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"Well then, here we are."

Bree crossed her hands softly as she spoke to her mother. A wave of guilt flushed through her entire body but she held herself as elegantly as she could while she waited to know how she had done. It was a test like no other because for once she had not prepared nor did she know the right answers.

"So you don't have anything to say about what just happened?" Mary was surprised Bree didn't give anything away as she had done with the previous tasks.

"Nothing at all." Bree shook her head with pride, although it was not the emotion she felt at that moment.

"Very well. We'll just have to see how you did as the events unfold."

"What do you mean?" Bree did not like the sound of that. She had waited long enough.

"I'm sending you back to a time shortly before the accident happened. Then you can make the decisions yourself and whatever will be, will be."

"But that's easy! Surely I won't run over Orson again, not after all this."

"Well I guess you are all set then." Mary smiled fondly.

"I am, just send me back and I'll put everything back to normal. Although, I don't quite understand why I had to go through all the tasks if you could have simply sent me back right away." Bree's voice was stern as she felt she was quickly re-gaining control and once the initiative had been taken it was easy to build from there.

"You still don't understand, do you Bree? You are going back to a time before any of this happened. Therefore your actions will only be defined by what you know then, not by what you know now."

"I will forget everything?"

As lightly as Bree spoke the words she couldn't stop the color draining from her face.

"Your mask is slipping, Bree."

She ignored her mother's comment, a reference to a time when one of them still led a simple life that misery had not taken over.

"It's fine." She could barely get the words out as she sighed through her clenched teeth. "It will work."

Mary looked at her suddenly worried and this added to the weight Bree felt on herself already. She was powerless which frustrated her all the more.

"Will we just go already?" Her façade was falling apart piece by piece and she was painfully aware of the tears that were fighting their way out. It was not the time or the place.

Mary stepped towards her and Bree turned around to lead the way expecting to vanish at any second. This however, did not happen.

"Bree, wait! There is one more thing you should know."

Suddenly very aware that it would not be anything good she turned around to look at Mary with no expression.

"If you succeed your days will be numbered." Mary stepped back looking slightly scared for the first time.

It was like the car crash all over again. Except for the shaking. This time she was perfectly still and didn't even feel any emotions worth suppressing.

"What a fine way to tell me I will be dead soon."

"I'm sorry, Bree."

"Is there any particular reason you waited until this moment to tell me that?" To her own surprise Bree managed to keep the anger out of her voice and her entire appearance was calm.

"I didn't think you were ready then to make the right decision for yourself. And I know how much it would have tormented you had you picked the wrong way to go."

Bree looked away not letting her mother read her. She didn't deserve to know anything more than she already did.

"I think you know the right way to go now, don't you?"

Bree slowly drew her eyes back to Mary and then whispered the words as if it was her very last breath.

"I do."

There was one thing Rex Van De Kamp, George Williams, Orson Hodge and Karl Mayer all had in common, none of them could ever go back to life as normal after the effect Bree had had on them. She came out of nowhere and as far as anyone could tell any other woman would pale in comparison, in every single aspect. Once won, her heart was a prize to be valued and giving up the trophy just was not an option.

Rex was willing to let her go but when the time came he could not envision life without her. He realized she had grown into him and no one else could give him the sense of home the way she did. It soon became apparent it was impossible to shake her off so why even bother trying? Rex had decided to stop forcing her to change things for they were as good as they were ever going to get and when he saw his friends' marriages fall apart he knew he had made the right decision. She would never let him go and it was the strongest basis for marriage one could hope for.

For years George Williams had been waiting for things to change, to have that tiny crack of opportunity where he could squeeze in and make her his. With a woman like Bree you would only need to catch her once and she would stand beside you for life. To his misfortune such a moment would never occur for his time ran short 18 years into Bree and Rex's marriage. As he lay dying on the side of Wisteria Lane he glanced over at the Van de Kamps' residence one more time and the last person he ever saw was Rex Van de Kamp rushing over to him all the while pushing his distraught wife back trying to stop her from seeing the victim of the hit and run accident.

