I'm so sorry! I know this is so so so so late but hey, better late than never, right? ;) So this is my day 7 entry which is Crossover!Niff so I crossed them over with Pretty Little Liars! I'm a fan of both shows so I thought it'd be fun to do. Hope you guys like it as well!

Niff Week, Day 7: Crossover!Niff

"Hey baby," Jeff whispers in his boyfriend's eat, coming up behind him at his locker. Nick turns around and hits hiss boyfriend's chest.

"Don't call me that in public!" he scolds in a harsh whisper. Jeff pouts.

"But I want everyone to know you're mine," Jeff states.

"I know I want that too. But I don't want you to get beat up. Or me neither for that matter," Nick says, stuffing some books into his bag.

"Maybe we won't. It's been two years…" Jeff starts.

"Yes, it's been two years since Mason got beaten, almost to death, and transferred schools. Because he was gay. But since then not one other kid has come out, have they? So nothing's changed, Jeff. They're still a bunch of ignorant jerks who wouldn't give beating us to a pulp a second thought," Nick said roughly.

"But it's been three months baby, and no one knows…" Jeff says, leaning against the locker next to Nick's.

"Fine," Nick huffs, "We can tell your parents."

Jeff rolls his eyes, knowing that would be Nick's response. Jeff's parents have pretty much told him that if he was ever gay he would get kicked out of his house. So that's not an option.

"Nick, I'm serious, I want someone to know. How about your sister? Adrianne wouldn't say anything, would she?" Jeff asks.

"Jeff, she's three. She only knows so many words and she doesn't exactly have a filter of who she tells things to," Nick replies. "I'm sorry Jeff but we can't tell anyone right now. It's too risky."

Jeff sighs. "Yeah, I know you're right baby. I'm sorry."

"It's okay. But please stop calling me that here…" Nick replies. Jeff sighs but nods his head in agreement. Just then, Jeff's cell phone buzzed in his pocket and pulled it out to look at it.

"Oh my God…" Jeff said as his face turned as white as a sheet. Nick looked at the blonde and became instantly concerned.

"Hey, what's wrong?" Nick asked, putting his hand on Jeff's arm. Jeff just turned his phone around to show Nick what was written on it. Nick's jaw dropped when he saw the text message that was there.

'I know about you and your little boyfriend's relationship. Wouldn't want you to get hurt now would we? -A'

"W-Who's A?" Nick asked.

"I have no idea… And the number's blocked…" Jeff answered.

"W-What're we gonna do, Jeff? Someone knows…" Nick said, taking a step closer to Jeff. Jeff wraps an arm around Nick which Nick quickly shrugged off since they were in public.

"I don't know Ni-" Jeff was cut off by his phone buzzing again. Jeff swallowed thickly before opening the text message. Jeff took a deep breath before reading it, Nick looking over his shoulder, doing the same.

'If you do as I tell you, no one will find out. But you have to listen to me. Got it? –A'

Jeff looks at Nick and Nick nods, signaling for Jeff to respond to the text.

'What do you want us to do? –Jeff'

'Break up Blaine and Kurt. –A'

Jeff and Nick exchange a look of horror. They can't break up their best friends. They were so happy together now that they left Rosewood High School and went to a private school they were free to be out and proud about who they were and being together.

'We can't do that. –Jeff'

'You can and you will if you don't want anyone to find out about you two. And don't tell Blaine or Kurt, or anyone, about this or I'll tell everyone. You've been warned. –A'

Nick dropped his head to Jeff's shoulder.

"Jeff, we can't…" Nick groaned.

"W-We have to, Nick…" Jeff stuttered. Nick looked back up and into Jeff's eyes.

"No we don't. Maybe someone can help us…" Nick said a gleam in his eye.

"What're you talking about? A said that they would expose us if we told anyone," Jeff reminded him.

"But maybe we could find out the number this came from. Thad's really good with technology, maybe he could figure it out," Nick said, a small smile playing on his lips.

"Nick, that's a great idea!" Jeff responded, a grin spreading across his face. Nick and Jeff broke into a run and headed towards the computer lab. Sure enough, that's where Thad was. He was pulling a part a modem or something of the sorts.

"Thad! We need your help!" Jeff yells as the pair run into the room. Thad looks up at the two of them.

"What's up guys? What do you need?" Thad asks, putting down his current project.

"Can you find out who sends a text message from a blocked number? We really need it, Thad," Nick tells him, walking towards Thad, pulling Jeff along. Thad nods and Jeff hands him the phone.

"It should be pretty easy. Let me just hook your phone up here…" Thad says as he connects a group of wires to Jeff's phone. "Oh, look, here it is." Thad tells them the number and Nick writes it down on his hand.

"Thanks Thad, we really owe you one!" Nick says with a smile, heading for the door.

"Thanks dude!" Jeff says, taking his phone back and heading out after Nick. The two boys make their way to the nearest payphone near the bathrooms, not wanting to use their own phones in fear of whoever A is knowing that it was one of their numbers and not answering. Nick picks up the phone and holds it to his ear as Jeff dials the number written on his boyfriend's hand. They try to fit both of their ears on the earpiece of the phone so they can both hear.

"Hello?" both boys hear and immediately they recognize the voice.

"Oh, hello there Karofsky," Nick says in his best menacing voice.

"What the hell? Nick? How did you get this number?" Karofsky answered.

"You know, we're not as dumb as you think. We've got out ways," Jeff says in a teasing tone. When Karofsky has no response, Jeff decides to continue. "And since you want Kurt and Blaine broken up plus the fact that you ask Kurt every weekend if he's free to hangout…we're pretty sure you're in the same boat as us. So you screw us, we screw you. You keep your mouth shut and we will too,"

"Yeah," Nick agrees, "Let's just keep this between us, deal?"

"D-Deal. Sorry guys…" Karofsky says.

"Whatever, dude," Jeff said as he hangs up the phone. Nick smiles at Jeff, glad to know someone wouldn't out them anytime soon. They began to walk with each other to class as they always do. And one day, they would walk while holding hands without worrying about someone going to beat them up.

The end of my Niff week! This is actually the first fanfic that is complete for me lol. It feels weird but I feel accomplished :) Hope you all enjoyed my Niff week, see you guys soon!