighted in feeling him throb and yell as he came deep inside of her; the warmth of his come bringing her orgasm to even more intense heights.

Finally, at nine o'clock in the morning, the pair cuddled into each others' bodies and May smiled tiredly up at Harry when she felt a wave of magic sweep over her and clean all the juices from them. She could still feel his seed slowly seeping out of her but she loved the feeling, and Harry kissed her one last time before laying his head down on his pillow and closing his eyes – a blissfully contented expression on his face. She was sure she held the same countenance, and kissed his collar-bone before laying her head on his chest and letting his steady, slowly-calming heartbeat lull her to sleep.

The pair awoke to a 'pssst!', and Harry jerked slightly before giving a low moan when he felt May stir; her soft, creamy skin moving sensually against him. Cracking open his eyes he looked down to the end of the room and saw a woman with garishly pink hair staring into the 'cell'. "Psst, Harry!"

He groaned again as he sat slowly up, moving out from underneath his naked lover before kissing her cheek as she mumbled softly – half-way between sleep and awareness, and threw a gown over his own nakedness before walking forwards rubbing his eyes. He knew that the woman outside, as she was in the Order if she knew that he was in the cell, was seeing a scummy cell and him lying on the stone ground, and pulled one of the chairs from the desks over so that it was right by the bars. He sat down and crossed his ankles before carefully looking at the woman in front of him. He was surprised when her hair cycled to black and a depressed look crossed her face, but she jumped when Harry cleared his throat.


She was still seeing the barely-dressed Harry Uchiha, but his voice reached her ears, and the representation of the imprisoned teen acted as if it was speaking to her; sitting wearily up and staring lifelessly at her. "Who are you?"

"I- my name is Tonks, I'm-"

"One of Dumbledore's lackeys, yes, I am aware."

Her face paled and she shook her head, "I didn't want to do it Harry, I know you shouldn't be here."

He yawned and reached out his hand to grab a steaming cup of coffee that was hovering beside him, taking a sip before resting it on his lap and watching her expression. Her Occlumency barriers were strong, and he didn't want to bring her attention by walking right through them; in her eyes he was magicless and defenceless. "Well then why am I here?"

"Most of the Order believes Dumbledore," she replied sadly, "and if those of us who disagree, which is a very small few, acted… well I think this is proof that Dumbledore can be just as horrible as Voldemort. I-I know it's cruel, but we have families and…"

"I don't," he finished easily before shrugging, "I get it. Well you're not entirely right, in fact the love of my life, my wife, is imprisoned down below as well."

Her face turned pained, and he could tell that not acting was hurting her. He watched as she brought out a ragged cloak, torn and worn, as well as a small package before sliding them through the bars. "I know it's not much, but it's all I can do without the other guards getting suspicious. The cloak should keep you warm, and the package has some food and chocolate in it for after… after the Dementors come. Sirius and Remus told me that they'd bring you food and stuff as well… just hang in there Harry."

"And May?"

"She's already got a warm cloak… but I've given her food too."

Harry gave a small smile at the saddened woman and cocked his head to the side. "Thank you. It means a lot that you're risking being caught by doing this."

Her eyes sharpened as she looked over his shoulder at what she thought to be him still lying on the floor, weakened. "I do what's right, not what's easy. Remus, Sirius, Severus, and I… we're with you."

Harry's eyebrows shot up underneath his eyebrows, and his eyes widened. "Sev—you've got to be kidding me!"

She shook her head with disbelief, "I know, Harry, trust me I know. We were as shocked as you are when he came right up to us and told us that he wanted in."

"Harry," came a silky drawl, and both Tonks' and Harry's heads snapped to look at the sound of the voice, the former paling when she saw the greasy-haired man himself standing there.

Harry narrowed his eyes after a moment, and then flickered his Sharingan with suspicion. He nearly fell off his chair when he saw Severus Snape's visage fade to leave a tall, aristocratic blonde. "Ştefan?!"

Tonks snapped her head to Harry in confusion, and then back to the still-smirking 'Severus Snape'. "Indeed young Harry."

Tonks suddenly had her wand in her hand and had it pointing at the disguised man. "I-If you're not Severus then who are you?!"

The man nodded to Harry, signalling that he considered the young auror trustworthy, and Harry sighed before pointing to the man in front of her. "That, Miss Tonks, is Ştefan Dracula, heir to the Vampire Kingdom Throne." Finally the man let the glamour drop from his body and Tonks gaped at the handsome figure in front of her. "And Ştefan, this is Tonks; I believe you are better acquainted with her than I am."

