Rory stumbled forward, trying to regain his balance. One moment ago, he had been surrounded by weeping angels on the lawn of the creepy country home he had played on as a child and now he was here, wherever here was. It was dark and it by the light coming down from the street lamps, it looked like he was in a gloomy alley somewhere.

Suddenly there was a man running towards him. 'The child, the child' he shouted in a dazed American accent.

Having worked out he was in America, Rory turned to the man, who now appeared to be in shock. 'Are you ok? he asked

'There was a child' the man whispered 'and then this gold light was coming out of her and she was screaming'

Something clicked in Rory's brain. 'Where was this child?' he asked hastily

'Down the other end of this Alley' the man replied.

'Thank you!' Rory shouted as he ran down the alley. He could see the Empire State Building in the distance, so he knew he must be in New York. The girl the man was talking about had to be Melody, who else could it be regenerating? He stopped when he came across a bundle of clothes dirty clothes and a small girl who was sat in the middle of them, she could barely be two years old. 'Melody' he whispered scooping up the small child. Her eyes flashed with recognition at the name, before resting her small head on his shoulder.

Rory knew that they needed to go somewhere safe. Melody had just regenerated and so was still experiencing its after effects. They had taken River to the Sisters of the Infinite Schism after she had regenerated from Mels into River, but since the Doctor was not here, that was out of the question. He had left Amy behind but he couldn't believe he was being given a second chance with his daughter. He now needed to call on an old friend.

'What!' came the surprised voices of the Doctor and Amy together.

'How do you know that?' the Doctor asked, standing up and walking over to the TARDIS' controls where River was standing.

'Sweetie I can't really say'

'Don't you dare say spoilers River, not again' the Doctor replied angrily, as River tried to dodge the question. 'Your mother is over there crying because your father has disappeared into time and space, he could be anywhere, yet you somehow know where he is. Tell me how you know River!'

'Please Melody' Amy begged from her spot on the floor.

'This isn't my third regeneration' River said calmly, gesturing to her body 'it's my fourth. After I escaped from the spacesuit I had been put in, the one you shot, I ran and ran, as far away from the Silence as possible, living on the streets and hitchhiking across America until I reached New York. Though the suit had been controlling me, it helped me survive, by the time I got to New York I was ill, malnourished, cold and weak. I don't remember much apart from stumbling through the back alleys of New York trying to find food when I felt a burning sensation in my chest, there was gold light everywhere. Then I was suddenly on the floor, trapped inside a small body. As I was lying there, there came this man running towards me out of the foggy alleyway. He picked me up and for the third time in my life, I felt safe in a person's arms'

'And this man was Rory?' Amy asked curiously

'I didn't just become an archaeologist just to find the Doctor' River replied, reaching into her pocket to find her precious diary. She rifled through the pages before extracting an old black and white photograph, which she handed to Amy.

Amy looked at the photograph of Rory with a small child on his lap before turning it over. 'Professor R Williams and his daughter Melody 1970' she read in amazement. 'Rory, a professor?'

'Of Classics' River replied. 'We lived in New York for a while and then Dad got a job as a professor at Brown University in Rhode Island, so we moved there'

'Did you know this was going to happen?' the Doctor asked

'That Dad was going to travel back in time, yes but by being touched by a weeping angel, no' River replied.

'Take me to New York 1969' Amy said suddenly standing up and walking over to the Doctor with her hands on her hips and a determined look on her face.

'Amy, please think this through' the Doctor replied calmly, fiddling with some buttons on the TARDIS' control panel.

'Doctor, I have a chance to find my husband and my daughter, please' she begged

'Thank you Canton' Rory said gratefully as the newly reinstated FBI agent led Rory and the sleeping child he was carrying into an abandoned flat.

'It's good to see you again Rory' Canton replied 'may I ask where your wife and the Doctor are?'

'We got separated' Rory replied shortly

'And the girl?' the American asked, gesturing Melody.

'This is my daughter Melody' Rory replied

Canton looked slightly bemused by this piece of information but hid it well. 'Don't hesitate to contact me if you need anything' he said turning to leave the flat.

'Canton it is of the upmost importance that there are no Silence around here' Rory said, remembering the creatures which had kidnapped his wife the last time they were in America and who worked for the same organisation that had stolen his daughter. 'They're after Melody'

'We have been killing the Silence at a steady rate since the Doctor altered us of their presence' Canton replied 'but I'll make sure there is extra surveillance around this area.'

