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Chapter 1: Star-crossed Lovers

My body is dead. My brain is gone. But I'm still moving and talking. I hate it. I know that all this is true because his gone. Peeta, the love of my life is gone. Instead of the heartless killer Cato dying, falling to the bloodthirsty mutts Peeta took his place. I thought they said that only two could survive if from the same district. But suddenly when I'm a second away from shooting my arrow straight into Cato's head they announce us, as the two winners? I haven't done anything wrong, so why is the capitol punishing me?

"Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the two winners of the 74th Hunger Games, Cato Lennox and Katniss Everdeen!" Caesar Flickerman shouts to the crowd as they excitedly start to yell Cato and my name. I'm trying to smile, for Prim to smile too. But it's so hard when Peeta is gone. I need to make Prim smile at home though, come on Katniss do it.

I put on a fake yet convincing smile as I walk on stage and wave slowly. I sit down on the small couch for two and forget that Cato is right behind me. I feel more weight be put on the chair as I turn my head to spot Cato sitting down. I give him a death glare but he doesn't seem to really notice.

I'm wearing a golden short dress (made up) that goes to my knees. It sparkles in the light and the material is really soft which I like. Cinna always knows the best clothes to wear to make the capitol happy.

Cato is wearing a white dress shirt with a bow tie and black blazer. He does look rather an attractive gentlemen then a heartless killer, but all of Panem knows that he was and still is a heartless killer. But still, attractive not that I would admit it.

I feel an arm sneak around me and look at Cato who doesn't seem to care that he put his arm on my shoulder. I start to move further away from him by shoving his arm back to his lap and then sliding more to the left. I give him a glare and see him return it before paying my attention back to Caesar.

"Ohh! Cato was trying to be romantic Katniss, but you just shoved it back at him! Not liking this at all I see? But how can we blame her right folks?" Caesar waits for the crowd to respond and they do with whistling and happy screams.

"If you didn't get what we were trying to say Katniss, it was that your lover Peeta is gone. We know it must have been a horrible moment for you. But how are you coping with it now? Since you are the winner of the 74th Hunger Games!"

The crowd shouts random sounds again. They do it every time he mentions The Hunger Games, sick bastards.

Wait, did he just mention a question having to do with…Peeta?

I have to answer, not truthfully though.

"I'm still sad but trying to get back on my feet. I am still alive and should be grateful though I couldn't do it without Peeta. So can I hear a cheer for Peeta?" I shout to the crowd as they reply with loud cheers.

I feel a pair of eyes staring at me and turn to see Cato's powerful ocean blue eyes staring at me with a shocked expression.

I surprised myself too, though. I can't believe I just did that! I hate the capitol; they don't deserve to cheer such an amazing man.

"Well, Katniss we all are sad to see the loss of our star-crossed lovers? Or is it a new beginning for new star-crossed lovers?"

I gave Caesar a questioning look and even not taking a simple glance at Cato I know his confused too.

"It was adorable how Cato tried to comfort you with his arm around you. Must make you seem secure! But you pushed him away, is public affection not your favourite thing?"

What is this man going on about? I can't really think of an answer so reply with a-

"Wait, what?" I realize that he completely ignores me as he moves on to Cato and decides to ask him a few questions.

"So Cato, feeling great as you are one of the winners of our 74th Hunger Games?"

"Yes Caesar, being alive is an amazing feeling." Cato earns a lot of laughs and giggles with that joke. No, I mean statement because let's face it that is true.

"I'm just messing around with ya Caesar, but it is an amazing feeling. To be famous all over Panem for winning this is just perfect. I don't have family to show off too, but as long as all of Panem can share my happiness I'm fine."

Cato, you idiot! How can Panem feel happy when people from their district are dead? Maybe the capitol will like you but not all of Panem!

"You don't have family Cato? That is very sad indeed. But don't worry. I'm sure your little Katniss here will comfort you." Caesar proclaims with his famous grin.

I need to speak up, I have no idea what's going on.

"Just what the hell-"

A giant hand covers my mouth quickly and I grab it and try to pull it away. It's Cato's hand, but why did he stop me? He then let's go and I start to breath slowly.

"Yes, I'm sure she will."

"Well I know that was only a few questions but we've run out of time! Everybody give a hand to our new star-crossed lovers, Katniss Everdeen and Cato Lennox!"

Everybody in the crowd claps and I don't move.

New star-crossed lovers? Just what the hell is going on?

"How dare you not inform me about this Haymitch? I should have a right to know!"

I yell at the top of my lungs at Haymitch. I'm supposed to fake a love life with Cato?

"We were going to tell you after the show, we swear!"

Wow, for the first time Haymitch seems scared of me. Then I realize-

"Who the hell are WE?"

"Me and Cato! Who else?"

I turn around to Cato who is playing with his hair looking bored. He then glances at me and I give him a glare. If looks could kill he would be dead. If looks could kill I would have died already. Gladly. Better than being here and trying to act 'intimate' with Cato.

"You knew about this?" I shout and walk up to him.

"You think I covered your filthy mouth for nothing? Look if I don't act as your boyfriend then the people closes to me die!"

"You said you didn't have family you stinking bastard! How can you lie about your mother right now and say she is not a living soul when she is? I bet you'll go to hell away from her in the future!"


"Look, I'm sorry I didn't know! But that doesn't mean I want to be a girlfriend of a heartless sick killer! I'll never forgive you Cato! Never!"

We both forget that Haymitch is watching us. It doesn't matter though; I want the whole world to know. Know what? Know that I will never forgive Cato Lennox.

"Didn't you hear what I just said bitch? Your family will die!"

I let out a weep. I forgot… what to do? I have to give in!

"Oh…then I guess there's no choice."

"No shit Sherlock." Cato screams at my face.

I turn my head to see if Haymitch was still standing there but he left to get more scotch.

I see Caesar walk into the small room and I do the unthinkable.

I kiss Cato.

His eyes were still open but suddenly they closed and started to move with mine. I feel light shine on my face and figure out that its cameras.

I feel Cato nibble at my bottom lip and I let out a moan which of course makes me open my mouth. He then slides his tongue in and starts to explore my mouth. His arms snake around my waist while I'm still tippy toeing to get to hid height.

We're making out and I know I hate this guy. But why am I kissing him now? Why is he kissing me back when he doesn't know the cameras are there?

I place my hands on his chest and push him away.

I stare into his eyes as he stares back into my grey ones.

He then turns around to see the cameras and the camera people nervously walk away as they feel him threatening them, though he can't do anything or else getting executed.

He looks back at me and I look down and try to avoid eye contact. Instead of looking to the ground I look at a massive erection.

I blush a scarlet red and look back up.

I'm shocked to see Cato looks embarrassed but hurt at the same time.

Ruthless murderer looking hurt? No way…

"Why do you look sad?" I gently caressed his right cheek but he flinches and yanks it back to my waist.

What the hell happened to us 2 minutes ago? We were swearing and everything and now we're comforting each other? What the hell…

"Nothing. Just hated that kiss, that's all."

"You put your tongue down my throat and have a massive erection! What do you mean by that Cato?"

I smirk as victory is mine.

"Just wanted to see your reaction, but the cameras were there so I couldn't really see."

Cato lets go of my waist finally and scratches the back of his head.

"The erect-"

"Just piss off girl on fire! The cameras aren't here anymore!"

His so pissed now. But his back to his old self.

"See you tomorrow anyway you stupid filthy rat!"

He slaps the back of my back as he walks off.

I rub it and mutter Oww before walking to the elevators getting ready for bed in the penthouse for the last time ever.

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