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Chapter 12: Hints to the Secret Untold Part 2 Phase 2: Paper Blueprint

"How dreadful... To be caught up in a game and have no idea of the rules.

-Caroline Stevermer; Sorcerer & Cecilia: or The Enchanted Chocolate pot"

"Oh shit." Blossom cussed. She wiped off the paint on her class of Section B is having their art class. Everybody is focused on their works except for Blossom. She's completely distracted on her thoughts on what happened to her the night before. It takes her focus away- not to mention her mental presence is flying around somewhere. She's worried about the Mayor. Nobody knew he has been kidnapped- or should I say "Man-napped" last night, which is weird because now, somebody should have checked him in his office. And what happened to Ms. Bellum? His secretary should have already informed the media or the Police or them. She might have been kidnapped, too, together with the Mayor. But who knows? Blossom is only thinking up things.

The second thing that worries her is the person she talked to. He wants to conquer their city. And she was only given three days to think of his offer. No, she couldn't just say yes to him. The decision she will make will affect everything- the citizens, her sisters and the professor, and even the villains they fought. Because once she agreed, their lives will turn into a living nightmare. There are going to be a lot of suffering- or worse, a lot of suicidal cases caused by depression, tiredness, or maybe because they can't take the life their living in so they just thought of killing themselves. Probably, most kids will have traumatic experiences in case that happens- even the adults. Kids will be forced to watch their parents getting killed or will be taken away from them. And most of them will work just to live. All of those are going to affect their psychological thinking and mental stableness. She shouldn't just make a decision without thinking about it very hard. Someone- or a lot will suffer on both sides.

She remembered when she was young; she practiced wearing roller blades to wear when she wants to try something different besides flying. It gave her a traumatic memory; she tripped over on a rock and she lost her balance so she fell so badly that she stopped wearing roller blades. She knows that it was pathetic to have that as a traumatic memory- since she's a Powerpuff. She was so young back then. And she has to be strong for the people; she can't be seen weak at all costs. No one knows she gets scared when they fight some creature, too. She was fragile and somewhat vulnerable. But after her experiences, she got stronger by time She turned out to be a tough girl and a quite fine young lady.

Blossom washed her hands. She was done on her work. She quickly went out of the room but, suddenly, someone called after her.

She quickly turned around. She saw her classmate, Anne, holding the door knob calling up to her. Anne's a nice girl Blossom met before. She remembered how Anne went up to her to make friends. Her first impression of Anne is nice, and she makes a good friend. She's bubbly and cheerful, and those hazel eyes of Anne's sparkle—Anne's pretty; a lot of guys go crazy on her. But sometimes, Blossom feels envy on her, I mean, she's a beautiful girl and she's a guy's dream girl. And Blossom was just a simple lady who loves to study and likes books.

"Hey, Blossom! The phone rang and the person says he wants to talk to you. He didn't tell me his name, though. Anyway, the phone's inside." Anne told Blossom. Both of them went inside the room.

"Hello? May I know who this is?" Blossom asked. She could already sense the person; it's maybe the one who she talked to.

"Well, how's school? Ya' enjoyin' there?" He chuckled. "I'll have to let you know; your three-days of thinking are already running. You should already know what to answer me. And I should better like it. 'Because if you don't, eh, you know what will happen, right, my darling?"

"I know that, I'm already thinking about it. Just don't do any harm to the Mayor. And don't remind me for the rest of the two days. You're pressuring me. I can't think properly." Blossom said calmly. She bit her bottom lip.

Blossom's planning to discuss this to her family. She must not decide on her own; especially for the sake of their city. One wrong decision and everything will be over. She'll just play along with him—she got his strategy. She has been done this a lot of times. She knew what's on a kidnapper's mind—and then Blossom will just do everything according to her plan and viola!

"Oh, whoa, easy there. I'm pressuring you? I'm just only reminding you about the time. I'm only playing games with you and your pretty little mind. You're a smart girl; and I know all about you think—your strategies and techniques, and even your plans. I'm not like those people or creatures you Power puffs fought. So, right now, checkmate here, mate."

"Well, that's what you think, mister. Maybe I don't know anything about you, but, I'll tell you, you're going to regret messing with me. Once I get you, I would rip you into pieces."

"If you could do that." Another chuckle heard on the line. "I do know all about you—head to toe, inside and out. And I see that you become a little aggressive like you brunette sister, huh? Oh, I'm going to love this, Blossom."

"Yeah, keep enjoying while it last." After she said that, Blossom hung up on the phone and left.


The sound of the phone lasted for a few seconds. It was not that long when the person put the phone down. He closed his eyes—thinking obviously about something and forming a smirk.

