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McKay and his bartender Zelenka prepared the saloon for the next morning, when a customer entered the bar.

McKay looked up for a short moment, before continuing to wipe the tables, "Firstly: we are closed. Secondly: I won't make an exception for you, Kavanagh."

"I'm not here because of you," Kavanagh was amused, "and although it isn't any of your business, I'm here to see Laura."

"This time? She won't be pleased." McKay tried to hide his curiosity by wiping the table harder than necessary.

"Oh, but I've already arranged it with her. I'm celebrating the great deal I made today!" With a bounce in his step he turned his back on McKay and went up the stairs.

"So, what kind of 'great' deal could a chicken farmer have closed? Have you maybe sold ten eggs to the widow Brown?"

Zelenka was laughing at his boss's remark. Kavanagh stopped abruptly and turned to face the chuckling men. "If you really have to know: I was out and about all day and bought all the chickens I could get hold of. One day I will have the largest chicken farm by far and then you have to seek my favour the same way as Kolya's!" With a crimson face he stomped up the stairs.

"He wants to have the largest chicken farm. Did you hear that, Rodney? A pretty high-flown goal." Zelenka kept sweeping the floor.

"Yes. And he still won't sell me any eggs. What kind of farmer refuses to sell his goods?"

"After you compared him with a donkey, I can understand why he's a bit angry with you."

"Then he shouldn't talk nonsense. You know, what he said? That you can recognize a man's character by his face. And I said that can't be true because he doesn't look like a donkey."

"There he really told nonsense. In fact, YOU don't look like a crook."

McKay threw his cloth in Zelenka's direction, who ducked.

"Rodney, just apologize, then we can have eggs for breakfast again. Rodney, are you listening?"

Pulled back to reality, McKay jumped, "Yes, yes, I'm listening. It's really not okay for everyone in the saloon to suffer just because Kavanagh won't sell me eggs."

"So you're going to apologize?" Zelenka asked hopefully.

"Why should I? You heard him, he's visiting Laura. This is the opportunity I've been waiting for. You go and collect as many eggs as possible from his farm."

"What?" Zelenka said indignantly, "I shall steal eggs? That's something you can do by yourself!"

"Oh, no ,no, no, no. I'm going to Jennifer's. And anyway, it's better if Kavanagh knows that I've not left the building. He won't suspect you. He thinks you're a decent person."

"I am a decent person!"

"Then be a decent employee and do what your boss orders!"

Zelenka moaned and then – accompanied by Czech curses – took a basket from the kitchen. He knew he didn't have a chance when McKay played the boss card. As he walked down the main street he looked at the sky. Just great. It was going to rain.