Through Gryvon's Eyes…

Rated: K+, T.

Disclaimer: All rights belong to Mark Shirrefs and John Thomson.

Characters: Gryvon/Ashka

Warning: This is the author's view of the possible events long before the first season and later (what was left behind the scenes). In my interpretation of the story I decided to make characters' age difference 12 years. You have a right to disagree with it or consider it as AU. All the reviews and comments are more than welcomed))

Story 1. First meeting.

This year summer was very hot and dry, not like the one peasants wanted to have. People were in panic, doing their best in order to save the harvest which had been endangered. All the fields were constantly watered. Spellbinders that came to villages regularly had to calm the locals and listen to their complaints. And speaking about little Gryvon - he was usually sent to the fields no less than his fellows. Or maybe even more often.

"The fact that you're summoner's son doesn't mean anything, - his mother usually said keeping an eye on her husband, - no one's gonna be idle in our family".

Aaron just laughed at these words of Malie, looking at his son runs past their house screaming and leading a group of happy boys and girls. He had nothing against his wife's parenting methods. She's wise and sensible; his own child will never be lazy. But along with it aaron understood something else.

The fact that he had already been being the Clayhill summoner for a year gave him some hope and a reason for pleasant thoughts. The summoner is an important person, he has the power. The summoner stand out of the crowd in a way, he's like a step higher than other people, he and people that are close to him. It means that he and his family have a different social status, they've got more rights and possibilities.

Thinking about it Aaron hoped that one day his post can become Gryvon's lucky star and provide a way to the different life, opened for few only. Aaron dreamed that one fine day his son would be able to enter the Spellbinder's world…

This is why the boy stood out of his fellows, it was inevitable. Aaron did his best, sharing the knowledge he had with his son. He tried to teach him how to read, but Gryvon was useless here. Sighing, Aaron decided to start from the other side and started telling the boy about Spellbinders, their incredible magic abilities, great power and ancient knowledge. Took him to the Summoning Town showing how the ships were landing. Gryvon had an inaccessible treasure among his toys – old broken Eyestone, solicited by Aaron. Gryvon knew his father would never allow to show or to give it to the other children, so late at nights he took this fantastic sparkling casket and admired it. He admired the delicate exquisite ornament showing two snakes entwined against the sun, admired the mysterious mechanisms hidden inside, under the plate with the same ornament. His father had a similar casket but it was working, Gryvon saw it. Sometimes the man opened it, and then the voices were heard from the mechanisms – male or female, some names, orders, names of places. Once, being very insolent, Gryvon replaced the Eyestones wanting to play with a real one. And of course it didn't work. Spellbinders alarmed, hearing unfamiliar voice, Aaron got the problems at full scale and Gryvon got even more – for some time it was quite uncomfortable to sit down. But the worst thing was that father threatened to take the second Eyestone. The one that didn't work.

"Do it one more time – and you will never get your hand near it!" – he shouted, waving with a shining casket next to his son's nose.

It goes without saying that Gryvon had no more wish to play the rogue. Or actually it was hidden deep in his soul. Who knows, perhaps once Gryvon would have tried to reach the real Eyestone once again, forgetting the possible consequences and severe punishment. Yes, it could have happened, but one lucky chance changed everything.


Summoner's son remembered his ninth Birthday forever. Firstly, because this day the weather transformed for a change, it was cool and rained since morning. And secondly, because that very day his life was changed by chance.

Nobody worked that day because of heavy dark grey clouds and the rain poured prom them. Gryvon, however, thought that it was a nice idea to run to the forest with his friends or to the river. Competing, of course. But his mother recognized son's cunning intentions just in time, smacked him with her apron and forced to stay at home.

"I don't want you to look like a piglet, Gryvon! – she exclaimed. - Spellbinders may come today, it will be a shame if you meet them being smeared!"

There was nothing to object. Aaron nodded strictly, seeing his son's pleading look.

"Your mum's right, Gryvon, no forest races today"

Malie started laying the table. Suddenly somewhere outside a sound of horses' hooves was heard.

"They're coming!" – Aaron said, standing up and going to the porch. Gryvon followed him. Malie started drying the clean plates for the second time.

Looking from behind his father's back, the boy saw two horsemen, racing to the house. Finally they stopped the horses and dismounted. Both of them were wearing long black cloaks, but the cloak of one horseman was decorated with wide red ribbon. Gryvon's eyes became wide with sudden realization.

"It's an honour for us, Regent, - Aaron bowed observing his son to do the same, - please, come inside".

