Sonic was zipping ahead, hitting all of the Egg Robos that were in his path as he ran upward, heading up the white platform, with Shadow, Silver, and Amy Rose all running after him.

"Sonic! Slow down!" Amy exclaimed as she was sweating, resting at one of the white columns as she rubbed her forehead. "Phew! He sure is fast...!" She exclaimed as her breathing got heavier.

Silver stopped in his tracks as he turned around, placing his hands on his hips. "Wait a minute, why are you stopping? Aren't you as fast as Sonic?"

Amy blinked as she tilted her head to the right. "Well yeah, I guess you can say I am since I will chase him to the ends of anywhere and everywhere, but..." She then pulled out her Piko Piko Hammer as she proceeded to rub it with her left hand. "Just because I love him doesn't mean I'm always fast..."

Silver wrapped his left arm around Amy as he shook his head. "Don't let it get to your head, Amy. After all, if you try, you can do anything!" After a few awkward seconds, Silver stretched his arms as he glanced back, seeing that Sonic and Shadow were gone. "And speaking of which, we better get going, or we'll be left behind."

Amy gasped as she slapped her right hand on her face. "Oh gosh, you're right! What was I thinking, moping around?" She then placed her Piko Piko Hammer away under her red dress as she grabbed Silver by the right arm, dashing on the path to catch up to Sonic and Shadow. "Come on! We gotta go fast!"

"Amy, take it easy...!" Silver exclaimed as his eyes widened, being dragged along as opposed to running by himself.