A/N: written 29/3/12 Based off a little scene between Roe and Carrie in 1x12.

Disclaimer Unforgettable is not mine.

Carrie was sitting on the couch whilst Roe was seated in a lounge chair beside her; Carrie was watching television, Roe flicked through a magazine. Roe placed his feet upon the table and stretched out yawning making Carrie compare him to a cat doing the same.

She had adjusted her focus back to the television again when she first smelt it, a largely pungent smell of eggs and something bitter, and something else she couldn't quite put her finger on, she gagged when the third part of the aroma hit her fully.

She covered her nose with the edge of her sleeve and glared over at the silently satisfied looking male across from her, "Really?" she raised an eyebrow at him. "Did you really need to do that? Gosh, that stinks like…like a garbage bin from last week or something!"

Roe grinned back at her, "Well, in fact I DID have to do that, couldn't stop it. After all, it's only a natural body function."

Carrie pursed her lips at him in annoyance, "And so are these fists … wait, no, I've got one better, and so is another function of the body that you won't be getting to use tonight." She waggled her eyebrows at him, and she saw the look on his face as he realized what that just meant.

"Hey! No! That's not fair. I can't help it if I need to let a few go every now and then. Come' on Carrie… you can't…" he pleaded with her.

Carrie grinned, "Oh, but I can!" she swiped a finger at him, "And, you may not be able to stop yourself letting them go but you can stop yourself from eating onions too often."

Roe let out a sound of exasperation, "C'mon Carrie! You know I like them, and they are healthy for…"

"Yeah, yeah, yeah, full of anti-oxidants, I know, you've told me. I do eat rather healthy for the most part, Roe. But you can't keep quoting at me. You'll be on the couch next time." She smirked and turned back to the television.

Roe groaned, glared at the side of her head, and then sighed dramatically knowing that he wouldn't get another word in about it tonight. Well, not until they were in bed, he thought to himself wickedly as he began to plan his form of attack.