From the moment Orson Hodge had seen the pharmacist he knew he was trouble. He was everywhere Bree Van de Kamp was. A casual onlooker would think of it as a friendly encounter but for Orson it was anything but. Be it a grocery store, the park or close proximity of the school her children went to George Williams was often seen exchanging niceties with Bree. She was ever so courteous and clearly enjoyed these little moments. Orson however knew the man's true intentions and he was never going to let him get closer than he already had. As he examined the blood stained hood of his red Chevrolet Malibu he smiled contently figuring he was one step closer to getting everything he had ever wanted.

There were three things Karl Mayer understood completely, fine whiskey, marital law and women. The latter often had the misconception he did not understand them at all but it was all part of his plan. Whether they were lively college girls, newly widowed or still married he always had enough tricks up his sleeve to complete the mission. As he grew older the once thrilling challenges became tiring and so he looked for conquests in places he never would have considered before. Bree Van de Kamp was a woman of mystery and the prospect of having her surrender to him after all this time excited him beyond belief. No one knew how her first husband had died. She had kept it quiet for years but according to popular gossip the man had finally had enough of the abusive ice queen and hanged himself after taking a heavy dose of pills. Karl had no doubts this could very well be true but it did not bother him. The man was clearly troubled should he decide to end his life instead of just simply moving on.

So when Bree came to him asking for his help in getting a divorce from Orson Karl knew his time had finally come. When she told him about how she had been blackmailed a small part of him wondered if her stories were really true to that extent, a slightly bigger part of him didn't even care but what most of his attention was focused on was how perfectly her white skirt suit hugged her figure. Every time he looked down at his notes he would take a hardly noticeable peek at her long legs that were elegantly crossed. Unlike most of his conquests she would not shy away from his gaze. Instead she returned it with so much intensity he found it a sheer miracle he managed to restrain himself at her presence. After what seemed like an eternity he finally figured her out and it didn't come as a shock to him how easy it had been. He gave her hope he could rescue her, complimented her on everything she had achieved in life and left no part of her body untouched when she gave in and let him have his way with her.

Bree's mind never gave her a rest. When Rex used to move on top of her starting to remove the fabric that separated them she would often think of all the things she should be doing instead, the next day's shopping list running through her mind as top priority. She never felt close enough but at the same time not distant enough either to completely let go and not care if he didn't look as pleasured as he could have been. It bothered her she had shared things with him that she had never told anyone and yet after 18 years he was clearly keeping his soul hidden from her. There was no one else for her and it killed her to know that the love of her life would always be just a little out of her reach. There was always that moment of hope when she would feel all his weight over her and see the excitement in his eyes as he pushed her down upon finding his release. In those short seconds Bree would think she could hold on to that moment forever. But as always, soon it was over and she would realize once more that it could never be.

Now it was different, not perfect but it was everything she wanted at that moment. It surprised her that even though she was cheating on her husband she felt less guilt than she did while being faithful to Rex. The constant fear of failing had kept her on her toes for so long but now there was no need for any of that. She didn't feel anything for Karl and the role she was playing gave her such a thrill she couldn't understand why she had not tried it sooner. How wonderful it was to live life with such carelessness. Suddenly everything looked clearer than ever before and she held grudge towards anyone who had ever tried to hold her down. The sudden movement made her slip up and call his name out loud and she was grateful for his mouth that muffled the sound. Who knew how thin the walls were. She threw her head back and enjoyed the way his hands tightened their grip and then slowly let go as he crashed down onto the bed. It had been so long since she had last felt such ecstasy and she could not get enough.

She was the first to leave the motel to attract as little attention as possible. Not that it mattered if they were caught together, her presence at the premises so often was suspicious enough. After a while she had simply stopped caring and would park her car near the building not even bothering to disguise herself in any way. One thing did bother her though. It was the strange déjà vu feeling of that very day and the dream she had had the night before. In her dream she had gotten into a horrible fight with Orson and had driven to a bar on the other side of Fairview. She had been furious at him for blackmailing her into staying married to him and it had made her wonder why she had ever given up drinking in the first place. To top it off she could not believe she had once felt ashamed to even admit her slip-ups to him, to a man like that. He was not better than her in the end.

