Neon Tormenters

Chapter 1

A Lone boy walked into the lobby. His clothes were filthy his brown eyes empty. He was no older than 15 and no younger than 13. His untidy black hair looked as if it hadn't been cleaned recently. He seemed out of place as he walked down the stark white lobby; the receptionist looked up from her work at him. A small frown appeared on her face, it was almost closing time and she was sure there were no more appointments for the day.

"May I help you sir?" she asked from behind her desk.

She straightened a loose strand of brown hair as her sky blue eyes focused on him. A nervous habit she had. The other hand however tightened around the pistol that was concealed beneath the desk. The teen stopped and looked at her, his eye's cold and calculating. The receptionist blushed at the intensity that he stared her with. There was something darkly handsome about him.

"Yes, tell Mr. Ikari, requiem is here to see him," said the teen his voice soft almost distant sounding.

"Of course," said the receptionist carefully her eyes trained on him as she buzzed her boss.

"Mr. Ikari there is a teenager her to see you he said to tell you 'Requim is here'," she said.

She then took her finger off the button so she could hear the reply.

" Send him up," came her boss's short reply.

She turned back to the teenager her hand relaxing on the grip of the pistol.

"Mr. Ikari will see you now," she said," he's on floor 7."

"I know," said the teen walking past her. He paused beside her desk, his gazing falling on her once again just as intense as before.

The receptionist held her breathe as his eyes met hers," for future reference don't point guns that gun your hiding under the desk at me... ever... do you understand," he said his voice low and menacing.

"The last person who did that is no longer in this world," he said before walking past her into the elevator.

The receptionist shivered, he was so... sexy, she blushed. How could she even think that way about a boy of only 14? Was she a pedophile? She pushed the feelings down and set back to work sending out emails. Trying not to remember how much he had aroused her.

Shinji stood before his father his features emotionless and cold.

"You came here empty handed I see," said his father his features just as unreadable his voice telling the tale; he wasn't happy, and when Gendo Ikari wasn't happy someone was going to be dead soon or in pain.

"Yes father I bring you nothing," said Shinji straight to the point.

"Is there a reason for this failure?" asked Gendo Ikari.

" The police we're tipped off, they had the target locked down. I judged the storming of the place to be too dangerous with the equipment I was given," he said reaching behind his back and producing a lone combat knife with a serrated blade. He placed it on his father's desk.

"Understandable…," said Gendo Ikari," if you were a regular person, could you of not snuck in? Use your head boy you disappoint me. If you think yourself inadequate then I shall have the first and second child help you. You may attack it with more effective weapons, did you at least get a count of guards and determine the buildings structure?"

"Of course father," he said.

"Good," replied Gendo, "at least it was not all for naught."

His son placed a piece of paper on his desk. Gendo looked at the paper and was pleased with what he saw. He looked up from the paper and was surprised to see his son still there.

"Is there another matter you wished to discuss?" asked Gendo raising an eyebrow above his tented glasses.

"Yes," said Shinji.

"Then speak," said Gendo, his face returning to its unreadable state.

"I wish to know why I must attend school," asked Shinji.

His father sighed," You must because I say so. You leave much to be desired in human communication, and in future missions I'm sure you'll have to communicate, especially considering how fast we're expanding."

Shinji was quiet as he mauled it over in his head.

"I understand father forgive me for second guessing you."

"Very well I shall," said commander Ikari leaning back in his chair," now return to your home and rest you start tomorrow I believe," said Ikari.

"Yes father," said Shinji turning to leave.

As Shinji waited in the elevator the urge came over him again, like a wolves preparing to attack, it crept upon him slowly and was on him before he knew it. He grappled with it for a moment, but losing the fight in the end. The ping as he reached the lobby sounding the end of the struggle. He walked out of the elevator past the receptionist, then he paused.

"May I help you sir," said the receptionist a bit too sweetly, once again fixing an errant strand of her hair.

