Chapter 9

A review of the story thus far! *takes deep breath*; There had been a string of murders of young girls happening in London, the odd thing about them the girls were all drained of blood. Ciel's clues all pointed toward a place called 'Vampire Island' to get there he had to board a pirate ship called 'The Black Rose.' There he met Captain Rubert Yelnats; a girl by the age of 13, and her vampire servant, Nathan. Ruby inherited the Black Rose from her deceased father who died at sea. She agreed to take them to Vampire Island where Ciel and Sebastian discovered that vampires were indeed real, and one of them might be the killer. Later they run into a friend of Nathan's who tells Sebastian that Ruby's father, Allen Yelnats, was alive as a vampire, and that Nathan was lying to Ruby to keep her from dying. Later it's discovered that Allen was behind the murders and had captured Ruby, he takes her to an abandoned building where he tells her that Nathan had insisted on hiding the truth from her. Then Ciel and the others burst in, and try to Kill Allen to save Ruby. In the heat of the moment Ruby freaked, ordering Nathan to stop before he killed Allen; now Allen has attacked Ciel and Ruby, will they survive? Or will they be dead before Sebastian can step in? *breathes* that taked a lot out of ya haha. Now, ONWARD TO THE BATTLE FIELD!

"Ruby!" Nathan shouted, there was a quick silence as Sebastian and Nathan stared at Allen, who's body seemed to slacken. Ciel opened his eyes to see Ruby in front of him; her sword in her hands and the blade deep in Allen's heart.

"Captain Rubert…" Ciel began.

"This monster is not my father." Ruby said cutting him off, "This is a monster taking his form, and heaven condemn me for falling for his tricks!"

Ruby glared at Allen, not quite sure of what she was saying, and whether she believed her own words or not. Allen looked down at his daughter who at the moment had the blade deep into his chest. The skin around the holly blade sizzling and popping, at the moment the madness seemed to fade from his eyes as he looked down at her.

"R-ruby…?" he said weakly, as he began to regain his sanity. The words seemed to break Ruby out of her daze of anger, as she saw her father return to her, only to have him die moments later. Before he died however he smiled down at her, a single tear rolled down her face as she pushed him off of her blade. She then turned, sheathing her sword and staring at Ciel and Sebastian.

"For a demon bound to this world by your master; you sure do a lousy job of protecting him." She said, Sebastian smiled.

"On the contrary; I knew you'd be the one to kill him, there was no need to interfere." He said, Ruby smirked darkly.

"Sure you did, just as well then; I wasn't about to owe some demon any favors." She said, "Nathaniel, are you alright?"

Nathan stared for a moment, then nodded.

"Good, I believe you have your murderer; I hope you didn't need to bring him back alive." Ruby said, "Cause I'm not dragging an actual corpse onto my ship."

"Master Rubert, are you alright?" Nathan asked, running up to his young master. Ruby glared.

"I am fine, however, Nathanial, you and I have some things to discuss." She said, then turned to Ciel and smiled, "Good to see you're still standing after having a vampire come after you, fangs drawn."

"This wouldn't be the first time some monster came at me." Ciel said, fixing his shirt collar, Ruby snorted.

"Good, now I believe we've left my crew worrying long enough." She said, ushering the Phantomhive out the door to go home.


A day and a half later Ciel was back in the queens court; explaining to the queen that a vampire had been the one killing the girls and that with a little help from Captain Yelnats and her servant Nathan, they were able to apprehend him. He also mentioned, how in despite of despite efforts to take him in, he was killed before bringing him to court to be tried.

Later Ciel made his way back to The Black Rose, pirate ship. They ran into Rufio who lead them to the Captain's quarters .

"I should warn you; sometimes the captain tends to fall asleep at her desk, and she doesn't like people to wake her." Rufio warned, "Perhaps you should wait until Nathan comes back?"

"No; it will be fine, the vampire isn't needed." Ciel said, Rufio shrugged.

"Don't say I didn't warn you." He said walking off to do his own chores. Ciel and Sebastian stepped in to find that Ruby was, indeed asleep at her desk. Ciel raised his cane, bopping her on the head and startling her awake.

"Oi! What's the big idea!" she growled, rubbing the spot on her head.

"Do you mean to tell me you live on this ship?" Ciel asked, Ruby squinted her eyes at Ciel.

"Oh well if it aint the little Phantomhive. How'd that little thing with your queen go?" she mumbled, covering her mouth with her hand.

"You can stop hiding it; I can smell the alcohol from here." Ciel snorted, Ruby huffed, retrieving the bottle from under her desk.

