First of all, the bonus material! Here's the POV blurbs I never posted. I wrote them mainly to figure out character motivation, so as the story progressed, I wrote less and less. But here they are!


I don't know Katniss that well, but I understand her. So after the other kid dies and she's got that Career trapped on the roof, I am not at all surprised when she doesn't kill him. She's a stone-cold fox; the only thing that affects her is when people hurt the ones she loves, and that just happened big time. She's not stable right now. I just hope it doesn't get her killed.

He's a completely brutal killer, which is kind of terrifying. Not for me, for her. I'm not scared. It's nothing I haven't seen before.

That's a lie. If she dies, I'm going to be super pissed at her. Out of every kid in twelve, she's the only one who has what it takes to win. She's one-of-a-kind. I'm going to do whatever I can to help her out with this dumbass scheme.

I have some idea of what she's trying to do. She's confused and numb, trying not to deal with a shitload of guilt and sadness. I'm willing to bet she's gonna take him somewhere secure – that cave, probably – and keep him there while she figures everything out.

The Gamemakers should give her some time. Just her not killing him right off the bat is weird. Plus, I'm sure they'll want both kids strong for the final showdown. She'll get at least a couple of hours.

Honestly, I dunno how she does it – she's talking to the other dude pretty calmly. She should hate him. Everything up until this point was pretty much engineered so she would. I'm ninety-nine percent sure this is the fight those bastards were praying for; boy versus girl, 2 against 12, physical strength against mental. Really nice and symmetrical. They even look completely different. Once she gets her shit together and they finally have this last fight, it's gonna be fantastic.

Then she gives him some bread. That's the moment that I realize there isn't going to be a fight. I mean, yeah, I sent that note telling her to do what he would, but that was not the outcome I had in mind. At all.

Alright. If I'm being totally honest, I was aware this might be how things turned out. Katniss' sense of right and wrong is too strong to let her justify cold-blooded murder. Guess I was hoping for a vengeful rage. I should've known better

Anyways. It's clear she's in this for the long haul. Time for me to do my job and get her what she needs.

That kid from Twelve, the one who's been giving all these kickass interviews, Storm or whatever the hell his name is. he brought several rich sponsors to my doorstep who just want to help the poor girl that lost her father. I'm grateful to him for that, but I'm definitely not buying the cousin deal. I sense a scandal. But that's not my problem right now.

It costs the moon and stars to get her those shackles, but I get them. Anything to keep her safe. But then she goes and puts herself in harm's way, like six separate ways. She gets way too close to him to treat his wounds, feeds him as well as she's feeding herself like she's unaware she's just giving him more strength to kill her with. And he keeps missing all these opportunities to smash her head in or snap her neck. I can't tell if he's dumb or if he's waiting on purpose. It's probably because he's dumb.

But that can't be totally it. They train the kids to play the game well, look for weak spots and exploit them. He's doing this on purpose, and I'm not sure how I feel about that.


I'm lucky the games are required viewing, because I'm not sure my mother would let us watch otherwise. She doesn't care that our brother, her son, is in the final three. But even she won't go against the Capitol's commands, so Edan and I get to watch every second.

That's a good thing, of course, but it also sucks. We ant to see every minute, but I'm always super aware that means we'll probably see him die. I mean, I want him to win, I really do, but I know he won't. He'll never let Katniss die before he does. There's no way. And she's not going to let that Career get the best of her; she's too stubborn. It's why he loves her. He's told me all about it.

I used to think it was a good thing, him having a crush. She's beautiful, from what I've seen of her, and nice enough. For some reason, she gave him the patience to deal with Mom and all the other idiots who came through the bakery. That was good. But now, it's terrible, because it means my brother's gonna die.

Because of the rule change, they could both win. I just have this feeling it won't happen. The Career isn't going to die without taking somebody with him, and like I said, it won't be Katniss.

It still comes as a surprise to me, though, when he trips running to the Cornucopia. Immediately, I know this is it. He's not going to make it.

Katniss is terrified, but she's willing to stay with me, help him up, but Peeta screams at her to go. So she makes it onto the roof and holds off the Career, who's up there too. Which means she can't help Peeta up. Which means he's trapped, because he can't get himself up with his leg like that.

A terrifying fact registers in my mind: I'm going to watch my brother be torn to shreds by mutant dogs. But that doesn't happen. Katniss turns and shoots him, and I'm actually grateful for this, because it means I don't have to watch him anymore – the cameras leave him for the action, like nobody realizes how important it is that somebody just died. And not just somebody. My brother.

