SPOLIERS! This story is based on various spoilers and bits of speculation for series 7 of Doctor Who. If you don't want to be spoilt please hit the back button and don't read any futher. When I heard the rumours this little story popped into my head. I hope you enjoy it.

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'Please Amy'


'Amy, why can't we just try, we wouldn't be replacing her'


'I can't deal with this right now' Rory replied, finally loosing his cool, snatching his car keys off the counter, picking up his jacket and bag for work, before heading out of the door.

Amy, his wife followed after him. 'I hate this!' she screamed, standing on the steps leading up to their house. She was referring to the fact that all they seemed to be doing lately was arguing, which she absolutely hated. They never used to have this problem, they had an almost fairytale relationship, he waited for her for over two millennia, had saved her from so many monsters and had loved her since childhood. The fact was that Rory wanted another child, but although she loathed admitting it, she was scared. She just couldn't do it, not after what happened to Melody.

Rory walked along the pavement, past the gorgeous red car, his dream car, the Doctor what given them, towards the bus stop. He just didn't feel like driving a car, given to him by the person who was the root of all their problems, to work today, especially not after another argument with his wife. Of course had enjoyed his adventures with the Doctor and was actually quite thankful he had had so many life changing experiences and met some amazing people, but he knew when it was over; unlike his wife.

The Doctor, in his magical, time travelling, blue box had been a major impact in both his and Amy's lives. When the Doctor had dropped them back in Leadworth, in front of their new home with its TARDIS blue door, they had shared a look, a look which told Rory that had just been their last adventure. Amy on the other hand, refused to believe that her raggedy doctor had just abandoned her on Earth. In the two years after, Amy had been able to settle into life in Leadworth, she had set up a perfume business and had also done some modelling, but this was when they still believed that the Doctor was dead . After River had told them that he was still alive and then he had visited that Christmas, Rory could sense that Amy wanted to get out of Leadworth; she was not content with her life with him in the sleepy village anymore.

He knew that all her protesting that she didn't want another child was because she was scared of what happened with Melody. Her argument was that they had raised her and she had turned out ok, so why did they need to replace her. River was absolutely wonderful, but Rory wanted to raise his child properly, comfort them when they cried, see their first words and steps, and teach them how to live. He had only held Melody once and even then she had just been a flesh avatar and Mels had always been closer to Amy when they were all growing up, he had just been the annoying one, who went alone with all their mad plans .He knew that the real reason that Amy didn't want another child was that she still hoped that the Doctor would come back and they would all go on mad adventures together again and she wouldn't be able to do that if she was pregnant or was tied down with a child.

Rory loved his wife so much, but it hurt him to see her so wrapped up in the past, waiting for something to happen, he just wished she could move on with her life.

'Thank you for letting me know' Amy said steadily, before putting the telephone back in its holder. Then she sank to the floor, tears streaming down her face. He wasn't coming home tonight. According to the Sister on duty, Rory was working late tonight and was on call, so would be staying at the hospital.

She knew that it wasn't fair on Rory that she missed their life with the Doctor so much, but after seeing civilisations in the future, stars being born and alternate realities, Leadworth was just boring. She had tried to move on; creating her own perfume had been interesting but modelling was not very enjoyable. She loved Rory so much, every time they fort it broke her hurt. After all they had been through, alternate realities, Rory constantly dying, losing their daughter and seeing their best friend shot dead, why couldn't they just be happy?

'Where are you going sexy?' the Doctor asked as the TARDIS flew itself. He tried playing with the controls, but nothing would distract the time machine from its chosen destination. The Doctor gave a frustrated sigh before sitting back, him arms crossed and watching the TARDIS fly herself. He absolutely hated not being in control. Finally she landed and the Doctor headed over to the door. He opened it to find he was looking at the Pond's blue house and TARDIS blue door.

Wondering why the TARDIS had bought him here, the Doctor approached the house cautiously. After ringing the door bell and bashing the door, to no response, he slipped his trusty sonic screwdriver out of his pocket and opened the door. The house was eerily dark and quiet, completely unlike the last time when he had arrived for Christmas dinner. The house had been loud, bright and cheerful, Amy, having had far too much wine to drink, sang Christmas songs loudly and out of tune, whilst Rory had looked on in amusement.

