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Genre : Romance / Slice of Life /Shonen-Ai

WARNING : I'm not good at English, so I'm so sorry if the grammar is bad and maybe you'll find many typo.

This is the Chapter 2, hope you enjoyed it ^w^





"hoy… sit down properly on your seat!"Frau shouted when he and Teito arrived to the class. Some of students were grumbled and sat to their seat.

And they were whispered one of another.

Teito stood in front of class, took a breath because he was so nervous. Yeah.. all of class saw at him with curious eyes.

"Okay, don't be nervous. Introduce yourself, they are waiting for you,"said Frau and sit on his seat.

"Ah… yes.." nodded. "My name is Teito Klein, nice to meet you all!"he bowed, as the sign of his polite behavior. The class was in silent for awhile, then they gave a good reaction.

"Okay, introduce section was over! You all can ask everything to this brat after class. Teito, you can sit at the corner," Frau's finger pointed at the corner of class, to the empty desk.

'Brat…?'Teito looked at Frau for a while then walked to his desk. He really didn't like how Frau called him. He sat at his desk, behind of a boy, with long blonde hair that was tied neatly. The boy looked at Teito for awhile and smile.

"My name's Hakuren,"the boy introduced his self , before Teito greeted him. "Yoroshiku onegaishimasu, Teito Klein," he continued it.

"Ah.. yes. Yoroshiku, Hakuren.."Teito nodded and smiled happily. Hakuren is the 1st – no. The 2nd person he knew in Barsburg academy after his teacher, Frau.

'I hope something exiting will happen,' looked out of window and smiled. Without knowing, Frau watched him , and smiled secretly.

[Meanwhile, at student council office]

"Ayanami-kaichoo," Hyuuga brought him a bunch of paper and placed it at that silver haired boy's table.

With violet eyes, Ayanami just looked and back to the work. He read data about new student that just arrived, Teito Klein.

"What's that?"asked Hyuuga to Ayanami. He wanted to know, of course. Because, it so rare too saw Ayanami interested about something. Looked at Hyuuga, with his cold eyes.

"You'll know later,"answered Ayanami and stood up. Ayanami's answer made Hyuuga felt curious. Ah.. he hoped he would knew it as soon as possible. His eyes followed where Ayanami was gone, and he followed him too.

Barsburg's environment made Teito excited. Of course. He never came to a place like that; with green scenery everywhere.

"you look so excited, brat. Like a puppy," commented Frau, grinned. And Teito looked at him, felt uneasy. If he wasn't his teacher, Teito would punch him, for sure.

"Ah sensei, may I ask something?"

"What is it?"

"That building" Teito's finger pointed to the silver building at backyard. "What building is it?"

Frau sighed, and patted Teito's head.

"a brat don't need to know it," he said, smirked. "because that was xxxxxxxxxx-"

"Stop!"he covered his ears, blushed.

"Cute.."Frau grinned again, and walked first.

'I don't believe.. impossible if academy have place like….'blushed again and went after Frau.


For sure… he would came and checked.

Because… he could felt that someone, called him..