Ok, so just like my other Mikita fic Open Fire this story has reached it's end. Hopefully you like how I've carried it out. Let me know what you think. Also I'm starting two other fics so those should be up soon.

Chapter 4

Michael's POV

I walked though the streets until I reached a small antique shop. I walked in and up to the counter. "Hey Meagan. How are you today?"

She smiled at me as she closed up the register. "I'm good. What can I do for you Michael?"

"I'm looking for something specific. It's for a um... colleage of mine. We had this sort of falling out and I need something to give her as an apology." Meagan chuckled. "Alright. So what sort of thing are you looking for?"

"I want to give her something like what she said her mom had when she was a kid. It was a brotch and she said it had a light purple background and a small white porcelain 3D picture of a kitten." Once I finished describing I watched as Meagan quickly went to the back giving me a quick 'Hang on.'

A few minutes later she came back with a small black felt box. "This came in a few weeks ago. I think this is what you're looking for."

She opened the box and surrounded by black felt was almost exact replica of what Birkhoff had described to me. "Thank you, she'll love it. How much?" I asked taking out my wallet.

"I can tell this girl obviously means a lot to you. Consider it a gift from me." I smiled awkwardly at her.

"Thanks Meagan." She smile as she placed the box in a small bag and handed it to me.

"No problem Michael. Best of luck to you." I smiled at her again before walking out the door.

Nikita's POV

I walked down the long seemingly endless grey corridor that lead to my room. My hands were sore and bloody and the sweat made my hair cling to the back of my neck and side of my face. I began unwrapping the badges from my hands as I walked and finally arrived at my room. I opened the door and threw the badges onto the ground. I walked straight to the bathroom running my hands on my face trying to relax. I turned on the water, got undressed and climbed into the shower. I stood under the hot water as I tried to forget about the past week. My wrists and ankles were still sore and I still couldn't get the image of Michael dead out of my head. Even though I knew it wasn't true I still woke up in the middle of the night screaming. I regrettably shut off the water and got out of the shower wrapping myself in a robe. I quickly brushed my hair and walked into the main part of my bedroom. That's when my eyes fell on the small box that was sitting neatly on the middle of my bed with a white envelop on top. I carefully walked over to it and sat down on the bed. I ripped opened the envelope and read the card that lay inside.

I'm sorry,


I smiled sadly at the letter. I knew I shouldn't really be mad at him but I just wasn't ready to forgive him yet. I unwrapped the box and carefully opened the lid. My heart nearly stopped and my breath caught in my throat as I looked down at the broch that lay in the box. Carefully I took it out and held it in my hand. I quickly got dressed and headed out towards operations.

Nikita walked out of her room and down the hall towards operations. She quickly scanned around noticing that the training area was empty. 'everyone is probably at the cafeteria for dinner.' she thought to herself. She quickly walked up to operations and opened the door. She walked over to Birkhoff who was sitting at a computer. "Hey Nerd. Do you know where Michael is?" She asked leaning against the side of the table.

"Hey Nikki. I think he's in his office. Why?" Birkhoff asked smiling at her as he turned in his chair.

"I just need to talk to him."

Birkhoff smile grew even wider. "So you're finally ready to forgive him eh? And before you say anything Michael didn't tell me. I heard it around. I'm sorry Nikki." He said kindly.

Nikita smiled sadly. "Yeah well I'm giving him a second chance, I might not be ready to forgive him completely just yet. Thanks Nerd." Nikita walked out of operations and headed towards Michael's office.

She knocked on the door before slowly pushing open the door. "Michael?" She asked slowly walking into the room. She watched as he stood from behind his desk and walked around closer to her.

"Hi." He said simply. "I am sorry you know." He said looking at her.

Nikita bowed her head and looked at te ground. "I know."

Michael took his hand and gently lifted her chin so that he was looking at him. "I never meant to hurt you. I was going to tell Percy not to test you but then he would have questioned your ability to function as an agent and then there would be the possibility of you being canceled. Nikita I wouldn't be able to stand it if something happened to you. I wouldn't have a reason to live anymore." As Nikita looked at him she could see the raw emotion behind his eyes and could hear it in his voice. She stood on her toes and lightly kissed him. The kiss started out gentle put quickly turned more passionate as a years worth of lust and sexual tension bubbled to the surface. After a few minutes the need for air became nessacery and they pulled away from eachother. They rested their foreheads against one another's breathing heavily as they caught their breath. "What happens now?" Nikita asked looking up at him.

"I don't know. But we'll figure it all out. Baby steps."