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Chapter 1: A simple dream of a memory, Meeting the rude you

I was flying over a peaceful meadow- where birds are chirping pleasantly to listen, rabbits jumping freely and eating carrots, squirrels stocking acorns in the trees. And other animals are enjoying their time.

I flew down to the grass to join the animals, even though it was weird. I smiled and lied down staring at the beautiful peaceful blue sky. Heck, I was wandering through my thoughts at this time thinking, where is this place and why am I here? After a moments of silence, I heard screaming people at a distance.

I stood up and flew to the city where the screams are. I am confused about how this city appeared. It was not here a while ago. I wander around the city to see if I could locate the screams I heard. I found nothing. It was deadly quiet, silent. It looks like it was abandoned.

Cold wind rushed through my body as I went down examining the place. I used my X-ray vision to scan the buildings around to see if I could find someone or some people. But what I found is shockingly amazing. I saw my five-year-old self-talking to a boy with crimson red eyes. Whoa, red eyes? Was that even possible?

'Beep, beep, beep!' My alarm clock rang. I turn it off and pulled up my covers. "Just five more minutes." I murmured. I was too lazy to go up and go to school today since it was cold and snowing a lot lately. Forgot to mention it was mid-December.

"Blossom! Get up already!" The professor called up to me. "Coming, professor!" I shouted back and stood up then went to the bathroom to take a bath. I locked the bathroom door behind me. I opened the shower as I went it. Warm water came then poured down to my head until it reached my feet.

I'll bring back the topic of my dream. Yes, my dream. It was really weird y'know. The meadow nor seeing myself doesn't the one bothers me. The one that bothers me is the one who I am talking to, that boy with red eyes. He was kind of familiar, I could tell by his looks: he was wearing back and white sneakers, red jacket with a big black stripe on, black jeans, backward red cap that show some of his bangs, and don't forget his red eyes and his good-looking face.

I snickered at my last thought. Good-looking? Anyway, back to the topic. I'd seen him somewhere, maybe in school or around town or just one of our neighbors. Why am I thinking this? My dreams doesn't matter that much anyway.

I went downstairs after I dressed up. I am wearing pink converse with black hearts designed, black mini-skirt with hot pink laces at the bottom, black tank top with a pink mini-jacket to match.

"Good morning, Blossom." The professor greeted.

"Where's Buttercup and Bubbles, professor?"

"They headed to school early. They said it was some project business they had to deal with."

"Oh, I guess I'm heading to school early too, professor."

"Eat breakfast first. I'm pretty sure you're hungry."

"Thanks, professor. But, I'm not really hungry."

"You sure? Bubbles made really good pancakes."

"Yes, professor! Goodbye!"

After I said 'goodbye' to the professor, I closed the door and flew off, leaving a streak of pink behind.

I saw the campus entrance a mile away. I landed in front of the gate. The guard greeted me cheerfully as I walked inside. Many students smiled and waved at me as I passed in front of them. Of course I smile and wave back for a polite expression.

I went to my locker to pick up my things when I notice a male student leaning on his locker listening to his ipod. He was wearing black and white converse, black pants or jeans (You couldn't blame me. I can't tell most of the difference between pants and leggings.), red T-shirt with words that says 'Don't mess with me.' with a black leather jacket to match his shirt, of course he had two gray ear pierce on his left ear. He had dark orange hair that was almost red. He was around my age I think, maybe 16 or 17? He's handsome too if you ask me. He was probably a new student.

I closed my locker and gather up all my strength to greet him. I tapped his shoulder and placed my hand on my waist as he put his earphones down. I took a deep breath before talking to him.

"Hi! My name is Blossom Utonium. You were probably a new student here. What's your name?" I asked. He didn't answered. He opened his eyes and glared at e for a moment before he replied.

"I don't have to tell my name. And what is it to you if I'm a new student here?" He asked.

"… You have red eyes…" I said awkwardly.

"Yeah? Well, you have pink eyes. That's not common."

"… Nice to meet you, stranger."

"And nice to meet you too, Miss Utonium."

After he said that, I walked away and waved back at him. That's the first time I had an awkward situation. He's rude, what can I say? He hasn't even told me his name.

Algebra was my first class. It was my favorite subject also. It was kind of fun with all those numbers, letters and problems you have to solve.

I sat down to my seat. I put out my sketchpad to pass the time. I looked around for some inspiration to draw. (I had also a thing on arts. Mind you.)

A glimpse at the window caught my eyes, yes, it's snowing outside. I finally thought of an inspiration to draw; A meadow full of snow. Just like in my dream.

I began sketching fast. My eyes were closed because I was trying to focus on my vision. After a while, I checked on my work to see if it was perfect just like in my vision. I drew a masterpiece! I drew it perfectly! Every detail of it is nice!

I smiled to myself for drawing a perfectly good sketch. But somehow, my sketch reminded me some memory in the past. I don't know what it is. But, it reminded me also of that boy with red eyes though.

"I wonder who he is?" I whispered under my breath.

Our adviser entered the room, Ms. Keane. She said a few notes before she let the new student in. Of course I knew who it was-it was that student I met a while ago. Ms. Keane said something to the new student before she introduces him to the class.

"Class, he is your new classmate. He will introduce himself in front here. I help him start so please, listen attentively." I stared at him because Ms. Keane said so. It's not because I had an interest in him.

"Call me Brick. I will be nice to all of you, if you wouldn't mess with me." He said threatening.

"Okay, Brick. Where do you want to sit?"

"Sit here, Brick!" Mica offered.

"No! Sit here beside me, Brick!" Princess commanded.

"Brick," Ms. Keane called his attention. " I have a suggestion. Why won't you sit there beside Ms. Utonium?" My eyes widened when I heard what Ms. Keane said.

Brick nodded and headed to the chair next to mine. He pulled the chair then sat down next to me. I glared at him. There's just something telling me I should be angry and couldn't trust him.

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blossom: why was it have to be brick?


brick: i don't agree with you and all those guys out there whose making us a couple.

me:well you have to, you two look very similar,both leaders,both brains,both long haired,both red-headed,both hair color,both of you doesn't have fingers,nose,ears,both have huge eyes,both have super powers...what else?