And, so we have it … the first chapter of the sequel to Dead Until Dark: My Way. This story will hopefully take into account the main goings on of Living Dead In Dallas, but also may incorporate some of the events in True Blood – such as the relationship with Eric and Godric.

Also, I can't remember half of the details involved in DUDMY so, any mistakes are mine!

Here's the link for The Girl All The Bad Guys Want. Check it out. It's a great song! http: / www. / watch?v= K3LDY Iz4iY4 (just remove the spaces!)

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This story picks up just after Eric and Sookie have gotten married (which they were planning on doing at the end of Dead Until Dark: My Way.)


"Well Sookie , how is married life so far?" Gran asked.

"I love it, and Eric is just incredible. I love him so much!" I gushed. Seriously, it is amazing!

"So, he is really that good?" Gran asked, and I immediately flushed with embarrassment.

"Gran!" I scolded.

"Well, don't forget, I was young once, I know what it is like to be in love!" Gran said, and I became even more embarrassed, if that were possible.

"You still haven't answered my question Sookie!" Gran smiled, thoroughly enjoying this.

"Nor am I going to" I said.

"Alright Gran, I really need to go … it's almost sunset and Eric and I have to go to Fangtasia tonight." I said, finishing my cup of tea , and rising up off of my seat.

"Sure, Sookie … I'll see you later" Gran said, she too getting up and coming around the table to give me a hug.

"Yeah … I'll give you a call maybe tomorrow Gran" I said, taking my keys out of my pocket and opening the door of the car so I could get in. Whenever I turned the key in the ignition, I heard Bowling For Soup's Girl All The Bad Guys Want (one of my all-time favourite songs!) come on the radio, I couldn't help but sing.

An hour later, I arrived safe and sound in Shreveport.

"Hello lover" Eric greeted as I walked into the kitchen.

"Hey, Eric" I replied as I wrapped both of my arms around him.

"How was Gran today?" Eric questioned.

"She is doing alright, you know gran. She is going on a trip with the descendants of the glorious dead tomorrow, so she's pretty excited about that." I said, snuggling closer to Eric.

"Good. You know I don't like it when Gran is upset. It makes me sad." Eric said, and I laughed.

Who knew that a 1000 year old vampire could be brought to his knees by a 70 year old woman?

"It's not funny lover. I also hate it when you cry, and when you are upset." Eric pouted.

He really was adorable.

"Come here, Eric …" I said, reaching up to pull his face down to mine, and planted one hell of a kiss on him, and Eric, being the opportunist that he is, took the opportunity to lift me onto the little breakfast bar, after he had pulled both my trousers and my underwear off.

"Hmm … lover … you are so wet for me." Eric said, as he bent down to lick my wet, dripping cunt.

"Yes, Eric …. I am so wet for you … only for you" I managed to groan out as my hands went straight into Eric's hair, pulling as hard as I could at it.

"Do you like that lover?" Eric smirked, looking straight into my eyes as he said so, but I couldn't form an answer because he began to lick and suck at my cunt once again, bringing me closer and closer to the edge with each lick, but just when I could see the edge of the cliff, Eric would back off and I would be forced to prolong much needed orgasm.

"Eric …" I cried, but I wasn't able to get much more than that out, for Eric had stood up, and impaled me on his big, long, hard cock.

"Jesus Christ … Eric …." I screamed, as he shoved himself in and out of me like only he could.

At vampire speed.

"ERIC!" I screamed, so loud I was sure Gran could hear me in Bon Temps , as I finally fell over the edge, but Eric just kept on going. Not surprisingly, I was having a hard time keeping up with Eric, but whenever I came down from my third orgasm, it seemed that Eric was ready to have his own.

"SOOKIE!" Eric shouted, as he came, taking me with him.

"Lover, that was incredible" Eric panted, as I slumped into his chest.

"Hmm … you are amazing" I said, leaning up to give him a kiss, which quickly deepened.

"Yes … that really was quite the show" Pam said from the other side of the kitchen.

"Oh My God" I said, as I quickly slid down off of the bench, and scrambled to gather up my clothes that were strewn all over the kitchen.

"What. Are. You. Doing. Here. Pamela?" Eric gritted out.

"I came here because you two were due at Fangtasia over an hour ago. I tried calling." Pam said, smiling at my obvious discomfort.

"Fine." Eric said, obviously unhappy at his sexy times being interrupted.

I can't say that I was overly impressed either.

"Clear off Pamela, Sookie and I will meet you at Fangtasia in a moment" Eric snarled, making no move whatsoever to cover up his nakedness.

I swear, I will never understand him sometimes.

"Humpf. Fine. Don't take too long, you have a visitor waiting for you." Pam snarked, and then walked out the door.

"I am so sorry lover .. I didn't realise that she was there. You know I would never do that to you, lover" Eric immediately said, moving to my side, and helping to lift me off of the floor.

"That's alright, Eric. I know you wouldn't" I said, stretching up to give him a quick peck on the lips.

"Come on then … we had better get ready to go before Pam has a fit" Eric said, and carried me upstairs, and placing me down in the shower.

"Well … My sexy Viking, I don't know about you, but I think that Pam would be most upset if we were to turn up at Fangtasia, being completely and totally dirty, so we had better get cleaned off" I said, in my most seductive voice.

"Of course, and it wouldn't do to have Pam upset would it?" Eric answered, dipping his head down to mine once again.

It was safe to say that it was a long time before Eric and I made it to Fangtasia.

Well … what do you think? Is it worth continuing? And, who do you think the visitor is?