Two weeks pass by, since Rose, Sirius and Remus moved into the Potter's Summer Cottage. Rose was sitting outside under a big willow, reading a book Remus burrowed her, while Sirius and Remus were sitting in the living room, watching her out of the window and wonder what was going on with her. Since they're arrived Rose barely talked to them, and the men started to worry about her.
It was two days before the full moon and Remus sense were sharp. He could almost smell that Rose felt uncomfortable, but he had no idea why, though. Like Rose's emotions, he could smell how insecure Sirius was.
"Do you think she's mad? First I didn't told her about the Order stuff, and now she found out about the heritage." The animagus asked concerned.
"You know you wasn't allowed to tell her anything, and she has to accept that, and I know she does. Though, I'm not sure about the heritage, but she'll tell us eventually. I know that. Just give her some time."
Sirius only nodded absently and didn't mention it again.

Rose woke up with a start. Another vision from Voldemort with her parents, let her heart hammer against her ribcage. She looked around, hoping to find Sirius who would calm her, but the man wasn't there. With shaking legs she stood up and attempt to go to her godfather. She knew it is was childish. No 14 soon 15 year old girl would go in the middle of the night to her godfather, and whine about having a nightmare. She stopped at the doorknob and thought about to go back to bed, telling Sirius and Remus in the morning. After a few seconds she just opened the door and scraped the thought. Sirius would like to know, she told herself, and if she was honest with herself, in moment like this, she just wanted to be selfish and have someone to calm her, regardless how old she is, even if it's childish. Her whole life was about she has to do, what she has to be and what other people await from her, so why not being selfish when it's about her dreams at least?
She opened the door, slipped in and closed it as quite as possible. She turned around and gasped.
"Rose?" a tired voice asked.
"I'm sorry Remus. I wanted to go to Sirius, but I-"
"Why? What's wrong? Come here." Remus sat up in his bed, a short flick with his wand light up a candle on the bed stand.
Rose walked slowly to the bed, blushing with every step a little more. She sat down and Remus laid an arm around her shoulder to hold her tight. She laid her head on his shoulder and .
"Nightmare or vision?" he asked softly while stroking her shoulder with his thump.
"Vision." she mumbled.
Remus remind silence for a few minutes to let her calm down, before he asked what it was about.
"Voldemort. He..."
"He what, Rose?" he asked gently, but Rose buried her face deeper in his pyjama. He pulled her almost in his lap and hold her tight. With one hand he draw circles on Rose back, which send a shiver down her spine.
"Do want to to talk about it tomorrow?"
Rose nodded slightly, trying to enjoy the last moments in his arms. "You can sleep here if you want to." he offered her and Rose agreed happily.
Remus turn off the candle and laid down. Rose crawled under the covers as close to Remus as possible without being too suspicious of hoping he would hold her during her sleep, but it seems like the werewolf had his own plans. Again he pulled her close to his chest and wrapped his arms around her slim body.

She nuzzled her head against his neck, and Remus couldn't hold back a smile. Rose wasn't asleep but felt like dreaming. Never before she felt so prosperous, so safe, so loved. It was like she always imagined it. Just being hold by Remus. Just feeling that the, otherwise more reserved, werewolf just opened his heart and let her in. His feeling for her might be fatherly, and she knew that, like she knew it was wrong to take advantage of this situation, but she couldn't stop herself. Her lips brushed his skin, planting stealthy kisses right above collarbone, and she felt him shivering. Remus pulled her even tighter against his body.
"Rose..." his husky voice broke the silence. "We can't." He lifted her chin until she was looking in his amber eyes. They faces way too close for Remus moral side.
"It's too dangerous." he whispered, though the wolf inside him screamed for more.
Why? Just why now? Why not in a week or last week? Why around full moon? He thought almost bitterly. He wanted her, well, the werewolf wanted her.
Remus knew Rose was attracted to him. He could sense it while he was teaching at Hogwarts, but he hoped it was only a stupid little teenager crush and she'd grew out of it. Three weeks ago, when she came to Grimmauld Place, he knew she never grew out of it, and she probably never would. Every touch, every smile, ever glance was painfully full of love. Why painfully? Because it torn him apart.
After being a werewolf for nearly forty years, he resigned that nobody will love him, and it might sounds silly to you, but he had swore to himself, even if someone would bother loving him more like a friend, he wouldn't start a relationship. Not only that he didn't wanted to be a burden to the might only person who loves him, the main reason was that he didn't wanted to hurt anybody.
To hold on this mindset was easier said than done, after he started to teach at Hogwarts. A part of him immanently fell in love with Rose, while the other part was cursing his stupid heart.

And now she laid in front of him. He couldn't remember pulling her so close, but hell, he wouldn't let her go again. She looked puzzling at him, her sweet red lips slightly open. Remus was caught in a dream and a nightmare at the same time.
"Why? Is it because-" She whispered.
"It's too dangerous." He replied.
She sighed disappointed against his lips. He never felt before such a shiver down his spine. Did he really just dumped this amazing girl, though she wanted the same?
Screw moral, it's about time to listen to my heart he thought, pinned on the bed and kissed her firmly.
She melted immanently and lend into the kiss. Both didn't wanted it to stop, but the need of air made Remus broke the kiss first. She laid there, still under him, panting.

"It's so wrong." He growled against her bruised lips.
Rose wanted to say something, afraid he would end this beautiful moment too soon, but only moaned when he kissed and gently bite and nipping the soft skin on her neck. Rose freed one hand and run it down on his back, before she let it slip in his pants.

Remus knew he had to stop it right now, before things becoming worse. To say he was flattered by Rose attempt to seduce him was understated, but she simply didn't knew what she was doing when what would happen if they don't stop.
Again, it was easier said than done. Alone her scent made him high-headed, and he wanted everything but ending this.
Well, luckly the next thing that happened made him stop but regret the whole thing, though. He felt the wolf overtook, and before he knew, he bite her... this time harder, until blood stream out of a little wound. Rose cringed.

"Remus?" She asked, apparently afraid.
"I... I marked you..." he said startled.

"Yes. As my mate."

"We have to do something."
"We can't! We can't, James!" Lily cried against his chest.
Suddenly a loud crash and several voices came from downstairs. Maybe they're wasn't as lost as they thought.