"Hello Percy." Percy whipped around, Riptide out in a second, blade pointed at the…girl?

"Who are you?" Percy asked, narrowing his eyes. It wasn't everyday that you find a little girl that knows your name in the middle of a park that you don't recognize. The girl was pale skinned, and she wore a black shirt, as well as a black jeans. Her shirt was rimmed with gold, and she held a dagger made of onyx and imperial gold at her side, in a scabbard. However, what shocked Percy was that her eyes were solid gold.

"Are you Kronos' daughter?" Percy questioned her, almost snarling out the name.

"Do I look like Kronos' daughter to you?" the girl shot back. Percy looked into her eyes, it was a rich gold, sort of like honey instead of the evil, wicked gold eyes that Kronos possessed.

"I suppose not. But if you're not Kronos daughter, then who are you?" Percy asked, lowering the tip of his sword a bit.

"Well, I'm Kronos' grandmother, so I suppose you could call me Khaos." The girl said thoughtfully, as she shrugged her shoulders.

"K-K-Khaos?" Percy stuttered out. "Mmhmm." Khaos said. "You're the creator of the universe!" Percy exclaimed.

"Well, yes, I am the creator of the universe. Oh come on, aren't you suppose to ask me what I want with you?" "Ermm…what do you want with me?" Percy asked. Then he muttered under his breath, "What an impatient person."

Khaos glared at Percy, then she said, "Well, Perseus, I have taken an interest to you, thus I was wondering whether you wanted my blessing." She growled out. "Well, what have I done to earn this blessing?" Percy bit his lip, thinking of all the things he had done in the past, inevitably recalling the pain and suffering from the multiple betrayals he had suffered.

Khaos' eyes softened. "You have done many heroic deeds, Percy, you just weren't rewarded hard enough for it." She took her dagger out of her scabbard. The onyx blade of the knife seemed to absorb the very life out of its surroundings, yet the rim of the blade, laced with imperial gold produced a wicked gleam that would be the last things its enemies saw.

"Here, take this." Khaos handed over the dagger to Percy. "What? But this is your weapon. How can you just give it to me?" "Percy, just take the weapon. Its name is Metoria, the onyx mined in Hades jewel-filled realm, the imperial gold from Ancient Rome itself, forged and smelted by the Master Cyclopes that existed even before the Hekatonheires, and the blade purified in a dying star. It had part of my essence imbued in it, so its power is, pretty strong. Take it as a reward for your deeds." Percy drew Riptide, and took Metoria, two powerful blades, both in his hands.

"Thank you, Lady Khaos." Percy bowed respectfully.

"Just Khaos will do, young hero." She smiled warmly at him. "Oh yes, take this suit too, it blends into its surroundings when you feel like it, but otherwise, it's a black leather hoodie and normal black jeans. Nobody will be able to see under above your nose if your hood is up, perfect for hiding your identity."

Percy received the hoodie and the jeans. "Thank you very much, Lady Khaos. I hope we meet again." "I hope to see you again, young hero. Goodbye Percy." Khaos waved one last time, before fading away as a breeze rolled in.

"Well, better get changed." Percy said to himself as he looked down at the suit.


"I heard he's back," an old man, clad in a cloak and a hood rasped. He carried a staff, the tip glowing a brilliant turquoise.

"He has potential. And a good heart too," a man clad in golden armor said. He had huge, white wings that sprouted from his back, and a blade strapped on his left.

"Well, he seems to have an interesting future ahead," a middle-aged mother spoke thoughtfully. "Very interesting."

Back to the present time...

My lord. "Who's there?" Percy yelled as he instinctively whipped Metoria out of his jacket.

My lord. Continue walking down the path you are going, and you will see me. "Who are you?" Percy shouted out. Continue walking down the path, my lord. Percy decided to follow the voice's instructions and he walked down the path. When he reached the end of the path, he was greeted with huge dragon. Percy was about to charge at it when it spoke. My lord.

"What? Are you speaking to me?" Percy exclaimed. Yes, my lord. "Wait, hold it. I am not your lord. I am your enemy. Why aren't you killing me?" Percy asked. My lord, you own the blade Metoria. It is the symbol of your power. No dragons, drakons or serpents will ever dare attack you because of Lady Khaos' essence in it. My lord, take a look at your shoulder. What do you see? Percy took off his jacket and rolled up his sleeve. On his shoulder, there was a tattoo of an eye. She has blessed you, my lord, and we are your servants.

"Well, that certainly is a change, but, what did you want?" Percy asked.

My lord, I have seen a camp filled with maidens about a hundred metres from here. However, it seems that that they were struggling with some other drakons. I told them that you were going to punish them, but they didn't believe me. "What? Alright, thank you dragon. I'll go take care of them!" Goodbye my lord.

Percy watched as the dragon flew away, before he set himself up on fire, and started flying at rocket speeds towards the Hunter's camp. "20…10…Touchdown." Percy landed on the ground with a dull boom, before extinguishing himself, causing a cloud of smoke and dust to settle on everybody.

"Hello drakons." Percy spoke. The 5 drakons having seen Percy, bowed their heads down immediately in shame and respect. My lord! Please forgive us! We didn't mean to attack! Please forgive us! "One more time! And I'll send the lot of you to Tartarus! Now be gone!" Percy yelled as they slithered away.

"I'll be leaving this place now then." Percy spoke to the dumbfounded girls as he turned away and walked off.

"No way! No male steals our prey and escapes!" A girl shouted, having recovered from her shock. She was dressed in a silvery outfit, with two hunting knifes strapped at her sides, a silver tiara on her head and a bow and arrow, notched and aimed directly at Percy.

"And what might your name be, maiden?" Percy asked nonchalantly.

"Zoe. Zoe Nightshade." Then she let the arrow loose.