Four Hedgehogs Adventure


Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus: Yep, another Sonic Adventure fanfic... no, it's not actually based on that game, it's just... Sonic on an adventure. With Amy, Shadow, and Silver tagging along. Four hedgehogs, y'see? ...You don't like it, huh? Figured. Well, I got nothing else to say, so enjoy the fanfiic, everybody!

Sonic The Hedgehog was running as usual in the lush Seaside Hill, enjoying the beautiful weather as he went over the famous loops. He then paused, looking around to see the orange and yellow-orange colored checkerboard walls surrounding him, with the lively green foliage growing on it.

"Yeah, this is my kind of place!" Sonic exclaimed as he smiled, placing his hands on his hips.

Suddenly, much to his surprise, Amy Rose popped out of nowhere, tackling Sonic down to the ground. Sonic screamed as he tried pulling away from Amy, whose grip was too strong.

"Oh Sonic, I knew I would find you here!" Amy cooed as she giggled with glee.

Sonic gasped as he tried crawling out. "Amy, you're hurting me! Please get off!" He then pulled himself out of the mess, dusting himself as he glared at Amy. "You gotta warn me when you do that! Every single time you appear, something always happens to me!"

Amy scoffed as she placed her hands on her hips. "What happened this time, my cutesy wutsey?"

Sonic growled as he rubbed his right arm. "First it was my legs, and now it's my arms." He flailed his arms about in anger. "You gotta watch where you're going! People like me could get hurt!"

"Ohohoho! Exactly, you nasty little pincushion!" Dr. Eggman laughed boastfully as he arrived in his personal Egg Carrier.

Sonic lowered his eyes as he shook his head. "Speak of the devil, it's old Robuttnik himself!"

Dr. Eggman shook his left index finger at Sonic. "That's Eggman to you, you pesky pest!"

Sonic smirked, his right hand on his hip. "Pesky pest? Man, you're really running out of insults!"

Dr. Eggman waved his hand at Sonic. "Bah! Forget it!" He clasped his hands together. "I'm turning innocent animals into devious robots again, and this time, they're too tough for even you, Sonic!"

Amy walked up towards Eggman, pointing at him. "That's why he has me here! They're not so tough when there are two of us!"

Sonic gawked, dropping his jaw in disbelief as Eggman laughed his head off.

"That's a good laugh! I enjoy it!" Eggman exclaimed as he rubbed his hands together. "It will make your defeat all the sweeter!" He pressed a button, summoning four red colored Egg pawns. "Have fun being beaten up by my top models of Egg pawns, while I give Earth a much needed makeover!"

Amy and Sonic both raised their fists as the Egg pawns were blasted by powerful green blasts of psychic energy. The two humanoid hedgehogs turned around, to spot Silver The Hedgehog, just behind them.

"No way, Ivo! You're not going to try and take over the world yet again when I'm around!" Silver exclaimed as he pointed upward.

Eggman shook his head as he groaned. "Oh great. Just great. Not you, too!"

Sonic scratched his head. "Silver, I didn't expect you to show up!"

Silver sheepishly chuckled as he shrugged, "Well, I didn't come alone, Sonic. I brought along Shadow for the ride, too!"

Shadow The Hedgehog walked up next to Silver, his arms folded. "Let's just say, it was a habit of him convincing me to join up."

Eggman sighed as he placed his right hand on his face. "This is no fun. It was one thing when it was just Sonic, but now it's turned into a party!"

Sonic smirked as he pointed at Eggman. "That's right, Robotnik! You better get ready for your daily beating!"

Eggman scoffed as he pressed another button on his Egg Carrier, heading to the western direction. "Humph! I'll deal with you pests later! I got a planet to seize!"

Amy shook her arms frantically. "We can't let egg belly just get away! He means business!"

Shadow rolled his eyes. "He always means business, Amy." He turned to Sonic and Silver. "I know you can handle this situation by yourself as usual, Sonic, but let us help. I'm sure you'll appreciate it."

Sonic shrugged as he casually smiled. "Well, I'm not one to be a negative nancy, so… okay!" He chuckled as he wagged his right index finger, zipping off as he shouted, "I hope you guys can be able to catch me!"

Amy groaned as she pouted, stomping her right foot. "No fair! He blasted off again!"

Shadow shrugged, closing his eyes. "Oh, you know that Sonic. Always going where the wind takes him…"

Silver rubbed his left arm. "Shouldn't we stop talking and just go after him?"

Shadow and Amy glanced at each other, then at Silver, and then nodded. The three hedgehogs then ran after Sonic, taking quite a while for obvious reasons.