Aye, for this began the age in which you knew.

For what had come before and what had come after could not be foretold by any star or Seen in any Sight or told in any prophecy.

Believing in the folly of having herself daughters, Reason dared try again with a son, created not only of her own but to concoct an internal balance with her sister War.

This would cause turmoil and tumult between many of the Courts, beginning and ending wars even long before you would remember, ages even before the birth of the son of King Tamlin or rise of the mortal Summer Queen.

But conflict and peace have always been a part of our worlds, even more so than the mortals or the demons hold. It shall be like this for every age to come as it has in every age of the past.

Perhaps in this, the High Queen has indeed created a realm Unchanging.

Perhaps we were never meant to know.

With all my heart,
Your Father, Keenan