"Well?" The voice from his back asked him. It was kind of hoarse.

He turned around to face the person behind him. He remained silent—yet somehow, he wanted to tell the things he's thinking about.

"Nothing. I only reminded her about the offer I made last night." He closed his mouth in a flat line.

'Three days.' He thought. 'Three days and the plan are going on my way just the way I like.'

Ignoring the presence of the man standing in front of him, he went upstairs.

"Damn it!"




"How could you let this happen?!" Buttercup shouted at Blossom; her fists' shaking. And Blossom is just sitting on her bed wearing a calm face. Her eyes looked emotionless. It was the first time to see a dull expression on hers.

Blossom looked down on her feet. She closed her eyes. She couldn't take the rants of her sister anymore. It wasn't her fault; it was none of their fault.

She was not surprised by how Buttercup reacted when Blossom told about the Mayor. She knew she would blow it, blame her for everything. It wasn't the first time she saw Buttercup like this before. It was a long time when she heard her rants. Blossom would admit, Buttercup is a short-tempered person—you can't just mess with her.

And then, Bubbles would pop out out of nowhere; giving them her confused looks but she tries to make peace between Blossom and Buttercup. She was the peacemaker of the family. But now, Bubbles is only sitting down beside Blossom, too—listening to their sister's rants.

"Now, what do we tell all those people? What? The Mayor has been kidnapped? They would freak out!" Buttercup shrieked.

"Don't exaggerate. They would be only worried."

"Still… We have to find him, right? The person you talked to only gave you three days to think about his offer. Which we would not allow."

"We all know that…" Blossom paused. She looked up facing Buttercup—who is currently glaring at her with her hands on her hips and her yellow-green eyes burning right through hers. "But, I think it's best if we plan out things first. They will find out about the Mayor sooner or later, anyway."

Buttercup sighed in defeat. "Right." She breathes heavily. "Should we say 'no' or 'yes'? It's very risky on both options."

Silence enters. She thought for a moment. Buttercup was right; it's very risky on both sides. Though, one will suffer and they will find another way to make them say yes. Also, people would blame and hate them for a while but it won't last for too long. But on the other side, Blossom's greatest fear for the people will happen—well, if they agree. It is both unfair to them. The ratio of the choices is bad to bad—or let's says worst of the worst to worst of the worst.

Blossom pinched her nose bridge. She can't take anymore of the situation—too much stress.

Finally, she opened her mouth to speak. She stood up and made a weak smile. Now, the girl who stands before them shows a lot of confidence. You can see it in her own determined eyes. Yes, she now knows what to do. And hopefully, they wouldn't fail on this one anymore.

"Starting tomorrow, we're going to find the Mayor—save him, and everybody will be happy." She smirked. "And this should work."

Thunder clasped through the night sky. Then rain suddenly poured. The rain spatters on the window glass. The room is full of darkness and the only lights where coming from are the lighting. On the corner of the room, there was a man tied up; his face is covered with a sack. He wasn't moving. He is leaning on a wooden wall-maybe he's inside a cabin. Who could've done this to him?

Suddenly, he got awake. All he could see is darkness. He listened to the sounds near him—pure rain and thunder. But on the other side of his direction, he could here footsteps coming towards him. He shivered in fear.

"I know you're awake, old man." The person said to him. He didn't budge, though. He remained seated and kept waiting to what will happen next. "You better eat. We wouldn't want to kidnap you—but we have no choice. You could be the key to our desires."

The person removed the sack on the man. He looked at the man's face—he was crying. And his eyes were full or fear. Yet, he couldn't see the person's face. It was covered in a mask—a red mask.

"P-please… let us go… I-I'll give you everything you want. W-where's my secretary?" he croaked.

The person ignored the man's plead. He stood there quietly; staring down at the man. He was nearly 60s—he could tell by the ma's looks: he has gray hair and almost bald. "Eat. Your secretary is fine." He said in a cold tone. His brown chocolate eyes bore into the man's hazel eyes. He was trying to speak. But, he was being held back in fear.

"You will be fine." He paused. "Unless, if you're going to be a naught old man—then, you won't like what will happen to you. I'll leave the imaginations inside your mind."

He then left the food together with the old man and closed the door. The rain is still pouring but less violent than a while ago—it was calmer.

He stopped his tracks, reached into his pocket and held his phone, dialed a number and waited for the person on the line to answer.

"Your time is still running. And as promised, I haven't done anything to you Mayor. I'll be waiting 'til you answer me." He chuckled.

"I know. Once you broke your promise, I will really beat the shit out of you." The person said.

"Don't worry, I won't. I don't want my little girl get angry with me."

He ended the call and continued to walk.

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