Shinji turned to her," why yes, yes you can," he said his brown eyes tracing her body.

Before she realized it, he was on her kissing her. She blushed red as she returned the kiss hungrily, their tongues melting together, each wrestling for dominance; he pulled away from her his eyes staring into her eyes. She felt like he was staring into her soul. It made her whole body tingle.

"You can come back to my place," said Shinji quietly his voice full of desire," that is how you may help me."

"I'll try to help as best as I can," she said lamely, as his hand touched her cheek gently, and trailed down to her breast and gently fondled it.

"Will you really?" he said so sweetly it was as if he was mocking her.

She blushed bright red as he tweaked her nipple and she let out an especially needy moan. She hadn't been touched like this since she got of high school, and join Nerv Inc.,Shinji smirked, he nipped her neck knowing he was arousing her.

"Not here," was all she could get out between moans, she was far too sensitive.

Shinji lay awake in bed, the woman who he'd just slept with lay next to him curled up in the covers, snuggled close to him trying to keep herself warm. A soft knocking at the door broke the silent reverence that was over the place. Shinji got up slowly his body sore, as it always was after he had slated his need. He fished around on the floor for clothes with one hand; the other rubbed the seeds of sleep from his eyes. He finally found something to cover himself with, and slipped it on.

"Roomy," he thought to himself about whatever he'd just put on. He got out of bed and went to the door through his spartanly furnished apartment. He arrived at the door and unlocked the dead bolt and opened the door. Outside stood Asuka her fiery red hair done in its usual fashion in two clips giving her two long red pony tails. She was already dressed for school that day, use to the schedule. She had been going to school for a far longer period of time than he, as she was the negotiator, if things ever got to a point where they needed to get a hostage or needed to keep the police busy, it was her job to keep the men talking. She had been designated as the second child as she was the second recruit. He had been designated the third a testament to the fact he had been the third, and Rei had been the first ,part of the original program that had given birth to them.

"Good morning sleepy head," said Asuka with her usual bravado.

"What do you want whore," said Shinji yawning.

"What did you call me?" she said her cheerfulness gone in an instant.

"A whore the common slang term used for a person who sleeps with men for monetary gain, or for other reasons than love also known as a prostitute, harlot, or a hooker," said Shinji giving a text book answer.

"Your one to be talking. You're a man whore, and a cross dresser," she said spitefully.

"I may be a man whore, but I'm definitely not a cross dresser," said Shinji smirking.

"Oh yeah then why are you wearing a skirt?" said Asuka pointing down at his waist. Shinji looked down and was surprised to see she was correct, he was wearing a skirt. Shinji looked back up at her," This is not a skirt, it's obviously a kilt," he said quickly coming up with an excuse.

"A what?" said Asuka bemusedly, a smile on her face.

"A kilt, Scottish men wear them, their some of the toughest men ever," said Shinji over embellishing his story a bit.

"Well that's just another testament to men's, stupidity a whole nation of cross dressing men," she said slyly.

"Whatever Asuka, shut up, I'll be out in a moment," said Shinji pulling up his skirt, and flashing her with a bit of his morning erection.

She turned bright red in a combination of her embarrassment and anger as Shinji slammed the door in her face. He yawned still tired. He flung off the skirt and picked up the school uniform he was to, wear. It was still in its dry cleaning bag. He tore open the bag with no effort what so ever and began to dress in the uniform. The uniform it's self-consisted of a stuffy black high collared jacket, and a long pair of black dress pants with a dress shirt and tie as an under shirt.

"It's far too constrictive," was his first thought.

If he got into a fight, the first thing to go would have to be the jacket. He picked up his briefcase bag with all his school books in it, and was about to leave when the secretary woke up.

"Where you going," she asked yawning.

"That's a secret," said Shinji seriously," there water in the tap and that all really in this house it was a pleasure meeting you but I have another engagement now," said Shinji opening the door to leave.

"You will be back?" she asked getting up. "Correct," he said as she approached nonculantly her body on full display for him.