The vampire nodded before stepping forwards and taking Tonks' hand, the one with the wand still clutched in it, and kissed her knuckles before sending her a charming smile. "A pleasure to finally meet you without the charade, Nymphadora."

She blushed beet-red, and stammered incoherently for several seconds; seconds which Harry took advantage of and stared at his old friend whom he had met after defeating the last Count Dracula. "And where is Severus Snape if everybody thinks you're him?"

"He's dead," the man replied as if talking about the weather, "very, very dead. Now, young Harry, would you mind inviting us into your humble abode? I believe there is much we should discuss, and which I may be able to help with."

Tonks was looking at the man like he was crazy, but jerked her head to look at Harry when the young man gave an amused sigh and clicked his fingers; signalling Azkaban to drop the glamour. Her jaw dropped, and her wand-arm fell limply to her side when the luxurious suite came into view, and Harry pushed open the supposedly-inescapable-cell's gate before waving them in. The moment they passed the threshold all the coldness from outside in the halls dropped away to be replaced by a comforting warmth, and the smell of brewing coffee wafted into their nostrils.

Tonks watched, agape, as Harry walked over to the bed and gently shook the lump, and gurgled slightly when the lump rose slightly; clutching the sheets to their nakedness and rubbing their eyes as they smiled. Harry leaned down and kissed his lover, and she returned it with a small groan of contentedness. "Good morning."

He winked down at her and shielded her from view with his back as he slid her own robe over her shoulders. "We have visitors."

She raised an eyebrow and peeked over his shoulder, and smiled when she saw Tonks. "Ah, that's Andy and Ted's daughter – my second cousin twice r- thrice removed? Well she's my cousin in some manner." Harry gave her some room to tie the strip of fabric around her waist, and she moved out of bed with a small wince.

"Ah, your first time last night then young one?" She looked across at the Vampire prince and blushed slightly, mirroring Harry's expression, and nodded. "I do know a spell that would perhaps ease the pain if you so wish?"

She looked up at Harry, and he gave a reassuring nod to her as she'd missed his introduction of the man. "This is Prince Dracula."

Her mouth curved into an 'O' shape and she turned back to the man with an unguarded smile. "I would appreciate it." He smiled and nodded, and a wave of his hand later May sunk into Harry's side with a relieved sigh. "Much better, thank you."

Harry wrapped his arm around his sister's waist and smiled to the two guests before motioning to the chairs. Tonks flopped down into one of the recliners while the Vampire slid into the other, and Harry led May to the loveseat where he rested his feet on the table and May curled up beside him with a smile on her face – both their eyes glittering. Tonks finally managed to stammer out a strained, "B-but how?" and Harry smiled across at her as he massaged his wife's scalp.

"I have full control over Azkaban, Miss Tonks, as my ancestor helped create it. As for this entire 'mess' happening, it was all planned. We knew that Dumbles would do this hours before it happened, and prepared accordingly. My wand, and other effects, as well as May's, are currently in the possession of my house elf, who I will summon sometime today." He gave her a mischevious smile, "The two of us are treating this time as our honeymoon, and intend on returning in time for the Third Task. I do, of course, have a Tournament to win."

Ştefan cracked a grin as he shook his head, and he reclined further in his chair; his burning red eyes peering out over top of his steepled fingers. "Yes, why am I not surprised you would resort to such show tactics?"

"Because I was also the kid that decided pissing of Vlad the Impaler would be a good idea," Harry shot back, and the vampire gave a chuckle.

"Yes, that could very well have something to do with it."

Tonks was whipping her head confusedly between all of the people surrounding her; completely lost as to what precisely was going on. May saw her confusion and took pity, describing everything in rather plain terms to the floundering woman. "During our time here Harry and I intend to have our honeymoon, and draw up plans for what we want to do when we get out. Harry essentially owns Azkaban right now, and Ştefan is likely here to act as a liaison between us and the Vampire clans." The blonde man nodded his agreement with May's words, and she smiled before leaning forwards slightly. "Tonks, you have just entered a very small group of people that have the power to topple the wizarding world – so be prepared to see things you thought impossible."

The young metamorph stared across at the married twins and nodded her head slowly. "I gathered that from what I saw in the First and Second Tasks."

Harry smiled wryly and shrugged, "What can I say; I'm a sucker for grand impressions."

There was a small silence for a moment, but then Ştefan sat forwards and grinned. "Well let's get to it then."