Hey guys, I'm back! So even though I said this story was completed last year, (whoa) I thought since I've decided to come back for a bit, I should write another (definitely last) chapter about Cato and Katniss in the future! What do you guys think? Please review or pm me telling me! And if you think I should, then what should it be about? Give me some ideas! Thanks guys, I love you all 3

I also forgot to mention this story has hit more than 120k views! I can't believe so many people have read this story! (I know it could be one person has viewed the story 1k times but anyway) Either someone is obsessed with the story or a lot of people have seen it! Either way I'm really grateful and glad I wrote this story! That's why I'm thinking about thanking you guys with a new chapter!

Oh and please check out my new story about my oc character Hayden Hemmings. I haven't got any reviews or anything much like that. I surely hope you'll enjoy my new story!