Hey! So do you guys like my cover? Also, only 3 exams left, YAY! Oh and also, naming no names, I don't appreciate people making complete dupes for my stories without my permission. Not being rude, but it wouldn't be fair.

In other news, wait, there is none.


Katniss's POV

Right, so here I am, in the kitchen. There's buzz all around, and everyone is wondering why the hell we're here.


Cinna storms in, full pink tracksuit, hair as high as the empire state.

"How could you vote my girl Portia out?"

"We didn't do it! They did!" Says some bare-faced monkey (-Points to reviewers-)

Wait? Bare-faced monkey?

"Seneca?" I whisper, as everyone turns, "What happened?"

"I got sent a shaver OK!" he yells, "I thought my beard wasn't looking too sharp, so I wanted to trim it. And well, it all came off."

"Well," said Clove, "Now you have no beard you can't come here any more. It's what gives you your powers."

"I know…" Seneca whispered, as he went to get his suitcase.

-Violin music-

How sad to see not one, but TWO of our Forever Everdeen Crew gone? Well, it's ok. Because when one epic hairstyle leaves, another one comes.

Introducing, EFFIE TRINKET!

Katniss Everdeen: Effie Trinket, How do I begin to explain Effie Trinket?


Glimmer: She has a Chanel bag AND an Alexander Mcqueen scarf…

Marvel: I hear her wig is insured for $10,000!

Buttercup: I hear she does hair salon commercials…

Buttercup: In District 2!

Gale: Her favourite movie is The Princess Diaries…

Peeta: One time she met Hayley Williams on a hovercraft, and she told her she had cool hair.

Mahogany: One time she yelled at me "THAT IS MAHOGONY"

Mahogany: It was AWESOME

Meanwhile in the girl's room…

(Peeta's POV)

"Katniss! Katniss?" I shout, when suddenly the puppet from scream pops up.


"What? You don't like my makeup?"

"No, it's not great. Maybe ask Cinna for some tutoring?" I say, "Anyway, are you still in love with-"

"CATO!" She yells, as he walks in,

"I guess that's a yes…"

So far this week has been horrible. There's this love… polygon. Which I'm not going to even begin to explain. What? You want me to? LAZY! Just go read the previous chapter…. Jeez.

Anyway, basically, Alex and Glimmer have been waiting by my door (Literally) Katniss has been stalking Cato, and I wouldn't be surprised if Haymitch took a swig of that potion and started loving Effie….

So instead of even bothering to try help Cato I wonder into the kitchen where I see Finnick.

"Hey Bro, Delly been bothering you?"

"Nope," He grins, "Not ever since I got this!" he's holding a grey can clearly labelled ANTI - DELLY SPRAY.

"Wow, if only I had that in fourth grade when-" Then I see them.

Finnick sees them too,


Naked. Photos. Gale.

"When did he take those..?" asks Finnick.

Alex's POV

Okay, so this whole thing just got complicated. Everyone's in a love…. Polygon. Glimmer and myself are head over heels for Peeta, whose only got eyes for Katniss, whose nursing her unrequited love for Cato, whose with Glimmer. Not to mention, Clove is also wanting a piece of Cato pie, but she's being stalked by Buttercup. And who loves me? No one!

So I just sit here casually punching my Katniss pillow.

"Were you dropped on your head as a baby, or were you just born stupid?" I whisper too her.

Kaniss's POV

Suddenly, Johanna literally materialises in front of me.

"I just…" she pants "Escaped the games for the THIRD time, figured out how to teleport myself here, and escaped the victory tour…"

"Teaches YOU too take the last cookie…"