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The boys walked out of the break room and sighed.

"How many times is Castle going to leave?"

Esposito said using his fingers to put quotation marks around the word leave.

"I know! Is he serious this time? I know Kate thinks he is but, why? Why can they see that they're made for each other, forever and always?"

Ryan ranted, while Esposito made gagging motions with his hands.

"Ewww. Bro, Jenny has made you all soft and lovey dovey it's sickening! But In saying that I do agree. They're not blind anymore which is process, now they're just stupid instead who wont take a leap of faith and trust that they'll catch each other..."

Esposito paused for a second and realising what he just said, shouted.

"Crap! Ryan you're rubbing off on me. Crap!"

Ryan just laughed at how annoyed and shocked he sounded, because even though Esposito liked his tough guy status he was a romantic at heart.

"Sure, sure. Whatever makes you sleep at night. Now what are we going to do about Castle and Beckett?" Ryan said getting the conversation back on track.

Esposito sighed he wasn't to sure they should do anything after all it wasn't really any of their business.

"Do you really think we should get in the middle of this?"

Ryan had his mind set and no one was going to change it so he replied quickly

"Yes! We should get in the middle of this or they're never going to get together."

Esposito sighed again

"Beckett's not going to like it. She is a very reserved person and…"

Esposito trailed off as his partner gave him a hard glance and he realised there was absolutely no chance of changing his mind.

"Okay, okay, but if she gets angry the blame falls on you."

Esposito said countering his previous thoughts. Silence fell and Esposito realised that although Ryan wanted to intervene he didn't actually have any type of plan.

"Okay Mr Intervene what's the plan? Because I am not using my brain, because I do not even want to intervene!"

Ryan turned slowly to Esposito as he finished his mini rant and sighed.

"I have a plan but it involves Lanie talking to Beckett convincing her off things because we know if we talk to Beckett she wont listen because will were like her bros so we need Lanie because they're like sisters and sisters talk about that stuff and yer…"

Ryan rambled quickly barely taking any breaths while Esposito just shrugged.

"Okay, but I'm not speaking to her, so lets go to the morgue and validate our plan, see if she will even agree."

Ryan was confused he was sure Esposito would refuse but it was nice doing he was wrong.

Ryan and Esposito took the elevator down to the car park, hopped in the car and drove to the morgue.