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Chapter 1: Beginning

"You can never escape me…As long as I have your mother`s heart.." It hurts.. It hurts.. Papa, Where are you? Why did you leave us?

It hurts..

"I will break you in anyway possible.." Papa…. Ni-sama.. Mama..

"Remember me.. Burn the image on your mind.. Always know that I AM the master.." Papa, his eyes, they scared me.. I hate them.. Grandmother`s were far more warm..

It hurts..

Papa! Papa! Where are you?! Save me! Take me away from here! Papa! Mama!

"You can never escape me Ka-go-me~" PAPA! PAPA! IT HURTS! IT HURTS! IT HURTS!



Dilating crimson irises snapped open, stray strands of black clinging thickly across a smooth forehead as labored breaths escaped coral pink lips.

Crunching her brows together in frustration, Taisho Kagome sighed exasperatedly as her clawed hand covered her forehead in a sign of relief.

'Torturing me, even in my dreams..' she thought bitterly, her mood already going sour.

Tossing a glance at the blinking digits at the corner of her vision, Kagome fell back deeper on the thick mattress as the umpteenth sigh exited through her nose.

'I still cant see Aniki`s logic.. Honestly? Sending us to ningen`s school?' Kagome almost snarled inside her mind..

'And it did not help that SHE favors HIS plans.. Geez, there`s no point arguing with those two..' Silver hair and big doe amber colored eyes popped out of her line of thought and cursed.

'Damn puppy dog eyes..' Pushing the hesitation her body was screaming, Kagome forcefully dragged herself away from the warm embrace of her bed.

'Better get ready then..'


A deadpanned expression settled on Kagome`s face as a new problem arises.

'It appears to be that my body is not cooperating with me.. I rather disguise myself as a male than wear that blob.' The hideous buttercup styled dress popped out on the background and Kagome shivered in horror as gossebumps rose over her yokai skin.

Patting the unmistakable generous bumps of her natural mounds, Kagome sighed once more, thinking ways to hide her endowment without using a glamour.

'But this is rather infuriating. I don't want to cast a glamour either..' Feeling her ire growing, Kagome leaned her face on her unoccupied hand. 'This is rather ANNOYING… Kitsune`s abilities came in handy at a time like this..' slowly but surely, a frown stained her sharp features as her lack of ideas fueled the need to break something.

"Don't frown Anieue.. Rin doesn't like it." Looking at the door, Kagome saw her beloved imouto wearing the shockingly cute uniform.

It seems that her imouto is the only one who can wear the blob while making it look adorable.

Bracing for impact, Kagome wasn't disappointed when Rin launched herself towards the taller and older female.

"Rin.." The younger yokai blinked before acknowledging Kagome with a tilt of her head.

"Can you help me with something?"

"Sure! Rin will help!"

"You see.." Kagome trailed off while Rin blinked in question.


"Perfection~!" Rin squealed at the sight of her transformed Anieue.

"You look so much like Aniki, Rin would think that You`re twins!" Kagome blinked as she patted the now flat chest.. Based on Rin`s reaction, she will assume that the younger sibling is quite proud about her achievement.

Her hair was gelled and styled in a sleek braid while Rin took it to herself to snip some of her bangs to fashion her tresses into what Rim dimmed as the best. And apparently, Rin did a marvelous job.

"Arigato.. Imouto.." Kagome mumbled.

Meanwhile, Taisho Sesshomaru waited for his siblings to come down to share breakfast with him. He might be a ruthless being but doesn't mean he cant share tea with his beloved family.

"Ohayou, Imouto and otouto." He greeted as he smirked at Kagome, almost finding it creepy how their faces eerily matched each other if not for the opposite hair and eyes.

"So.. Aniki.. Ouran Academy huh?" Kagome said as she sat to the right side of Sesshomaru while Rin sat beside her because of the fact that Sesshoumaru`s left is Hakudoshi.

She crossed her arms and nestled her head on top of it, smirking while a mischievous gleam entered her eyes.

"This will be rather interesting.." Rin smiled while Sesshomaru smirked behind his tea cup.


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