"So I can stay until then," she said wrapping her arms around his neck after she fixed his collar. "If you can take a round two," he said playfully stroking her silky brown hair.

"We're beyond round two this would be round 10," she said as he nipped her neck teasing her.

"Of course, I expect your be less of a screamer tonight," he said diving into the cleavage she presented to him as she pressed herself to him.

She blushed red at the comment, she let out a low moaned as he licked and nipped her hills of cleavage. Then just when she was ready to have him take her back to the bed, he broke away and was out the door. She sighed and went back to the bed and under the sheets. She'd have to call in sick today. The secretary yawned, it was so unlike her to do this. She returned to sleep happily dreaming of another illegal sexual night with the student.

Outside Asuka and Shinji walked to school. On the way she lectured him about the people at school and about their cover identities. While they were there, he was to be a childhood friend nothing and more nothing less. He and Rei who had started school just before him we're to become "aquatinted" today in class. He frowned at this; him and Rei had a complicated past to say the least, Asuka and him too. He tuned her out as the past began to haunt him again, the hell they'd all been through.

He was alone freezing in the mountains, his black tank top sticking to him with his sweat making the night air feel colder than it actually was. He had been grateful during the day to have it. He had made it to the objective, but there was no one here for him, nothing besides a blanket. He fell asleep shivering cold and hungry. He didn't care though; the 50 mile hike had been exhausting enough to say the least. As soon as he closed his eyes he body entered a deep sleep. The people who had been observing him opened a channel to base.

"He's ready for extract," said the black op's soldiers still watching the child.

Almost as if he had heard him the child stirred and glanced in their direction. He ducked down as did his squad. The child's eye's watched their position then dragged he dragged himself to a point where he couldn't be observed. The squad leader gulped. He'd seen what that child had done to a bear, it wasn't pretty to say the least. He wasn't sure if the child had heard them, but there was no need to risk the whole squad for no reason and have them all get killed by that child's hands. He gave the sign to pull back. The squad did so quietly no reason, or wants to complain as their Sergeant kept watch on him. The sergeant kept watch until the helicopter came. They landed the state of the art stealth helicopter hardly making a sound. They never saw the shadow creeping slowly up to them. Shinji was just as silent and fast as a wrath. Shinji's body was tense; ready to pounce if a soldier gave recognition to his presence, he watched as the helicopter disgorged its passengers.

There was no marking on it. It wasn't a Nerv copter, meaning it was an enemy's copter. Meaning all on board had to die. He watched the copter land and the soldier pile out fast, all of them quieter than the breeze that blew that whispered through the trees. Shinji kept to the shadows produced by the rock's scattered all about the top of the mountain as he approached. He finally found a suitable postion to hide then he watched and waited. He saw the squadron creep forward silently carefully. They obviously wished to catch their prey unaware. He waited until the main portion of the squad had passed. He'd decided to take out the rear guard units first. The last two soldiers bringing up the rear where nearing him now, he readied himself to pounce.

He was careful to time his movement with the ever present gusts of wind. He was behind them before they knew he was there, and when they did his hands had already snatched up there side arms and placed their own guns to their head. He clicked off the safeties and pulled the triggers. The guns, thankfully, were Nerv issue no silencers required; always a quite shot with no cost of stopping power. He dragged the two bodies into the shadows hiding the bodies taking their solid core rapid fire rifles, he slugged the other one over his shoulder as a backup, in case the other jammed or was damaged. He took both of their pistols and their accompanying ammo. He stashed them into the pockets on the side of his camouflage cargo pants. He pulled one of the soldiers knife out, sheath and all, and slip it into the side of his boot. Then he set about hunting the rest of the squad. Sergeant Kaji Cross watched as the kid hunted down and killed the two soldiers. He fumbled with the radio his whole body numb with fear. He radioed into the base.

"Tell the team you just sent in the kid woke up, and he's behind them," he said into the radio.