The man in black-and-red cloak put off the hood nodding favorably. Gryvon recognized Regent Gareth, the head of Council of Regents. He looked quite young but Gryvon could hardly tell how old could that man be. Wheat-coloured mustache, small beard, long hair and a proud posture of the ruler. Even the shapeless cloak couldn't hide the dignity nearly radiated by the Spellbinder. Smiling, Gareth was going to enter the house but then his companion that was in the hood for all this time spoke:

"Spellbinder, may I stay outside?"

Gryvon realized it was a girl. Gareth turned around and raised an eyebrow, surprised. He looked at the almost hidden under the hood face.

"You sure?"


"All right, do whatever you want".

At last the family entered the house, inviting the Regent to the table. Gryvon followed his parents but then he turned around for a moment. A person in the cloak stood at the porch, still and silent.


Sitting in the corner, Gryvon played with the Eyestone, following with his finger the wonderful ornament on the cover. One ray, second, third, head of a snake… he didn't participate in family supper, just took a peeled carrot from under his mother's elbow. Of course his father didn't allow to play with the Eyestone when strangers were at home. However, Gareth could be considered as an exemption, the Spellbinders were aware that there was such a toy in summoner's family.

They talked basically about the weather and the harvest. The Regent that had been going to Rivertown at first was persuaded by the spouses to wait out the rain. And then, as if suddenly remembering, they started thanking him for the sent down water, so desired after the long drought.

"We always try to do our best, Aaron, - Gareth said, - but seriously, we were just lucky this time. Nobody thought the drought would be this long".

"If the rain goes longer it will be wonderful, - Malie smiled, - but anyway, perhaps your Apprentice should go inside? I feel like a bad housewife, she will be soaked to the skin there".

Gareth shook his head.

"You are a good housewife, Malie, your husband should be proud of you. But Ashka will not go inside anyway. No offense, but she has something unpleasant associated with this house".

"Why?" – Malie asked but Aaron had already pulled her sleeve.

"This is her own business, - Gareth answered, - I can only say it has nothing to do with your family. And speaking about Apprentices…, - the man turned his head looking at the silent Gryvon in the corner searchingly, - how old is your son you said?"

"He's nine since this day, - the woman said, - Gryvon, come here".

The boy stood up and reached the table, bowing.

"Nine is just the age. Can you read?" – Gareth asked him.

"A little".


"No, Spellbinder".

"Not bad. Have you seen the Tower?"


"Tell me, Gryvon, do you know about Spellbinders?"

"Yes, - the boy nodded, - you live in a castle, you wear powersuits and you can fly. And you also have the Eyestone".

"Correct, - the man smiled, - but it seems you have an Eyestone too?"

"It's not real, I can't hear anything in there".

"Would you like to have a real one?"

Gryvon looked cautiously at his father, remembering the story. Understanding that look perfectly, Gareth calmed the boy.

"No-no, I assure you, this time your father doesn't have to punish you. This is my idea. So what you say?"

Gryvon looked at his father once again. Aaron nodded.

"I'd love to, I think", - the boy said.

"And would you like to visit the castle?"

Gryvon's eyes nearly met the hairline.

"Are you serious? I mean, - he stopped, - I'm sorry, Spellbinder".

"It's all right, - Gareth smiled. Despite the terrible weather he was in a good mood, - well, soon we have Sun Holiday. And if you want you can go to our castle".

Shocked, Malie and Aaron looked at each other. Gryvon gasped after such a wonderful surprise. But then he looked at his mother and father.

"And what about my parents? – he asked the Spellbinder. - Won't they come?"

"It's not necessary, - Malie said modestly, before they could continue, - you can tell us everything about it later, Gryvon, all right?"

The boy nodded after some hesitation.

"This is it, - Gareth concluded, standing up, - in that case we'll meet again. And not just once, I suppose".

"You mean…", - Aaron started.

The Spellbinder nodded.

"I won't promise you anything now, but there's something in this boy. We'll see in time".

Malie blushed, looking at her husband happily. Aaron smiled proudly.

"Well, I have to go, - the Regent said, taking his cloak, - I suppose the rain will finish soon. Thank you for a supper, Malie. You don't need to accompany me".

But they did, despite his words. They tried, at least, like with the most honored guest and a messenger with good news. Gryvon followed the man, looking how the guests prepare for a long road. The Regent's companion who stood near the house for the whole time, mounted her horse quickly. Her cloak flew open a little. Gryvon noticed blue-and-white Apprentice uniform. He also noticed a thick ginger braid nearly elbow-length.

Spurring their horses, two guests went to Rivertown…