I realize it, though. After that moment where I see him fall, an arrow in his forehead, nothing else seems quite real. I'm sure I watch the rest of the games – I remember what happens, but not seeing it. I know I bake and sleep and eat, take care of the store and go to school, but nothing sinks in.

And then, one night, I see Katniss behind our house. I have to talk to her, find out if she really loved him, because if she did, then maybe I can make myself think it was almost worth it. Maybe I can find some peace.

I climb down the gutter. She's crying really hard when she sees me, which could be a good sign, I guess, but that doesn't mean I like it. All she does is apologize, before I can even get her away from the bakery. She makes me take her jacket, and then she answers my question.

She doesn't just say yes. She promises me she liked him back, and I believe her. There's something about her that makes me trust her; I can't explain it. I'm starting to understand why Peeta had such a thing for her. And as for me, I end up telling her everything, all the little things Peeta said to me late at night or confided to me on the walk home from school.

Before I can stop myself, I ask about the Career, the one who ended up alive, with her. She doesn't even get offended, just answers, telling me the truth; she likes him. Thinks he's nice. Not like my brother, though.

She's being so honest it makes me want to tell the truth back. So when she asks about Mom and Dad, I don't try to lie. It's almost nice to tell someone about Mom, someone who almost knows about her already.

Barely after I tell her that, Mom opens the back door and yells for me. I know I'm officially screwed – sneaking out is an offense worse than almost anything else. I remember what she did to Edan when she caught him coming back from seeing the mayor's daughter. That officially jerks me back in reality, because I'm scared as hell right now.

But hey, it was my choice to come out here with her, so I'm ready to go inside and take whatever comes. Katniss thinks it's somehow a good idea to get involved, though, earning the distinction of being one of the few people who can stop my mom in her tracks.

I think Katniss has figured out that being a victor gets her special consideration, cuz she plays that up all the way. It lets her get away with talking back to my mom whenever she makes a sly comment about Peeta. I've learned not to pay attention to those – it's easier than trying to correct her every time – but Katniss keeps getting offended, which just makes Mom more annoyed.

She orders me inside again. The way she's looking at me makes it pretty clear what's going to happen once the door closes. I'm set to take it like a man or whatever, but Katniss has different plans. She gets Mom to give me another minute outside, which is good, but as I'm talking to her, I hear Mom yelling at Edan, which is bad. And distracting.

Katniss reassures me that she cared about Peeta. Then she almost suggests the two of us be friends, which is kind of really cute and dorky. I really do like her, and I forgive her, so I tell her that, and hug her. It's not a big deal. But she holds onto me really tightly for a second, and I'm really tempted to do the same. All the acting in the world doesn't change the fact that I'm scared.

When we separate, she tells me I can stop by whenever I need help. Really sweet. I ask one more time about the Career guy. Guess I can't help myself. And she tells me he's just a friend. By this point, I feel weird about being so nosy, so I congratulate her, and she leaves, even though she doesn't want to.

That means I get to go back inside to Mom, who's definitely more angry now because she said a minute and I was out here for longer. For a second, I consider following Katniss, asking her if I can go to her house tonight, right now. But of course I don't. I've gotta deal with this on my own. So I do.


I hate having these drugs in me. I can handle a little pain, that's no big deal. I should've turned down the morphling, because I keep accidentally making her really mad at me by saying the wrong thing. I do enough wrong when I'm completely conscious of my actions. The last thing I need is hallucinations and no filter. Too late for those regrets now, I guess.

Re-watching the footage of the games, I notice the bread kid was all painted up like a rock. Figures we couldn't find him. I tell Katniss something along those lines, to make her feel better about him or whatever. It works, kind of. Except that she still seems to get upset for some reason.

Then I notice she's looking at his leg, the leg I cut open. Takes me longer than it should to connect the dots; she's mad at me for hurting him, for causing him to fall and then die.

It's not my fault, though. I had to do it. Kill or be killed – that's how the Games work. And suddenly, I feel really uncomfortable. She can't be mad at me for that. But she can. I can't even say I didn't want to. I did want to hurt him, and her, too. I was different. I was cruel. And I probably haven't changed.