'Thank you again' Rory said as he shut the door.

After he had tucked Melody in to the bed, Rory walked around the flat, before sinking into the squishy armchair, with this head in his hands. Yes, he might have found his daughter but he had lost his wife, in more ways than one. Not only had he delivered divorce papers to Amy, but he was now stuck in 1969 with no way if getting back to her. He had been so stupid, he loved her and now he would never see her again.

As he closed his eyes, giving in to the exhaustion that was about to overwhelm him, Rory realised that there was no going back, he would have to find a life for him and Melody. He knew he couldn't be a nurse, not will all the gender stereotyping around that particular profession, and he knew that he couldn't be a doctor because we would spend most of his time thinking about all the lives he could save if he had the more modern technological advances. Rory eventually drifted off into a restless sleep.

'Amy are you sure you want to do this?' The Doctor asked as he landed the TARDIS in New York in 1969.

'Doctor for the last time, I'm sure' Amy replied, hoisting a rucksack, she had found in the TARDIS over her shoulder. 'I need to find Rory and Melody, I need to make things right'

'He could be anywhere in New York' the Doctor said as Amy raced around the TARDIS collecting this she would need. 'River, tell her' he said, as Amy paid him no attention.

'Sweetie, you know I can't stop her' River replied, peering up over her blue diary, which she had been writing in. She was currently sitting with her legs propped up on the TARDIS control panel, watching with amusement as the Doctor tried to dissuade Amy from being reckless.

'Pond, please think this through, at least let me go with you, we could find Rory and your daughter and take you all back to Leadworth' the Doctor suggested.

'It's Williams' Amy replied angrily. 'My name is Amelia Williams and I need to do this by myself. I know that time can be rewritten, but what if I don't want it to be. It looks like Rory was able to make a life for himself and Melody in 1969 and I want to be a part of that. We've got nothing left for us back home, not really, Leadworth is boring, but here in America we can start again. No one here will know me as the mad girl turned kissogram who has an imaginary friend, I can be who ever I want to be. But to do this Doctor, I have to do this on my own'

'You're amazing' the Doctor replied, once Amy had finished her rant 'I'm going to miss you Amelia Pond' he said pulling her into a tight hug

'I'm going to miss you too, Doctor' Amy replied, the realisation of what she was about to do finally hitting her. 'You look after my daughter' she whispered, blinking away the tears which were threatening to escape 'and try and keep out of trouble'

'Oh you know me Pond, trouble's my middle name' the Doctor replied releasing Amy and leaning against the controls, watching as Amy embraced River. He then watched as the red head took a deep breath before opening the TARDIS door for the last time and taking a big leap of faith, she walked into New York, determined to find her family.

'Melody, don't run off too far' Rory told his daughter he sat down on a bench in Central Park to read some of the documents Canton had sent him, whilst Melody ran off to play with a couple of other children. He loved to see her so young, carefree and innocent, running through the park, her auburn curls flying everywhere.

Rory had been stuck in New York for nearly two months now; staying in the flat Canton had given him, the flat that apparently River had stayed in when they had all been on the run from the Silence and the FBI. It made Rory's head hurt trying to think about all the paradoxes that were his life. Whilst he enjoyed living in New York, he knew that he couldn't live off Canton's generosity much longer and he needed to find a job. The pile of documents Canton had given him, were a list of job suggestions which the FBI could provide him with a back story for.

He flicked through the papers. FBI agent, well that sounded interesting, but he knew that it would take him away or possibly endanger Melody, so that was out of the question. A doctor in a New York hospital, yes he missed working with people, but he knew that he didn't have the necessary qualifications to even try and bluff his way through as he pretended to be a doctor and it could be potentially very serious since people's lives would be on the line. Then right at the bottom of the pile, Classics professor. Well, he might not have actually studied classics at school but surely being a Roman Centurion for two thousand years, actually living in ancient Rome and speaking Latin, gave him the necessary qualifications. Yes, that job seemed the safest bet, at a university where it was nice and safe.

As Rory watched ripples of laughter erupt from Melody's mouth as she chased away the pigeons which had been standing on the grass, he wished that Amy was there sitting next to him.

