Disclaimer: Uragiri wa Boku no Namae o Shitteiru is not mine.

Pairing: Shusei x Touko.

Synopsis: Shusei and Touko agreed to pretend like they're dating.

Word count: 905 words

Just some random idea I got when I was in a meeting room. The idea of Shusei with Touko seems too tempting, yet I didn't know whether I'm going to continue this or not. It all depends on my free time and the responses I get.

Suggestions and constructive comments are always welcome. =)

Soft, pink petals flew around the boulevard as if they were dancing happily. As the sakura-scented air soothed the feelings of whoever walked by, it failed to soothe the feelings of groups of students. Murmurs were heard everywhere. But for the two subjects of the talks, there's nothing that could affect them except the presence of Yuki in front of them. Well, ok, so they lied.

"Remind me why do we have to do this again?" Shusei asked, keeping his indifferent face.

Toko smiled and adjusted her hair, "You mean other than shutting the mouths from the main house who has sent a spy to the school?"

"And we should just follow whatever they asked us because…?"

The girl just smiled at her friend. She knew that he had the answer already. But at times, she asked the same question to herself. Would it be better if she defied the order? It wouldn't change the fact that they had to face the same destiny over and over again; Living with the same group of people; Fighting against the same group of people. So which part of obeying the main house's order helped them to change their future?

"Let's just say…" the girl smirked mischievously. "…that it's fun to see Hotsuma being restless about this ordeal."

Shusei stopped on his track and thought about his partner's attitude these past few days. He's been in a bad mood and acting like a sulking child who doesn't get to play with his favourite toy. So the blonde acted like that because of him and Touko? But wasn't he was fully aware of the responsibility they have to perform as Zweilts?

"Shusei-kun?" Touko called. "We're going to be late for school."

The brunette stared at the girl in front of him. Not far from them, Tsukumo took a quick glance at the two of them while pretending to be listening to Yuki. Everything was still normal, except for the fact that they have to pretend like they were a couple. Or the fact that Hotsuma has stopped barging into his room in the morning to drag him to the dining room for breakfast. Speaking of the blonde, he hadn't seen him since yesterday.

"Is everything ok?" Touko asked worriedly when the brunette remained silent.

"Nothing," Shusei finally answered. He walked towards the girl as his hand went to her bang. "You got a flower petal in your hair," he explained with a smile, putting the petal on her hand.

Excited gasps and squeals were heard and the act caught the girl off guard. This kind of act wasn't in their agreement. All they needed to do was act like they're going out together, like walking to and from school together. Or showing some sort of excitement when they chat. But this…this was new. It's not that she'd never been in this kind of situation before. She always did it with Tsukumo. This was supposed to be normal for her. Was it because it was Shusei?

Wait, wait!

What was that heat she just felt on her cheeks? Did she just blush? As quick as she could, she turned around and laughed like an idiot.

"Ahahaha, I just put it there on purpose, silly!" she tried to cover her traitorous blush.

For some reasons, she knew that Tsukumo's eyes were fixed on her. And as she looked up, the boy sent her a sad smile. It brought nothing but guilt to her heart.

"Hotsuma," Shusei's voice brought her back to the reality.

The blonde walked behind them, his sling bag hung loosely behind his back. His ever present frown wasn't as intense as usual, but she could tell something was bothering him.

"Good morning, Hotsuma-kun," she greeted cheerfully.

"Ah," Hotsuma responded.

To everyone's surprise, he jumped and sent a flying kick to Shusei. As if expecting the attack, the brunette jumped backward and parried the blonde's punch like a pro.

"You left your lunch again," Hotsuma growled to his partner while shoving the brown paper bag to Shusei.

"Why, thank you, Hotsuma. I didn't know you love me this much," Shusei teased with his usual smile.

"Very funny," Hotsuma replied annoyingly and walked towards Yuki and Tsukumo, leaving the two Zweilts.

"It's weird when he didn't put up more of a fight like usual," Touko said.

"Nah…he is showing more fights than usual," the brunette answered. That's why he didn't prolong the verbal fight longer than usual, he mused silently.

"But he's right, Shusei-kun." Shusei stared, daring the girl to continue. "You're too thin."

The two continued walking in silence. Touko felt a bit restless. Did she say something that she shouldn't have? Then again, Shusei was always like that; always kept his true feeling to himself. The only person who managed to make him talk would be Hotsuma. If her comment offended him, he would have told her…right?

The question hovered in her head until they were about to part to their respective classes. Suddenly, Shusei took her hand and their bodies were too close to her comfort.

"If I'm too thin, Touko-san, would you mind giving me some of your fat?" the brunette whispered and walked away with a mischievous smile as the girl was too stunned and shocked to move.

D-did she hear it right? Did Shusei say the most taboo word to girls all around the world? Did he just say that s-she's…FAT?