Summary: During the summer holidays between her fourth and fifth year, Rose had a strange vision. Is it possible her parents came back from the dead? And what will they say when they find out she's in love with our favorite werewolf?

Titel: It's about time
Author: Moonys
Rated: M because I'm paranoid
Pairings: Rose/Remus, James/Lily, mentioned Lily/Severus,
Warning: AU! Fem!Harry, mentioned abuse! Don't like, don't read.
Notes: none.
Disclaimer: I don't own Harry Potter, duh.


She opened her eyes, but she knew she wasn't wake. She had a vision. Again. Since she witnessed Voldemorts return, every night was literally a nightmare. She was afraid to fall asleep, to see and feel Voldemort. Listen to his horrible voice, witness his violence against innocent muggles or his own subjects. Worst of all, she couldn't escape so easily. She started to scream, to trash around, but only when Sirius hold her and whispering soothing words, she would wake up eventually.

She stood up from the dusty floor, and made her way along a small corridor, she remembered from her vision before her forth year. She could see a faint light from the end of it. For a second she thought about to turn around and just run, wherever she would end up.
Something was telling her, it would be wise, but she couldn't stop herself from going. Knowing she would find Voldemort, feeling his present, and her scar was burning like someone were stabbing her forehead with a knife.
She closed her eyes for a second, made another step, and opened them again. Hesitating and carefully she entered the room. Although it was only a version, she was always scared Voldemort could harm her somehow. Sirius might said it's impossible, nut she didn't want to find it out.
She gasped when she saw Tom and his company. Afraid she would pass out any moment, but too curiose if it was true what she saw, she lend against the wall, simply staring at three people in the bedraggled room.
"Hello Rose." said Voldemort, and an evil smirk spread upon his lips. "I think you already know my visitors... James and Lily Potter."
He gesture to her parents who was sitting shocked and bound in magical chains on the floor, on the other side of the dark and dusty room.
"Rose, RUN! Run and get help!" Lily shouted, and Tom chuckled darkly, still looking at Rose who was overwhelmed by this situations.
"No." Rose whispered weakly. "This... no. You're.. you're dead..."
"No. Rose... just get out of here! Get OUT!" James spoke up.
Rose tried to collect herself. What was this about? Why would Voldemort made a version including her dead parents. It was weird. She was shocked and irritated, wondering what plan he made up. Suddenly a tingle of anger rise in her stomach. Voldemort might be heartless and cruel, but he didn't had the right to, kind of, make fun of her parents.

"What is this cruel joke about?" she hissed at her nemesis.

"Joke? What joke?" he replied innocently as possible. "Can't you remember, Rose? In another version, I told you, if you join me, I would bring your parents back to life. I can understand that you thought I lied, but here's the proof."
Rose looked at her parents again. They looked anxious and distraught, like Rose felt. They clothes were filthy and sweaty. Pain, anger and distress were written in they face. It hurt Rose to see her parents like this, no matter if they were real or not. She wanted to remember and see her parents like everybody described them: happy and vital. She wouldn't forget this sight soon, and it made her even more angry. Wasn't it enough that he took them away? He was the reason why she would never get them to know, never seeing her as alive as he made up they would be. Now he was torture her with this horrible sight, filling her mind with awful pictures of her parents, trying to make her believing they were back.

"Why?" she simply asked.
"Why what?" Voldemort asked.
"Why are you doing this? We both know they're dead, and you cannot bring the dead back. So why are you doing this to me?" still her voice was only barely a whisper.
"I see. So you still don't believe me." he said and chuckled. "Up!" he commanded at James direction.
James hesitated and Voldemort shot him a glare.
"Cru-" he started, but before he said one of the most feared word in the wizarding world, James jumped on his feet.
James looked pitiful at Rose. "Just run. Don't care about-"
"Change, I said!"
Rose just stared at her father. She knew what Voldemort wanted from him, but it wasn't possible, was it? James sighed one last time, and started to change into Prongs. A very big and somewhat tired looking stag was standing in front of her. The stag made two steps in her direction and nuzzled his snout carefully on her cheek, like he wanted to repeat what he said before.

"Enough." said Voldemort and pointed his wand at James. "Change back and go back to the mudblood."
Under other circumstances, Rose had jumped at the Slytherin's throat, for insulting her mother like this, but she was simply too shocked and irritated to so anything at all.
"Well Potter," Voldemort told her. "It's up to you. Join me or I kill you parents again... and your friends."
"You can't..." she croaked.
"I can't? Do you think I don't have the heart to do it?" he chuckled about this own joke. "Or do you think you're save at Number 12 Grimmauld Place?"
He was laughing now, while she just stared in shock at him. This has to be a nightmare, not a version. He can't know that, right?
Everything around her turned black, and a few seconds later, she opened her eyes, finding herself in her bed.
"No. It's not possible..." she whispered and getting a tired hooting from Hedwig in respond.