A string of curse words came across the line then his radio went dead. He prayed that his warning would get to them in time.

Shinji fired into the so called elite soldiers. He shot one man in the head the man fell over dead. Shinji dove out of the way just as a deadly hail of bullet was sent his was by the squad. He rolled around to the other side of the rock and fired a hail of bullets keeping the men's head down as he got a better position on higher ground.

He ejected out the clip. The shot count in his head telling him his ammo should be on empty, his count was right the clip was empty. He slammed in a new clip, the shot count in his head resetting to 45, he was burning through them too fast. He'd only killed 5 of the 15 men so far. He stood up and popped several more shots into the unsuspecting squad who were confused as to where he was. He caught two of the soldiers in the chest with two quick bursts of three each, before the squad could pile back into cover. He fired at any piece of them he saw, hitting hands, feet and other appendages with deadly accuracy. When the gun ran dry he readied the knife and pistol. The machine gun still at the ready; and leaped into the squad throwing his rifle before him; hitting one of the men in the face with a sickening crunch, probably breaking his nose. The man was sent sprawling to the ground, he didn't rise.

Shinji landed on a man in the squad. He cut his jugular and used the man's body as a springboard to flip off of. He did all this in quick succession before the bullets aimed at him, ripped through his victim's body. Shinji savagely set into the men his blade and pistol killing men faster than any human before him could have ever done. He started to laugh taking out all of his emotions upon the men enjoying the feeling of control he had over them as he inflected upon them the same fear, pain and anger he had felt as he had lived through the training; with each pull of the trigger and slash of the blade he installed in them a new level of fear. Then something hit his back with a sharp pain. Instantly Shinji rolled for cover. Was it an enemy sniper? He felt his around his back for the bullet hole but instead found a small dart.

Shit they'd hit him with sedative. He remembered a portion of his training about seditives in his blood stream. He calmed himself, slowing his breathing and internal functions to a crawl. He couldn't afford to move like before, no, he needed to escape and plan how he'd regain contact with Nerv. He made a dash to new cover, but was hit several more time, once in his leg and once in his arm. The drug ,whatever it was, was over loading his system shutting him down slowly. He couldn't move his legs. He tried to crawl, trying to make it to the edge of a nearby cliff. He couldn't fail; no one could have him, no one but Nerv and his father. All he wanted was his father's approval, and he was going to die before getting it. He allowed his body to speed up so he could use more of his arms strength; another 5 sedative bullets hit his back. He grunted with the effort now, as his vision blurred. He thought of his mother; and how she had died so suddenly, by some random gun man. He'd have to see her soon. He stopped in his efforts to reach the cliff and reached for the second pistol in his cargo pants. He pulled it out with effort, his hand shaking with strain. He tried to bring it to his head, but as he tried his hand was shot by the sniper forcing him to drop the gun. Tears rolled down Shinji's face he'd failed, he was a failure. He tried to crawl forward some more but succeeded for only a few feet before he couldn't go any further and the sedative won.

Commander Gendo Ikari got out of the Nerv helicopter fast, he had with him an escort team of 10 elite Nerv guards. The commander looked over at the other copter that had transported the last team to Shinji, it bore no emblem of Nerv, no wonder he was attacking them. They had disobeyed his order to take a helicopter with a Nerv logo on it. He saw that the two pilots were dead as well. He sighed and looked up the hill, the newly rising sun dispatching the shadowy cover of night; revealing two bodies on the ground. He sent two men to check on them with a hand sign. The men went over and checked the men's pulses then rushed back.

"Both dead sir bullets to the head," said one of the two guards.

"Bullets?" asked Commander Ikari hoping he'd heard wrong.

