This was so hard to write because I had to bad mouth kate but it wouldn't leave my mind. It was meant to be a one shot but it isn't anymore.

"Rick buddy so you've tapped that piece of ass before." Ethan said to Rick while they walked out of the interrogation room. " Whose ass are you referring to I've tapped a lot of asses" Rick said with a smirk. "Detective Beckett's wow she has one tight piece of meat." Ethan said. Rick balled his hands into fists put they remained at his side and said, " Nope haven't had that opportunity". Rick said in a way that to convey that Beckett is special and to drop it, but Ethan did not take the hint. " Don't be modest a guy like you can get a bitch like her". Ethan said with a snarl that added to ricks fury. " She's not a bitch she's…" Rick never got to finish his sentence as Ethan cut him of "so a slut then being passed around so much" that was it Rick left his fist and pushed it into Ethan's nose until he heard a crunched. Ethan let out a little girl screamed and then shouted, "What the fuck was that for man, why the hell do you care".

The detectives from the 12th precinct finally heard the commotion and rushed to see what it was all about most of them thinking it was a suspect trying to escape. Beckett Ryan and Esposito were the first to see what the commotion was with others to follow. They got there to here rick say " She is not a slut or a piece of meat to ogle" and see him give Ethan another punch in the face. Ethan wouldn't stand being punched unless he got what one in so he punched Rick in the gut and shouted " Seriously mate share her she nothing special apart from that body" Rick was about to take another punch when Ryan and Esposito had seen enough that jumped in Ryan pushing Ethan away and Esposito grapping ricks wrist to stop himself from being punched. Beckett then called out "Nothing to see here. We've got it under control back to work" while thanking her lucky stairs that the captain had gone out for lunch.

She turned around to see Ethan sitting holding his nose and Esposito still holding a steaming rick back from taking another punch. She came into the middle of both them and said " what the fuck happen here I thought you guys were mates" giving rick a look. "I don't know I jus made a comment about some girl and he went fucking crazy on be and broke my nose" Ethan said trying to act stupid. Rick tried to pull away from Esposito and shouted " some girl! I bet if I told Ryan and Esposito what you said about this 'some girl' I positive they would what to beat you too". It took Ryan and Esposito a little while to think and then the both turned to Ethan and said, "You were fucking talking about Beckett".

Beckett finally came out of her trance like state and turned to the boys "One who cares who or what he was talking about, and two if it was about me I can fight my own battles and three he needs to go to the hostpital before gates gets back and were all fired, you two take him" Beckett said pointing at Esposito and Ryan "While I talk to Castle" Beckett said this with a smirk that made castle flinch.