After finding no signs of life downstairs, the Doctor crept slowly up the stairs until he reached the next floor. After checking in the master bedroom, he noticed that there was a muffled sobbing noise coming from the room at the end of the landing. He paused outside the door on which there was painted, River's room in a swirly blue, before opening the door. He was greeted by the sight of Amy, curled up on the bed in the corner. He approached it slowly, trying to think about what to do, he wasn't very good at dealing with humans' emotions, especially Amy's, that was normally Rory's job. Speaking of Rory, where was the Roman? Looking at the clock in the wall he should be home from his shift at the hospital by now.

'Amelia' he whispered sitting next the sobbing redhead. 'Amelia what's wrong?' he asked, pulling her up from her position, curled up in the middle of the bed, to into his chest. 'Amy please tell me what's wrong?' he asked again.

'Rory' she whispered

'What's the matter with Ror-' he stopped noticing some papers clutched to Amy's chest. He gently prised them out of her tight grasp and read. No this could be right, it couldn't be happening; oh he wished River was here, she would know what to do.

He needs you

River looked up from writing in her diary to see the message which had appeared on the screen of her communicator.

There was no questioning who the He was referring to, but she wondered what was going on. The message was followed by a series of coordinates which she quickly typed into her vortex manipulator. After making sure that there were no guards outside her cell in the Stormcage containment facility, she disappeared.

'Sweetie, you know I'm waiting to hear about whether I have been granted my pardon' she stated before realising where she was. This was her parent's living room, there was no mistaking the blue walls and model TARDIS on the mantelpiece, what was going on? 'Doctor? She asked, gesturing to the fact that her mother was sitting on the sofa, staring at the wall blankly not touching the cup of tea that was in her hands.

'I don't know what to do River' her husband replied, getting up from his seat next to Amy. 'I made her a cup of tea because that seems to cheer everybody up, but she's not doing anything'

'What's wrong with her?' River asked, she had never seen her mother like this before.

The Doctor wordlessly handed her the papers which he had found Amy holding. River read them quickly before putting them back on the table in shock. Divorce papers? Her parents could not be getting a divorce! It didn't make any sense, they loved each other.

Just as she was about to ask her mother why her father had sent her divorce papers the phone rang. Amy sat there in shock, before springing out of her seat, spilling half of her tea on the floor as she made her way over to the phone and answered it.

'Hi...no I'm afraid Rory's not here Brian...are you sure he's not still at work...well maybe he's at the pub...you've checked there...no I'm alright, I've just got a cold...thanks for letting me know... I'll phone you if I find out anything else...if he comes back tell him I miss him and I'm sorry...I know I've made you tell him that for the past three months but please try one more time...thanks for calling bye...'

Both River and the Doctor tried to take in what they had just been told by Amy. She had finally told them of how she and Rory had been arguing, how he was working later and later, how they had had one final argument three months ago and how he had moved out into his parent's house soon after and she had spoken or had any contact with him since, until today when the divorce paper's had come through the letterbox. It had been Rory's Dad, Brian Williams on the phone, asking Amy whether she had seen Rory, since he hadn't come home after his night shift and they, his parents were getting worried.

'It's all my fault' Amy cried 'I was so stupid, I knew how much he was hurting'

River and the Doctor looked at each other, trying to work out what to do next. 'Come on Pond, why don't we find you're Roman and then you can sort everything out' the Doctor suggested holding out his hand which Amy, after a slight hesitation, took.

River, after fighting the Doctor way from the TARDIS' controls, managed to lock on to Rory's location. having landed the TARDIS safely they looked at the screen. From looking at the screen, both Amy and River realised that they actually hadn't travelled that far. They were at Greenstone Manor, the old country house on the outskirts of Leadworth. They had spent hours when they were growing up making up stories about the old, mysterious lady who lived inside.

'Oh no' the Doctor whispered as they watched as a man come out of the great wooden doors. There was nothing peculiar about that apart from the fact that he was coming out backwards.