"Yes sir," said the other guard. Commander Ikari frowned, he'd also said to have a capture load, meaning sedative bullets and no knives. That order had been ignored as well. Commander Ikari smirked, his son was already enforcing his whim upon others; although it was unbeknownst to him. They continued up the hill until they crested a small incline. There the battle had taken place, no, not even a battle that was too even, it was a massacre. Squad Charlie was gone, all 20 of them, but as Ikari viewed the bodies from his position, their visage's still showing their surprise and fear he only counted 14. That didn't make sense. The two pilots, the two rear guard men and 14 more dead bodies only made 18.

His order was swift and curt," find the two survivors now." Several seconds later they were found hiding in a cave huddled up in the fetal position; their clothes soiled with sweat and urine. Commander Ikari crouched in front of the men and asked them what happen. They told him how the child had come from behind killed two men including the sergeant first, then proceeded to kill 3 more men before he reloaded and killed 2 more. He'd then charged in and started cutting and shooting everyone in sight, but their knowledge was none existing after that as they had fled at that point. As commander Ikari left, he waved his hand in a dismissive manner. Two soldiers came and dragged the men away toward the copter. He was in a good mood now that he knew what had happened; yes, he had made a wonderful child; a child he had no qualms calling his own. There was some noise to his right as 5 new men approached his body gaurds. They raised their hand and called out the password and were allowed to approach. Gendo greeted them personally.

"Are you squad bravo?" he asked his voice and features unreadable.

"Yes," said Sergeant Cross, the responsibility of conversing with Gendo falling to him as he was in command.

"Then I take it you saw the events that occurred here," he said.

"Yes," said Kaji in reply.

"Good now tell me where the child is?" said Gendo.

"Over by the edge of the cliff about a foot away from it; it took me almost 10 of those sedative bullets from my rifle to stop him before he killed anymore or himself," he said.

Gendo made a gestured, immediately several soldiers went to where Kaji had pointed.

"How far where you when you took these shots," asked Gendo his curiosity piqued.

"About mile and a half away," he said rubbing his chin thinking. "And you used that rifle to shot him from that distance," asked Gendo intrigued.

The rifles maximum range was 3/4 of a mile and this man had extended the rand to twice that, Gendo knew opportunity when he saw it and how to seize it.

"Then you'll be this boys marksmanship teacher from now on," said Gendo as his son was dragged past them still unconscious, but coming to already.

"Yes sir," said Kaji never one to disobey orders.

Gendo walked away a rare smile on his face; this had been a good day. He'd have to celebrate later with Ritsuko in his apartment.

Shinji lay in the bed asleep. He felt warm and safe, but slowly came to. His body was sore and weak still. An after effect of the sedative along his extreme workout gave him a small head ache. His metabolic system was quickly eating through the last of the sedative still in his system. Shinji felt at peace for the moment, something about the bed made him feel nice and safe. He repositioned himself trying to become more comfortable before he drifted back into sleep. As his body shifted he touched something. He slowly opened his eyes to look at what was beside him. His brown eyes were met by her red ones. He held his breathe as he stared at the girl before him. She was albino with short light blue hair.

"Who are you?" he asked the albino female.

"Rei, and you?" she asked.

"Shinji," he replied cautiously.

"Why are you in my bed?" asked Shinji.

"I'd like to ask you the same," she said quietly her voice monotonous.

"I awoke here," he replied.

"I as well," was her reply.

They were silent for a while Shinji still enjoying the warmth she offered.

"Are you naked as well," she asked quietly.

For the first time since he'd woken up he realized he was naked; and obviously she was as well.

"Yes," he said quietly.

There was an awkward silence as he pondered what to do. He decided moving away would be a good place to start. As he went to move; she snatched his wrist. He tried to pull away but couldn't. Her grip on him was surprisingly strong. She pulled him closer to her, her body now pressed against him. He felt her chest pressing into him. They weren't large or anything, but they felt soft and warm.

"Please don't," she whispered the fear evident in her voice. He looked into her eye's again, and saw what he'd felt many times, it was the fear of being thrown aside, the fear of being alone. Shinji had agreed to do this after his mothers death so he could be close to his father the only remaining relative he knew of. Shinji looked away from her eyes. Shinji was blushing as she pulled him closer; she was so warm, so open.

