Ladies and Gentlemen... a moment of your precious time please.

I love you people, in an entirely platonic way mind, but hey - 365 reviews isn't something to laugh at, and I seriously appreciate it. Now I brought to my own attention my rather... lackluster performance in character development, as well as glaring plot-holes, and a rather... depressing realization that no matter how much I love true love, and love conquering all, and hooking up within the first few chapters, and Harry being badass and dark and awesome but being all cuddly and warm and loving with said true love... it's more than a tad cliche and it really depressed me how I handled ideas that had the possibility to be awesome, but were just far to progressive in too little time.

So here's the deal my readers: this story... is getting flushed and deleted- I'm kidding, don't crucify me. It's getting redone. It'll have more twists, more turns, more... well it'll be more, for want of a better word. Harry'll get the Sharingan, he'll get with his sister, he'll take his revenge... but he will develop. Harry will not start off god-like as he did in this story. He will not be happy at the beginning as he is in this story. His abuse will be... well I won't ruin it, but one does not get thrown to harvesters by their family and then come out having a bright outlook on life.

Also the deal is that Uni is no longer a problem because doing computers all day every day for the rest of my life was not conducive to my sanity. Consequently full-time work has filled that void, as has training to get into the army - and basic training begins next February. Now I haven't started on the rewrite. I have a considerable plan ready to go, and I hope to push out a few chapters before that date, but suffice to say that past that date access to tech, or free time, will be very limited for sixteen weeks.

My other story I do not have plans to revamp at the current time, because this story here will be taking priority. Sole priority, because my problem is that I literally have forty unfinished, multi-chapter fics in my dropbox that keep on pulling my attention their way. That will not be happening any more. So within a week or two the first chapter should be out. If you like this fic but haven't favourites me as an author, I'd suggest doing so or at the very least keep checking my profile every couple of days to check it it's out.

A word for the wise however, the rewrite will be considerably darker than Eye of the Beholder (which will stay published for those who may wish to adopt it or read a lighter version), however I hope that the increased and more wordly style of writing I will be employing will make up for the original's abandonment.

'Till then!