Neon torment

Chapter-6 a blind mans choice

Her lips were soft and supple the taste of strawberries evident upon them. The way she kissed him suggesting she had a lot of experience. She pulled away a smirk on her face.

" hey," she said.

" Hey," he said back dumbly.

" can I come in?" she asked her voice no more than a purr; alluring him with her mystery.

"I-," said Shinji, stumbling over his words," don't think Misato would like it if I had any one in without her- her."

The red hair girl didn't let him finish. Her mouth cutting him off. Her tongue in his mouth probing for his tounge. Something in him told him to take her into the apartment. He pulled her in, deepening the the kiss while doing so. Some how he closed the door. Then she was between him and the wall her skirt hiked up, his fingers inside her. Her moans low and sultry as her hips gyrated against his fingers begging for more. Shinji's lips worked on her neck. Her breathe coming in short ragged gasps. Before several minutes had passed she had climaxed. Shinji felt something coming over him, engulfing him and filling him with uncontrolable lust, then he blacked out.

Where was he? Nowhere, he was the only being her, no he felt another presence. He turned and saw the Eva it stood before him smiling it's mouth open showing large sharp teeth.

" Why are you here?" asked Eva.

Shinji was confused why was he here?

" I don't know?" he said quietly.

" Do you know who you are?" asked the Eva.

Shinji thought, the name Shinji came to mind, but that wasn't right. No he wasn't then he realized who he was.

" I'm no one," he said aloud.

The realization hitting him.

"I wouldn't say no one no your the original, but you've been submerged for so long you think your no one," said Eva.

" The cold killer Shinji who now control your body was your way of protecting yourself remember?"

Shinji held his head the words Eva said were true. His mind unveiling the truths he had long since hidden away.

He was in the jungle, he'd started training a month ago. In that time he'd gotten no more than 10 hours of sleep total. His body was covered in bruises and scars from his training. The only reason he did this was for mother, she had told him herself she needed him to be strong and help her and father discover something. He walked into the village where he was suppose to meet his instructor, but it was quiet. Too quiet he readied the colt .45 caliber pistol. He crept through the village silently. Then he heard the whimpering. It came from a hut to his left side. He cautiously approached ready to jump back at any moment and defend himself but he didn't need to. He entered throughout the straw door and his eye's were meet by the most grievous sight. A young woman lay in chains her body manacled and scared. Her eyes haunted fresh cuts on her body. Shinji looked away. Had he missed the village? Had he read the map wrong and had it taken him instead to a sick twisted world?

The woman spoke her voice barely more than a whisper.

"Are you the one they sent? Are you here to kill me?" she asked, almost sounding relived.

"I-I," said Shinji his mind numb.

" Kill me," said the woman egging him on, " be a man and kill me!"

Shinji realized his father had set this up he wanted Shinji to kill an innocent person.

It was the only way to do, his mother needed him to he realized. He raised the gun hands trembling. The sights locked onto her fore head, he closed his eyes and then pulled the trigger.

It was Shinji who fell to his knees and whispered "oh god. But 01 who opened his eyes cold and merciless.

Shinji looked at Eva.

"And you've always been here haven't you," he said with realization.

"I wouldn't say all ways but longer than you thought originally," said the Eva it's voice sounding feminine for a moment.

" Are you apart of me; a part I've sealed off as well," he asked silently.

" All in due time," said the Eva before he began to disappear back into the darkness of his subconscious mind.

He awoke at a street corner. His watch began to beep; he looked at it, 1200 A.M., midnight. He looked up at the street sign, 99th st. it seemed his darkside was interested in finding out who wanted to meet with them too. He was alone on the street. A soft breeze coming through at a lazy pace. Then he heard the soft clicking of heels. He turned to them and looked at the man approaching. He looked at a tall well muscled man. His body covered by a large leather over coat his head bore a military cap with a set off wings upon them he stopped across the way from him staring at Shinji his hard red eyes analyzing him. The small black strap of a bread on his chin moving in the wind slightly.

"So we meet again," said captain Bushido.

"I've come to offer you a deal, you can join us or fight against us. You choose," he said as the wind strengthened blowing past them with a force sending bushido's jacket into a flurry of movement, as Shinji puzzled what to do.


For all who read my story here I am doing something I am sure has never been done before(well 95% sure) you choose the way you want Shinji to go. Do you want Shinji to join the angels and fight against all and have him enter into more amazing relationships or stay with Nerv and destroy all the angels. You decide

(Mega evil laugh.)

I shall call the angel path "the road of salvation "

And the Nerv one " the road of destruction or our future"