"Very well," he said," if you choose you want me to do then I shall."

"Thank you," she whispered as she pulled him into a hug.

Her arms wrapped around his waist. He paused unsure what do. He was hesitant at fist then he decided to hug her back. Gently he wrapped his arms around her torso pulling her closer. He felt her completely; so warm and thin. He closed his eyes and slept like a child, safe and warm for the first time since his mother's death. Rei pulled him even closer to her, as if unable to resist the enticing warmth and protection another human offered.

As she drifted to sleep; she felt Shinji's reaction to her. His manhood touched her inner thigh warm and hard. She didn't care; she just gently smiled at the sleeping boy in her arms. She felt sparks when he touched her and she too was having a reaction to his body, she realized. She snuggled closer to him and his warmth before falling asleep content with the feeling of safety, as she hadn't felt once since entering the program.

Shinji awoke several hours later just as comfortable as he had been when he fell asleep. He looked down and saw Rei. He saw her body in the curve of his pressed as close as was possible, fitting to his like a piece of a puzzle. He wrapped his arms around her pulling her into a gentle embrace before he let go. He got out of bed quietly; his body was completely rested, ready to go. He needed to work out, as he did on a regular basis, or else his father was sure to punish him. They always knew what he was doing somehow; he'd learned that the hard way. As he was about to leave the bed Rei grabbed him again.

"Where are you going?" she asked quietly.

"I need to do my PT. They've been lax letting us sleep like this, but I need to be ready for anything and everything," said Shinji.

"We can't get out, I tried earlier it's locked," said Rei softly.

"Then I can do some simple work outs. I mean... we can if you want to do them too," he said determined not to waste another second of time.

He looked around the room; it was cramped and small, with the bed in the center of the room and nothing else besides two other doors one he saw was automatic and one was ajar, so he assumed it was the toilet.

"We have enough room to do sit ups and push up and maybe jumping jacks," he said estimating the floor space need for each activity and the floor space available to them.

"I have no desire to do that Shinji," she said quietly.

"Oh I forgot everyone's not like me," he said falling to the ground beginning with pushups, the fact that he was naked never bothering him once.

"You assume I'm not like you," she said her voice betraying her feelings of anger although her features remained calm and unchanged

Shinji continued doing pushups having gone in to a zone where his focus was only on his work-out. Rei was not pleased by this. She rose from the bed and stepped toward him; then pausing before she raised her foot and brought it down on his back. Shinji had the wind knocked out of him as the blow landed, sending him into the ground fast and hard. His lungs expelling the air he had previous held in his lungs with a whoosh. He coughed gasping for air, but ever vigilant for another attack. He turned to face Rei, while backing away his legs in front of him so he could use his legs to protect himself if need be. She didn't move her face betraying no emotion.

As the coughing died down Rei spoke, "I do not like being ignored."

"Doesn't give you an excuse to hit me like that," he said between gasps.

"I deemed it the only appropriate action to take after you insulted me," she said.

"How did I insult you," he asked confused.

"You implied I was less than you," she said.

"I-," began shinji, before she stepped forward and crouched in front of him.

She placed a finger over his mouth to silence him.

"I was insulted whether you believe it or not, so as a man it is your duty to make it up to me, is it not?," she said scooting so close to him her breathe tickled his face.

"How," asked Shinji his face impassive despite the thought off some unknown horror playing in his head.

"I've been alone…," she began he bottom lip trembling slightly.

Was she going to cry he wondered looking into her eye's the signs of tears, there were none.

"I've been alone for so long," she said moving her hand from his lips to his cheek," Don't ever ignore me again," she whispered wrapping her arms around his neck, and then placing herself on his lap.

"Never leave me alone again, and...," she said trailing off her other hand touching his chest as the one that had touched his cheek crept down.

Shinji's body felt her arousal. It was so hot and wet against his thigh.