She should know what she's getting herself into. I tell her. "I'm not sorry I hurt him. If we were in there, I'd probably do it again." Right after I say that, I realize how completely stupid of me it was to admit to that. She decided to forgive me for what I've done, or at least not talk about it, and I just brought it up. I'm an idiot.

I try to apologize, but it's too late. She's stiffened, moved away from me, and I'm sure she hates me by now. Unless that's not what's happening. I might be hallucinating. I hope I am. I know I'm not. Not about her. Though I'm pretty sure the walls aren't actually melting into tiny stars.

She hates me. Won't admit it when I ask her, but that's just because she's so nice. She won't even move away from me, even though I know she doesn't want to be anywhere near me. So I push her away. Long pieces of her hair and skin stick to me in strands, stretching thin as she moves away and then breaking. I'm positive that's the morphling, and I'm very proud I can recognize that.

I have to promise her I won't die, which is ridiculous. Why does she even care? She should want me to be dead. I killed her boyfriend. It's like she doesn't even understand how the world works. Although I admit, I don't exactly either right now. The world is sparkly and not real. Made out of clouds. I lay down after she goes, because the room's spinning without her next to me.

I try to pay attention to the television, to anchor me in reality. I remember the things that happened, and seeing it on the screen, those two things together help me not give in to all the hallucinations. I know some of them aren't true, like Clove sitting on the chair on the other side of the room. She's not real, I know that, but I can't help talking to her a bit.

She checks on me again, which is stupid. I tell her I'm still alive – Haymitch doesn't know what he's talking about. For some reason, that makes her feel better again. I don't get it.

Then she explains it, tells me that supposedly she can be angry at me without wanting to kill me. That blows my mind. So she's mad, but she still cares. I can handle that. I can handle anything, but this, this is good. As long as she doesn't hate me, I'll be okay. She has a right to be mad. Maybe even to hate me.

So I don't exactly believe her when she says she doesn't. My thoughts are getting more lucid, so I can almost reason my way through this; maybe she doesn't think she hates me, or maybe she doesn't want to, but she does. She has to. And I'm okay with that. As long as she stays near me a little longer. I can't let her go quite yet.

I watch the Games and she sits in that chair for a pretty long time. I'm not sure how long – time's kind of elastic – but at least reality is staying more solid. It's weird. Pretty soon, I'm steady enough to realize I haven't seen this footage on the TV now.

I feel strong enough to sit up, so I do, to better see the picture. I watch her get a gift from the sponsors, and then it starts to rain, pouring. Right now, I was just starting to get soaked in the cave. There was no way for her to know that, no way at all, but in an instant, she looks terrified and bursts into a sprint, heading straight for me. it's completely baffling, and I don't understand.

So I ask, "Why'd you run?" She doesn't get the question. "Why'd you run right there?"

"I was scared," she says, unsure.

"Yeah, but why? Did you think I'd escape?" I hope it's that. That would make sense. I could understand that.

But she shakes he head. "No. but maybe I should've worried about that."

"Then what are you worried about? It's obviously something." She looks absolutely terrified, even though she's safe and sound.

"Yeah, it was something." But she doesn't say what.

I turn back to the screen. She jumps straight down into the cave without hesitation, like it doesn't even cross her mind that I could be waiting to bash her head in. For a second, that doesn't make sense. Then I see her face when she realizes I'm drowning.

There's no mistaking it – she was absolutely terrified that I'd die. But I can't believe it, even though I can see it in her face. "You were scared for me?"

She doesn't answer, because she's too busy being all caught up in her thoughts, trying to figure out how to say yes without saying yes. It's like she's embarrassed by her emotions, which is the most reasonable thing she's done in a while.

Something changes. I don't know how to explain it, but a part of me shifts. Nobody ever worried about me like that, selflessly, maybe even at a cost to themselves. That doesn't happen. Once again, she's different than everybody else.

I don't deserve worry from someone like her, especially since she knows at least part of the terrible things I've done. That's the thing, though, I guess. She knows and she's willing to look past it, even back then, before I'd done anything that might give her any sort of reason to.

And that's the moment that I realize she's the best person I've ever met.

I need to let her know that. She needs to know that I get it; she's being merciful and stupid, and I appreciate it. She needs to know. But I don't know how to say it.

So I don't try. Instead, I kind of crawl over to her and lie my head in her lap, hold one of her hands. She's been so stupid for me, I figure it's my turn to make myself vulnerable. It's not as much of a risk as she took, since I'm pretty sure she won't hurt me and she knew I would, but it's the least I can do.

