- You're back amongst yours, Little Man, whispered Zeke.

Casey was looking at the little girl. She was lovely with her long brown hair and her pink dress he just couldn't ignore her now that she was smiling at him.

- Thank you Zeke, he smiled at his friend and ran to the girl.

Zeke just couldn't go away yet not until he was sure his Little Man was sound and safe even if it means being in danger so near of a Men's village. That may be the reason why he couldn't sleep tonight.

He had always been used to be alone in this jungle but lately he had become used to the Little Man, he had make his life more brighter. Now, he was all alone once again.

He sighed deeply and nearly missed a weird sound.

- Who's there? He growled.

- Zeke? It is me, Casey! Zeke? Where are you?

By all the monkeys in the jungle! This Little Human was a fool! Zeke jumped from his branch and follow the now well-known scent.

- Little Man? What are you doing here? You should be home with yours!

Casey ran to him and hugged him tight.

- Zeke! I just couldn't sleep without you.

- Little Man, sighed Zeke, you'll get used to it. It's normal to be scared at first.

- No, cried Casey, I don't want to leave you alone.

- I am a solitary creature, Little Man. You and I, it just not supposed to be.

Why was the Little Man making things so much harder? He was breaking his heart all over again.

- You're my everything Zeke, I'm not going away.

- No, growled Zeke, trying to convince the Little Man because it was what was best for him.

- Please, whispered Casey, is it because I am a Man? Can't you love me because of that?

- Don't Casey, whispered Zeke, you're my dearest one but I just want you happy.

Casey smiled a bright smile.

- Then, if you want to make me happy you'll have to keep me!