He knew now what she wanted, because he too desired it. Her hand grasped his length. He let out a small gasp as her soft hands wrapped around him. She moved her hand along it almost curiously causing him to gasp again, he was sensitive there. She stared into his eyes. Her eyes bore into his asking, pleading for what she wanted; what she needed.

Shinji gave a small nod of assent. She gave him a nervous smile as her features changed from impassive to that of a nervous girl in an instant. She looked down at his manhood then back up at him. She kept eye contact as she leaned down her head towards his shaft. She wanted him to see what she was going to do for him, how good it'd be to stay and never leave her side. Her hand trailed down his body slowly, savoring the feeling of every ridge and contour of him.

He squeaked as her mouth wrapped around him warm and wet. He hissed as she explored his shaft, sending her tongue into the split at the tip. She looked up at him every few moments, looking his face to see whether he enjoyed what she did, and whether she should stop and move on to a different technique. She slowly worked her way to the underside of his manhood; he let out a gasp as pure pleasure coursed through him. She pulled away from him for a moment to examine her work. His tip was moistened with her saliva and his own juices. She could tell by the way it twitched that he was almost ready to release. She engulfed him again this time however she only covered his tip. She began to massage it with her tongue send volt of lighting down Shinji's spine. She was driving him insane, he thought.

"I'm going to… to cum," he said gasps as he tried to hold back.

She pulled away before he could however, looked up at him.

"Did I do that well Shinji?" she asked hesitantly.

"Amazing," said Shinji gasping for air.

"Good then, you've made me feel… feel good as well," she said softly smiling at him,"You've made it up to me," she said turning away.

Shinji found himself still unfulfilled however; he'd failed to release his seed yet. Shinji didn't feel satisfied at all. He noticed the hot liquid dripping from between her legs. He knew human anatomy for both male and female; and he knew women secreted liquid around their private regions when they expected to be entered by a man. He'd be happy to oblige her bodies need. He got up shakily at first but quickly regained his strength, and approached her from behind. She was about to bend over to crawl into bed when he grabbed her waist. She looked behind her, her face red. Had she not expected this he wondered as his hands began to freely run over her body.

His hand found its way in between her legs and began to rub her entrance slowly. She let out a soft moan. So she too was sensitive.

"No Shinji not now I don't...," she began, cut off by a particularly loud moan as he inserted a finger.

"That's not for us… It's for people who love each other... I," she said before he cut her off with a kiss.

She wasn't compliant at first, as he kissed her. His tongue ran along her sealed lips begging entry. Finally after several moments she gave up and aloud his tongue in. Their tongues met and gently wrestled each other for control. Their kiss deepened becoming more and more feverish by the moment. Finally they broke apart for air. Shinji was silent as he and Rei held each other pant for air. Their eye's locked on each other's; lust and passion burning in both of their eyes.

Rei had repositioned herself so she was on her back facing him, and he drank in the sight before him. Her pale skin so inviting and soft, but marred by thin silver scars running all over. His body was the same. He looked into her eye's again, they were beautiful to him. He leaned forward so his mouth was next to her ear, his breathe tickling her ear gently.

"Maybe… maybe I do love you Rei," he said gently smiling as he said the words.

He did love the albino girl before him. She was the first human who he'd felt safe with, the first person who he could thought he could trust trust.

"What happens then?" he asked hesitantly.

Rei blushed red as his warm breathe washed over her ear.

"Then...," she said quietly unable to figure out what she wished to say.

"You have to love me too for this to be real," he said stroking her cheek gently," right?"

She blushed redder if it was possible, " I... I ... I love you Shinji, I don't want you to leave me ever, I feel safe with you, I can trust you not to slit my throat at night, and to me that's a rarity for me," she whispered.

Her body was on fire from just his touch," Shinji I want to be with you in every way," she said softly

"I love you too Rei," he said looking into her eye's so she knew he was being honest.

He leaned forward and kissed her, and things would never be the same again.

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