'Doctor what's wrong?' Amy asked as she watched her husband continue to walk backwards

'Doctor, but I though you said they were all gone?' River asked at the same time, realising why her father was walking so oddly.

The Doctor hastily ran around the console trying to find the TARDIS' phone, 'call Rory Williams' he told the TARDIS

'Doctor it won't work' Amy stated sadly, continuing to watch her husband 'he changed his number'

'Ah ha!' the Doctor exclaimed 'I knew you could do it' he whispered to the TARDIS as they watched Rory fumble in his pocket for his phone

'Rory just don't blink' the Doctor shouted, having put the phone on speaker

'I'm trying not too' Rory replied answering his mobile whilst still staring straight ahead to look at the stone angels.

'Where did the angels come from, what happened?' River asked as Amy just stood there in shock. She remembered the weeping angels and what they did, send people back or forward in time. The silent assassins, the Doctor had called them, but hadn't they been wiped from reality when they were swallowed up by the crack? Then she remembered that Rory had also been swallowed by the crack but he still existed.

'River, is that you?' Rory asked recognising the voice coming from next to the Doctor 'what are you doing here?'

'I got a distress call from the Doctor via the TARDIS and found Mum with some divorce papers, what's that all about?'

'Is Amy there?' Rory asked ignoring his daughter's question, he didn't want to discuss why in a fit of hurt and anger he had contacted lawyers to get a divorce with his daughter

'I'm here stupid face' Amy replied, finally finding her voice.

'I volunteered to come here to check on Miss Bleakly because no one in the hospital has seen her for a while. I don't know why but I felt I needed to come here. Do you remember when we were younger, after we had made up stories about the raggedy doctor and got Mels out of detention, we would come here, through the secret path through the woods, under the fence and play on the lawn?'

'Yes' Amy whispered, remembering those carefree days

'Do you remember that you dared me go and touch the old door, and I did it to prove to you that I wasn't a stupid chicken and I could be brave?'

'You've always been brave' Amy replied as Rory continued to edge towards them, keeping his eyes firmly on the open doorway. 'I'm the one who has always been scared, you're the one who has always come and saved me. You climbed all the way up to the top of the big tree in the park to help me get down after Mels dared me to climb it.

'Rory, you're about 50 metres away the TARDIS, just don't blink' the Doctor ordered, looking closely at the screen, he could just about make out five weeping angels standing at the doorway of the old creepy house.

'I've been trying not to blink ever since I saw it. I remembered what it was from from Amy's drawings and descriptions. It was just standing in the hallway when I came back from trying to find Miss Bleakly'

'Did you find her?'

'There were no signs of life in the house, the angel must've taken her' Rory replied, his eyes starting to water

'There's more than just one angel in there' the Doctor said as Amy and River continued to urge Rory in their direction, towards the TARDIS so they could get away from the weeping angels.

'I'm so sorry Amy' Rory whispered before blinking.

The Doctor, River and Amy stood in a shocked silence as the Angels suddenly appeared closer to Rory, surrounding him so that he could not escape. 'Stay in the TARDIS' the Doctor ordered as Amy made her way towards the door 'if you go outside the angles will notice and come after us as well'

'We are not leaving him' Amy replied, struggling in the Doctor's grasp

'Amy stay where you are' Rory said


'Please Amy' he begged, his eyes watering again as he tried not to blink 'I love you'

'I love you too' she whispered.

The angles encircled him and with one touch from one of the angels he disappeared

River and the Doctor caught Amy as she fell to the floor. He couldn't be gone. 'Find him Doctor' she ordered hysterically through her tears, it was so ironic that it was only when they were separated that she realised how much she truly missed him and how she couldn't live without him. She could live without the Doctor in her life, but she could not live without Rory.

'I'm so sorry Amy' the Doctor replied, crouching down in front of her as River piloted the TARDIS through the vortex 'but he could be anywhere in time and space.'

'You've got a time machine, find him!'

'Amy, I can't, not without knowing generally where he is' the Doctor replied

'New York 1969' River whispered quietly

So what do you think? How does River know where Rory is? What is Amy going to do? Keep an eye out for part 2!

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