The Dark Side of The Elements

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Back on the "Justice"

"The message has been sent Captain Deathstrum, Coruscant will be notified of this" Lieutenant Swift said.

"More importantly, The Emperor will know of this and then we will see what orders we will be given" Captain Deathstrum said.

"Captain!" a sergeant said.

"What is it sergeant?" Captain Deathstrum asked.

"We found the displacement device and are trying to reactivate it but the language is unknown to us" the sergeant replied.

"Very well sergeant, keep trying and hopefully we will be able to use this device to our advantage" Captain Deathstrum said.

"Yes Sir!" the sergeant said as he left the command bridge.

"...I hope The Emperor doesn't execute me for this" Captain Deathstrum nervously said to himself.

In the science room on the "Justice"

Scientists were working furiously to get this displacement device to work but to no avail. If they could understand the language then maybe they would have a chance.

Standing in the middle of the room was the ring shaped displacement device, which was now positioned upright in order for somebody to walk through.

"*sigh* No matter what we do it's just never going to work! If only we could understand the language and symbols this thing is carrying then maybe we can use it" one scientist complained.

"Oh shut your trap, we all know that whining about it is not going to solve the issue now get on with it!" one of the guards replied

The scientist who was infuriated with the device failing to respond, kicks it with alot of force and then storms off. What he didn't realise was that the kick was the force necessary enough for the control panel to start glowing.

Back in Equestria

"Uh sir, Lord Vader's awake now" Sky Hooker said.

The troopers and Spike all turned their heads to see the black leathered man standing tall over most of them.

"What are you troopers doing with your weapons!" Lord Vader demanded an answer.

"My Lord this creature known as "Spike" was watching over us to see if we are alright" Bow said as he pointed to Spike, who had become nervous again after seeing this tall and dark figure standing over him.

"So you are the one who was watching us" Lord Vader said.

"Y-Yes that's r-right I w-w-was just to see if you were al-al-alright" Spike said terrified of Lord Vader's height.

Before Lord Vader could say anything else, The Mane Six arrived on the scene , galloping to Spike's last known position. When they saw these strange creatures awake they were unsure if they were friendly or hostile.

"So you must be the one that is charge of these...things?" Twilight said.

"That is so and who you might be?" Lord Vader asked.

"Oh yes how awfully rude of us, my name is Twilight Sparkle and these are my friends Rarity, AppleJack, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy" Twilight said as she pointed to all of her friends.

"Howdy" AppleJack said

"Hello" Fluttershy said softly.

"Hello there you wonderful new things" Rarity said.

"Oh boy new people to play around with!" Pinke Pie said, very excited.

"Meh, you look cool enough in my book" Rainbow Dash said as she was looking at the suits of armour the creatures were wearing.

"I am Darth Vader, commander of The 501st Legion and I don't understand why you troopers have put away your weapons" Lord Vader said as he looked back at his troopers with no guns.

"...they had weapons?" Twilight asked.

"We hidden our weapons because we were worried that the locals would attack us if they saw we were ar-" Bow was about to finish when suddenly he felt like he was being choked to death.

"I will be the one that is in charge here not you" Lord Vader said as he released his grip on Bow.

"*cough* *cough* *cough* of *cough* course Lord Vader" Bow said as he was struggling for breath.

"Now where were we Twilight Sparkle" Lord Vader said as he turned to face The Mane Six again, who were now nervous after seeing Lord Vader's anger.

"Uhhh uhhh yes umm we were going to uhhh" Twilight said as she was trying to recall what to say next.

"Perhaps it would be wise to contact the government of this planet now wouldn't it" Lord Vader said.

"YES! YES! That's exactly I was going to say! I shall send a message to the princess now. Spike, take a letter" Twilight said.

Dear Princess Celestia

Today is not a lesson on friendship but something much greater. Today I found some strange creatures lead by a tall black one named Darth Vader. He wants to talk to you about something very important.

Your Faithfull Student Twilight Sparkle

As soon as she finished, Spike sent the letter off to Canterlot by blowing green fire on the scroll.

"What is that? That is not the force" Lord Vader asked.

"Spike can use green fire breath from his mouth to send letters off to many different locations but it does have a few consequences" Twilight said as Spike belched a letter from his mouth.

"Wow that was quick" Spike said as he began to read it.

To My Faithfull Student Twilight Sparkle

This strange being known as Lord Vader has been heard about before but I can't remember the last time it was. Anyway I will gladly have a conversation with this being at Canterlot Castle. I will send you two chariots at 10:00am to come pick you and Lord Vader up.

Princess Celestia

"Well Vader your meeting with Princess Celestia has been set but it's going to be tomorrow" Twilight said.

"Very well, we will have to wait until then" Lord Vader replied.

"Well what do we do now?" Sky Hooker asked.

"Perhaps we could introduce you around Ponyville and see what we can do before then" Twilight suggested.

Lord Vader was silent for a minute thinking about if it was a good idea.

'I keep getting this feeling that I want to do...good now, like this land is...changing me' Lord Vader thought to himself.

"Very well, we shall go with your suggestion until our meeting with the princess" Lord Vader finally replied.

Pinkie Pie got real excited when he said that and zoomed off.

"...where did she go?" Lord Vader asked.

"Oh it's just Pinkie being herself, she did the same thing when I first arrived here in Ponyville a couple of days ago" Twilight replied.

"Ok then, lead the way Twilight Sparkle" Lord Vader said as they begun to walk to Ponyville.

'Something inside me is changing, I'm getting a feeling I never felt ever since I was a kid' Lord Vader thought to himself again.

'A feeling of...excitement'

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