Amy sat down on a wooden bench, slowly shrugging off her trusty backpack and placing it beside her. She had been in New York for just over two weeks now and she still had not found Rory or Melody. She knew she had been naive to think that she would just walk out of the TARDIS and find them right away but she had been hoping to at least catch a glimpse of them by now. She was so glad she had nicked some of the Doctor's psychic money before she left the TARDIS, because staying in a different hotel in a different part of the city every night was getting expensive.

Sighing she pulled out her map, and marked off the section of the city she had just searched. Suddenly she heard a child's cry. 'Daddy!' She looked up from over her map and saw a man with sandy brown hair and a nose slightly too big for his face, run over towards the auburn haired girl and sweep her up in his arms. Then it hit her – it was Rory!

'Rory!' Amy shouted, throwing down her map, grabbing her backpack and running towards the man.

Rory looked up from kissing Melody's knee better in shock. There was only one person who could say his name like that – but it couldn't be? 'Amy?' he asked in disbelief as the red haired woman approached him. 'Amy is that really you?'

Amy nodded tearfully as Rory raised a hand to cup her face and stroke her tears away, not believing that she was actually here.

'Daddy who dat?' Melody asked, squirming in her father's arms, turning around to have a good look at the strange woman who was now kissing her father.

Hearing their daughter's question, the newly reunited couple turned to look at their small daughter.

Melody looked at the woman closely, she looked and smelt vaguely familiar. It brought back memories which were buried right in the depths of her mind, ones she had tried to forget.

'Melody I'm your Mum' Amy whispered, looking at her precious daughter, she couldn't believe she was being given a second chance.

'Mum?' Melody said, repeating the new word. She held her arms out wanting this red haired woman to hold her.

Amy carefully scooped Melody out of Rory's arms, holding her close as Melody burrowed into her jumper. 'Yes Melody I'm your Mum and I'm not going anywhere' Amy whispered kissing the top of her daughter's head tenderly.

'You mean it?' Rory asked, watching the exchange.

'I'm never going to do anything to make you leave me again' Amy replied as Rory wrapped his arm around her waist, pulling her close.

'Did she find Rory?' the Doctor asked River as they sat side by side, watching the 21st century Americans walk past.

River instead of answering her husband reached into her diary and produced another picture, which she showed to the Doctor.

The Time Lord looked at the Polaroid closely. It showed a man and woman surrounded by their three children. He turned it over hoping to find out more information about the people in the photo. The Williams' 1982 he read on the back.

'That's me' River said pointing to the girl standing closest to who the Doctor assumed must Amy, though he could hardly recognise her, wearing the 80s clothes. 'And that's Vincent, though he prefers Vince and never call him Vinny' she continued pointing to the boy who had Rory's hand resting on this shoulder. 'And that is my little sister Laura, though she's always been known as Laurie'

'They really did create a life for themselves here' the Doctor murmured staring at the picture, containing his best friends' smiling faces, closely. Then a thought suddenly hit him. 'How did you go from living with Amy and Rory over here, to gowning up with them as Mels in Leadworth?' he asked handing back the photo.

River looked down, smoothing out the corners of the old photograph. 'I was 21, fresh out of university and ready to take on the world. I decided to go travelling to try and work out what I wanted to do with my life. Looking back, I think that once I had announced my plans, Mum and Dad knew they wouldn't see me as Melody again. I travelled all around Europe, visiting the Coliseum and Circus Maximus Dad had raved about, and Venice, which Mum had fond memories of. Then after a quick shopping spree in Paris, I ended up in London and that's where the Church caught up with me. I begged them to let me go back to my parents but as I tried to escape, one of the clerics shot me and I ended up regenerating into Mels. I woke up as a toddler again in a children's home in Leadworth. As I was growing up with my parents, I still tried to keep tabs on the Mum and Dad that lived in America. I think they moved back to New York when Dad retired and opened an art gallery because Mum's painting were staring to gain lots of attention.'

'Are they happy?' the Doctor asked finally, trying to take in everything that River was saying.

'Sweetie, have a look for yourself' River replied

The Doctor looked up trying to find what River was looking at and them he saw them. Amy and Rory, now old and grey, walking contentedly, arm in arm, through the park as their grandchildren ran around them. 'Good on you Ponds' he whispered to himself, happy to see his bestfriends together.

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