"What are you doing?" She sounds weird, something like scared except I think she's happy.

"Thank you," I say into her lap. She didn't have to save my life, or even be nice to me afterwards. She's been consistently taking care of me. She didn't have to do any of that.

"For what?" she asks

"You're… you…" Telling her she's amazing doesn't quite cover it. And part of me knows how stupid it is to be weak in front people, even right now, to her. But I don't care. "I shouldn't say this. But you're completely the best person I've ever met."

She starts to tell me all the reasons that's not true, saying that I just don't know her enough, but I know for certain that's bullshit.

"Shut up," I cut her off, because she's being ridiculous.

"Okay." After a second, she puts her hand on my hair, kind of ruffles it. It's nice – weird, because nobody has ever touched me like this. The only time people touch me is in training, to hit me or drag me around, or in the infirmary when they're patching up the most life-threatening injuries. But from the beginning, Katniss has touched me gently.

Another way she's awesome.

"Get up here," she says after a second. "Come here."

She wants me to sit in the same chair as her. Okay. So I pull myself up into the chair next to her. I feel kind of nervous about being so close to her, but she doesn't. So I put my arms around her waist and lean on her side. And this is officially the closest I've ever been to someone. I can smell her hair and clothes and skin.

And I like it.


The more I learn about Katniss Everdeen, the more I'm starting to realize exactly how much I underestimated her. She's a spectacular born fighter – I managed to pick up on that much before she went into the arena – but she's far more than that, far better.

I kinda test her with the shopping thing. Everything a person could want is on that giant inventory list, and she got more money than most people can dream of. If she's ever going to become a material girl, now's the time.

But that girl is undistractable. The only things she'll buy are ones with some kind of practical use. Food, warm clothes, medical supplies. She buys literally nothing for herself. Not a single shirt or anything. The fanciest things she buys are colorful dresses for her twig of a sister and her hot mom.

Is that inappropriate for me to say? I think about it for a second and decide it's fine. Not like she's too young for me or something.

I remark on this, to see if it's maybe all for show. And she doesn't even falter. She talks about growing up Seam, and I know she's not lying. She's an ice-cold strategist, but she somehow combines that with insane natural compassion and manages to come out of the whole thing as the least-talented actress I've ever seen. And then without a second thought, she invites the strong kid over onto the couch with us.

That's more impressive than her practicality, quite frankly. The way she just accepts him, manages to overlook how he was insane and murderous. It'd be stupid if he was still like that, and I'd write it off as a side-effect of seeing Peeta die. But he really has changed – I can see it in the way he looks at her, so I reluctantly approve of him.

VERY reluctantly.

I banter with her, because I like the look on her face when I annoy her, but I'm not really paying attention to what's going on. So I make an extremely stupid mistake. I suggest she buy the bread from Eleven.

Normally, not the end of the world, but she got a loaf from there after that little girl died. Huge emotional moment or whatever. I don't remember, really, which totally comes back to bite me in the ass. And I don't even realize it.

The meathead gets it before I do, and he tries to run interference, but I screw that up, too. Only after she's on the verge of tears do I get the dots connected in my only partially-drunk brain. Then, I get that bread off the screen as fast as possible while he calms her down. She doesn't even cry because of him.

It's getting super-convenient to have him around. He's really good at taking her back down when she goes all emotional, something I'm definitely awful at. I'm starting to think I might conceivably think of him as more than a parasite on her victory. Maybe.


I'm going to start this out with another thank you, which I'm sure is starting to sound a little hollow at this point, since I've said it so much. Honestly, there aren't enough words in existence to express how much I appreciate the support you've given me. Before this story, I'd written a couple other things, which those of you who've creeped on my profile know already. None of them were super popular, and that's how expected this one to go. I'd quietly write out all my Kato feels, attempt to create the beautiful but difficult romance I saw being possible, and when I was done sobbing at my computer screen, I'd move on and no one would care. Clearly, that wasn't exactly how it went.

Having written for the "big three" of fandoms – Harry Potter, Glee, and the Hunger Games – I think I'm qualified enough to take a guess at why this fic took off. First of all, it's a pretty select ship. Not a lot of people want to break up the canon Peeniss Everlark, including me. From what you've said, many of you ship both, which is great. I think most of you were either hardcore Kato/Catoniss fans looking for a nice, long (hopefully) well-written fic, or Peeniss shippers open to something new. You don't see openness like that in a lot of other fandoms.