She winced as the remembered seeing his figure at the side of the road and crashing into him. It was almost as if it had happened for real. It reminded her of something that occurred almost a decade earlier. She had felt rage like that when Rex had announced his plans to divorce her and she had wanted to get revenge for all the times he had insulted her and taken her for granted. But then a little voice inside her head told her to let go of the anger and put it into words instead. And that was what she did. The change did not happen overnight but eventually they managed to work things out and they got closer to the bliss their relationship had once been.

All this changed two years later when she had come home one night to find his lifeless body hanging from the garage ceiling. People would tell her later it was not her fault, that some things you just can't predict and therefore it's impossible to stop them. The incident however would never make sense to her. It didn't back then and it still troubled her every other day. She had gone through the events of that day a hundred times but the blanks could not be filled. The cause of death stated he had taken a massive dose of painkillers and then apparently decided to finish it off with plan B. No one took her doubts seriously, it was as if everyone including the cops assumed living with Bree Van de Kamp would eventually lead to suicide.

She was holding the wheel now desperately trying to stop the tears. It was ridiculous to still be crying over it. No one had brought up the subject in years and it seemed the only place the horrors of that day existed was in her own head. Orson had been so supportive. He had come to talk to her while she was trying to take her mind of things by gardening. He had told her how his first wife had killed herself and she was eager to share her pain with someone who understood. It was such luck he happened to find her just then. As time went on and they got married he got less and less interested in hearing about Rex and he never mentioned his wife anymore. It was as if he had decided to move on and simply forget about the life before but for Bree it was more difficult. That was when she decided it was time to put the mask back on once more and somehow learn to live suppressing her feelings again. She had come to accept that a truly happy ending was not meant for her but she could make the most of what she had.

With a sigh she started the engine all the energy having drained out of her. Being in bed with Karl seemed a long time ago now. It was an early evening but the scene was dark, almost too dark for that time of the year. She hoped it would not take long for her to get home as she was getting scared she might hit something. There was that feeling of déjà vu again, the further she drove the stronger it got. It was as if the wind was blowing in her face but the windows were all closed.


The voice was clearly coming from inside her head and it made her jump off her seat a little. She almost lost control of the vehicle but at the last minute she managed to stop it in the middle of the road. She breathed a sigh of relief as she sat shaking on her seat.

"What was that?" The words escaped her lips as she slowly looked around. She then realized the danger of having her car parked in darkness in the middle of the road and quickly re-started the engine. The rest of the journey she clutched onto the wheel as if her life depended on it and she could only feel truly relieved when she saw the driveway to her house. The feeling of déjà vu had passed after the near crash but it was suddenly getting stronger again. This made her feel very uneasy and she was hesitant to open the garage door due to the bad memories that now haunted her again. Instead she chose to leave her car in the driveway and headed straight inside.

Bree flicked the lights on and the first thing she saw was an envelope with the name "Bree" calligraphed on it. It was on the table in the hallway and she quickly took the letter out as the envelope was left open. She was all too prepared for what she was about to read.

Dear Bree,

first of all you have to understand that I love you more than you could ever imagine. It is not for you to blame yourself for what I am about to tell you. The sins were all mine and I have come to understand that now. Nothing I do will ever make up for what has been done in the past. You see, there are no coincidences when it comes to our story. I loved you in a time when you didn't even know my name and I stopped at nothing to make you mine. If you look back you will understand what I mean. I am sorry for my action as I know now that guilt is not a small price to pay for happiness. It eats you up until you can see no way out. Therefore I have decided to end my days in room 217 at the motel on 13th Street. Your beautiful home will not be tainted by my presence anymore. I hope for your sake you will find happiness as I can not think of anyone more deserving of it than you Bree, my sole purpose of existence and the love of my life.

May we meet again one day.


"It was a happy ending after all." Mary smiled as she closed the window on her daughter's past knowing she still had years and years to go.