"What d'you want?" she asked, taking a quick drink from the bottle. Ciel made a face.

"I would like to talk to you alone." He said, looking up to Sebastian, who bowed respectively and left the room.

"Ey, you're serious here aren't you?" Ruby slurred , Ciel nodded. "A'right Nathanial I know you're there, out ya go."

Nathan appeared from the shadow of the coat rack behind Ciel. He eyed Ciel for a moment then Ruby, earning a slight glare from her. He then nodded and also left.

"You seem to be mad at him." Ciel noted, Ruby snorted.

"He kept secrets from me; I'm punishing him for a while." She said taking another drink. "What was so eager you couldn't tell me in front of your Doberman butler?" she asked gesturing for him to sit Ciel cocked an eyebrow.

"By 'secrets' do you mean about your father being alive?" he asked, taking a seat. Ruby narrowed her eyes.

"What are you talking about? My father died years ago." She said. Ciel cocked an eyebrow.

"But that man on the island…"

"Was a vampire that invaded my thoughts in the attempt to devour me!" Ruby said slamming the now empty bottle on the desk. Ciel jumped a bit, not expecting her to snap at him, Ruby then calmed herself.

"My father would never attack me like that." She mumbled somberly. Ciel nodded.

"I see; well that was one of the reasons I came. The other was to give you this." He said handing a piece of parchment to Ruby. "You aren't too drunk to read it are you?"

"I'm sober enough to read; I'm not that drunk," She said taking the parchment and shaking the bottle at Ciel, "There wasn't that much in this bottle to begin with, about less than half to be honest."

"Is that so?"

"It is; I was sober enough know Nathan was in the room, and no drunkard could do that." She said opening the envelope, "What is this anyhow?"

"It's a signed seal of appreciation from her majesty." Ciel said, "I had Sebastian do some research on your family. Your mother was murdered after a bad deal with your grandfather."

"I already knew that." Ruby said, looking at the paper, "Anyhow what's she got to be appreciative about?"

"Given the fact that you did help me; you've been made an honorary member of the queen's Watchdogs." Ciel said Ruby's brows rose.

"I suppose I should be complemented? Right?" she asked, leaning back in her arm chair. Ciel nodded.

"I would hope that if I ever needed your help in a case that has even a hint of vampirism you would agree to help." He said, Ruby eyed the paper reading over it carefully; she then tossed it on her desk.

"I see." She said placing her hands behind her head. "I'm not going to get more people like your aunt on my ship am I?"

"Not at all." Ciel said, shaking his head.

"Good; because I really don't like the upper class people that much. There's perhaps two that I actually enjoy being around; that'd be you and one other woman." Ruby said. Ciel cleared his throat as she suppressed a blush.

"Yes, however, I'll have to ask you to not be transporting any more vampires from the island." He said, Ruby sat up.

"I'll see what I can do with Alucard and the royal family; but I can't make no promises." She said. Ciel nodded and stood, going to leave.

"Oh and Ciel in the meantime…" Ruby began, "Lighten up. You may be the heir to the Phantomhive estate and title, but you're still only twelve. Trying living a little."

Ciel turned, seeing the young captain smirk, he smirked back. "Who's to say I'm not living? When it comes down to it; which is more beautiful? The sea? Or my mansion?"

"Both." Ruby said, with a grin, "For your way of living it's your mansion, I prefer to live by sea. Oh and as for payment; let's just say you owe me." She winked as Ciel left, and Nathan came in.

"Oh I nearly forgot," Ciel said, digging into one of his pockets, "I have no use for this, perhaps you could find a place for it."

Ruby cocked an eyebrow in curiosity until Ciel eventually fished out the silver locket with a red stone. Nathan's eyebrows rose as Ciel placed it on the young captain's desk. Ruby was silent for a while, then took the locket in her hand, opening it as it played a little tune.*

"Thank you Ciel." She said, as Ciel left. Ruby looked down at the locket, then began to sing the words to the song.

"Lacrimosa once again I will love this blood-soaked land where I was born once so carefree But that was before my world was torn."


"She has quite a soothing voice considering how vulgar she is, wouldn't you say my lord?" Sebastian said, Ciel nodded.

"I suppose. That song seems to cover both our lives pretty well." He said walking down the platform onto land to go home.

Kya! The last chapter was hard to end; but I'm satisfied all the same. As I hope you are too; I'm gonna write another story with Ciel, and Ruby, and another guest I hope you all know from other black butler fictions I've made XD. Hee anyhow please review! XD. (*) wouldn't it be cool to have a locket that played a song? Nya! Ja-ne!