Second, I was more personally invested in this one. Like I said at the start of this whole thing, Kato is the ship that I curl up around and hiss at anyone who tries to write it, because it's so beautiful in my head. I actually had a goal in mind while I was writing, which usually helps with small things like foreshadowing and continuity (Ryan Murphy, I'm looking at you).

But aspects of both those points were present in my earlier stories. I was hella involved with my Glee one, and my HP fic included the relatively rare Draco/Ginny thing. This brings me to my third point; it was the fandom. The Hunger Games fandom is wonderful. I was prepared for tons of "YOU KILLED PEETA" themed hate, but got none. Seriously. 0 flames, out of 600+ comments. That's incredible. The absence of shipping wars makes the fandom a place to just love the characters and world Suzanne built for us, which is exactly what all fandoms should do. Thanks for being so awesome, you guys, and for making me feel super popular the day after I post a new chapter.

Now, as I told you before, I'm doing a sequel for sure. I'm having too much fun to stop now, and I always intended to at least finish the Quarter Quell (Finnick Odair, anyone?). I've always started writing, but there's going to be a pretty long break between now and when I post the first chapter of that. I need time to catch my breath, so to speak, and I'm also going to do this fic differently. I'm still going to write as I go, but I'm going to try to stay several chapters ahead of what I've posted so I can do things like symbolism and consistent themes. I guess to say it in other words, I'm gonna try to do this one more like an actual book.

Speaking of books, I have some kind of exciting news. I've decided that I want to write professionally, forever. That does bring up the whole "how to support myself in the meantime" thing, but that's really secondary. To stay up-to-date on my book-writing/hopefully publishing process, check out my tumblr. Same username. We can hopefully keep in touch that way. And if I ever do become a published author, I hope you guys will continue to give me honest feedback, so I can get better or whatever. :)

Obviously, I have a lot of feels about these characters, and believe it or not, a lot of them didn't make it into the fic. This is the part where I tell you about my detailed headcanons. The only reason I don't feel ridiculously narcissistic doing this is because so many of you asked, and also this kind of sets the stage for the sequel. So. The main characters first.

Katniss: First of all, I'd like to give all credit to Suzanne Collins for creating such a strong female protagonist for me to work with. Katniss is dynamic, imperfect, unique, and spectacular, and she was so well-characterized that I had almost no work to do. This is my take on some of her motivations and tendencies that come up in this fanfic.

She had to grow up from a very young age, because of her father's death and mother's depression. Taking care of Prim became her life, because if she didn't have anything to focus on, she'd go crazy with grief herself. She talks about that a little, how the grief would come back in crippling waves, but mostly she learned to shut it all out for the good of her family. And as she observes, after she made herself stop counting on her mother for protection, she never felt quite the same about her again. She'd been disillusioned, and grew up quickly.

Gale grew up with her, not just metaphorically. When his father died, he was in a similar predicament, so they were pushed together not just by a need to survive, but also because nobody else understood them. All kids in the Seam grew up fast, but not like they did. There's a reason that, out of all the kids who needed to provide for their families, only Gale and Katniss were brave enough to go into the woods. They grew up the same way, same circumstances, nearly down to the most minute detail.

So it's no surprised that they turned out with similar personalities and dispositions – two different things that I will elaborate on. Their personality is what they like, dislike, enjoy and value. Those are nearly identical, but just different enough for them to enjoy each other's company. Their disposition, however, is how they deal with and feel about things. Katniss even observes this; she comments on how they've both got fire, the fire that allows her to be just mad enough to win, and lets him get all rebellious and anti-Capitol when that's the most dangerous thing to be.

Here's the difference, though. Gale allows his fire to curdle into hatred; hatred of the government, the Peacekeepers, the rules that threaten his family (and especially those that stop him from doing what he wants – be with Katniss, enjoy his life, not work in the mines.) Katniss, however, keeps her kindness intact. This can be directly traced to Peeta and Prim. Now Prim is all she has left, and that's why Cato's perfect for her, because he makes her think about that kindness and cherish it.

TL;DR Katniss Gale 5EVAH, best female protagonist ever

Cato: We're not given much to work with in the actual books. Here's a few of the characteristics I've given him. Because of his childhood, he's good at compartmentalizing, good at shoving away emotion, and prone to not overthinking anything. He hates himself – that's bred into him, to make him easier to control. I think all of the tributes from two have that, but he definitely does. This all only makes him more sure that he'll never deserve Katniss.

