For the effects of this fic, that I don't own any character, Alexis does not exist. I'm totally clueless about this. This is just an idea that I had, but I can develop it, I don't know...It's just meant to be fluff and sweet, at least for now...

Beckett was lying face up over the bed as her five-year-old son, James, was making of her the trail for his car toys. He was playing with the little cars, moving them from up her leg to her 32 week pregnant belly. The baby on her belly moved and the cars fell down over the bed.

"Hey! She's messing with my toys!" He said surprised and impressed.

She couldn't help, but to laugh at what he said. "I have the feeling I'll be listening to this a lot more times!"

"When is she going to be born, anyway?" He asked curious, putting the hands over her belly.

"In eight weeks."

"Uhm," He lay back on bed and crossed the legs. "eight weeks is, like, on Sunday?"

Beckett stroked her son's brown hair and answered. "No, babe, eight weeks is in eight weeks."

James turned around again and crawled, snuggling next to her. "How did she get in there?"

"I don't know, you tell me, mister."

"I think she grew in your belly…" The boy looked the ceiling and added. "Or maybe were aliens that put her there!"

"So, we're aliens today?" She asked, grinning. "Because just yesterday we were dinosaur decedents."

"And tomorrow we're kings!" He stated, laughing. "I'm Sir James Alexander Castle, a brave warrior and the Prince of our land. Johanna will be the little Princess and dad is the big King in charge of our whole kingdom."

"Okay. And what's my role in all that, Sir James Alexander Castle?"

"You are the beautiful Queen, who fights for justice."

"So, I'm still a police officer?" She smiled at him, still being amazed day after day by her son's imagination.

"Well, Uncle Kevin and Uncle Javi help you." He said, smiling sweetly at her. James focused his green eyes on hers and asked her. "It's late. When his dad coming home?"

"I don't know. He's signing autographs. It can take the whole night."

"Why didn't we go with him this time?"

"Because today is Tuesday. You have to get up early to go to kindergarten."

"I could have stayed with Grams and you could have gone."

"Yeah, but mom is tired and I still have to work two more weeks, so I need to get a lot of sleep too." Kate sat on bed, pulled him for her lap and put a kiss on his head. "So, speaking of sleep, it's already way beyond your bedtime, don't you think, Jimmy?"

"Can I sleep here? Just for tonight?"

"Go grab your pillow, quick."

James jumped of the bed and ran to his bedroom, coming running again with the pillow under the arm. He put his pillow between his parents' ones and laid the head over it. Kate pulled the bed sheets closer to him and lay on bed too.

Beckett caressed his hair, commenting. "You know, you are like your dad, in everything."

"Hey, mom?"


"You think I can join a football team?"

"I don't see why not. But why don't we talk about it in the morning and tell it to your dad too?"

"Okay. Night, mom." He bent over her, put away the hair from her cheek and placed there a kiss. "And night Jo." He put a kiss over her belly, putting the head on the pillow again.

Beckett put a kiss on his cheek as well. "Night to you too, Sir Jimmy." The kid smiled and snuggled the bed sheets under the chin.

The kid had just fallen asleep when Beckett heard him entering home. She could hear him trying to be silent in every step, but he just couldn't. He opened the bedroom's door slowly and she looked back.

He started taking off the jacket and walked to her, put a kiss on her lips and placed his hand over tummy, getting a kick from his daughter that made both smile. "How long has he been sleeping?"

"He just fell asleep now." She pulled him for another kiss by the shirt collar. "How it was with the autographs?"

"It was as it always is. I'm exhausted!" He changed clothes and slipped into bed with them. On his side of the bed he found the two toy cars of James, grabbed them and put them over the bedside table. "Good night, Jay-Jay." He whispered into his child's hair, giving him a kiss and nestling him on his chest. He gave one last smile to his wife before both fell asleep.

I seriously don't know what to do next. I don't even know if this will be a one-shot or not...This was just a random idea that I had. Suggestions are appreciated.