And it's not like he was a mindless killing machine before and a sudden softy after. He was always more doubtful about the games, his purpose in life, and all that, and that only made him more sure that he was insane. That's why he threw himself into training, because since he'd want to be accepted, so he'd try extra hard to conform.

His relationship with Silas breaks my heart. He pushed the kid away as hard as he could, because he reminds Cato so much of himself. Except he feels even worse about Silas, because he's so obviously something special and Cato just knows that it's going to be beaten out of him. When he finds out how to be supportive and kind, like a normal brother, he jumps on that chance as soon as he's sure Silas is willing to forgive him.

Sophia kind of weirds him out. She's everything he was, except she wanted to be it, and he just doesn't know how to handle that, or even how to maybe argue her out of that. And he does care about her, but she's too prickly for him to be able to show it, except when they're tired and vulnerable.

Cato was trained to submit to authority figures, which explains in part him letting his parents hurt him for so long. Also there is a trained helplessness that he doesn't realize is there. They have him believing that he's trapped, and that keeps him from doing a lot of things.


For everything I think/feel about Haymitch and Katniss's relationship, go to this tumblr post. It sums it up completely: post/20213881007/lets-talk-about-katniss-haymitch

Aside from the main characters, there were some really surprising standouts. It seems like my versions of Peeta's brothers were pretty much universal favorites, and I'm talking about for me, too. The thoughts I initially had about them were pretty simple; while Peeta was Katniss' hope and source of optimism, his brothers saw him as a kid with a crush on a girl who didn't know he existed. Thus, Ryan developed, just as kind as Peeta but more practical, a typical overlooked middle child. Edan's a cocky oldest kid, more jaded than his brothers but still an ultimately good guy. I think that's a Mellark trait. (Tangent: I absolutely LOVED writing the scene when Haymitch socks their mom in the face. I cackled.)

And then just personally, I love Silas. I. Love. Him. Number one favorite. So, naturally, all this terrible shit happens to him. I guess I kind of always thought Katniss should have this physical representation of what Cato might've been before he had his humanity conditioned out of him. Plus, in the same way that Prim knows Katniss and can say things about her no one else could, Silas is like that with Cato. Before he met Katniss, he just didn't have anyone to say those things to. Actually, he didn't really have anyone to talk to, period. Friendship is not encouraged in 2, and his family didn't care.

I honestly expected these characters to be more like background. Sure, I cared about them, but that's because they're my brain children. But apparently, you love them too, which has done wonders for my self-confidence in being able to write likable characters.

Now. The Endra stuff. I know most of you didn't stay completely on top of everything that happened – I barely could keep track of the number of times she deleted and recreated and yelled at me. She seems to be done now, for which I'm very grateful. I would like to state once for the record that IF YOU'RE REALLY A FAN OF SOMETHING YOU DON'T STEAL IT. Ahem but yeah, people don't go swiping the Mona Lisa or Starry Night. And while this is a work of far less genius, it still SHOULDN'T BE STOLEN. Really, though, I'm lucky this hasn't happened before, except that you're such wonderful fans. I love you. Thank you.

While we're on the subject of gratitude, I have some very specific thanks. Here comes a run-on sentence: Thanks to everyone who messaged me with a question that wasn't integral to the plot but still very urgently asked because you cared about details, to everyone who read multiple times, to the numerous people who apparently cried, screamed, or squeed, to everyone who told people to read, read with their friends and family, or posted a rec somewhere, to those talented kids out there who made fanart and helped correct my typos, to everyone who gave me a suggestion for plot, setting, or bonus features, and last but not least, to my sister who read the whole thing and didn't call me weird for spending so much time on a fanfiction. Charlie and Lea, you were the best beta readers ever. Love you all, whether I know your names or not, because you all put in hours of your time to this. The sheer number of you who took the time to leave a review or comment is outstanding and wonderful, and I'll never be able to repay you for everything you've given me during these 27 chapters.

I'm doing a Finnick fic between the two of these, to block out his relationship with Annie and such. I posted the first chapter of it so you guys can add that to your alerts now and not have to go through the whole awkward looking for it hunt. I'll put updates about the sequel there. The Finnick story's called "Yours" and you can find it by going through my username.

Until next time, and may the odds be ever in your favor.